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I have LGHG2 18650 cells that have been in service for various amounts of time. Some for up to 2 years.

I also have some Samsung 30Q's

How can I weed out the cells that are past their prime?

I don't want to just unload all of the HG2's I am sure many are fine.

Any ideas would be most welcome.

I am aware that this problem can be solved by a small sticker listing the date placed into service as well as the paired and triple batteries that are together.

Thanks for your help.


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My Nitecore SC4 tells the internal resistance of any battery and if it is 'Bad', great for testing old NiCd aa /aaa batteries too.
You could always test how long a single battery lasts in a device and do the same with your collection of batteries to weed out the weaklings.
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