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    Glass 101

    Yup, basically once you see them it's "ahh, so there's a fat one and a skinny one" that's about it :)
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    Question about ashcatchers....

    Hc filter - honeycomb (shoulda picked that one up from context ;)) J-hook - basically a mouthpiece you can attach to an ash catcher to use it as a bong on its own. They are usually in a rough "j" shape, hence the name. That möbius is actually a pretty decent price considering the brand name...
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    Arizer Solo

    (Triple post because that last post wouldn't let me put all the vids in :() And some bonus vids in respect of my now fallen solo: Solo + EFS gridded donut: Solo + Hydratube (a very nice combo :)): Solo + SYN Mini Beaker:
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    Arizer Solo

    (Double post because I'm outside of the edit window) My 1st vid with dual solos (the duo ;)) through a y adapter: The 2nd vid: And the 3rd vid:
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    Mobius Glass

    Ime, the matrix has slightly less drag, slightly more diffusion. The reti really doesn't have much drag to speak of, but the matrix is effortless. The diffusion offered by the reti is a bit rougher, you can feel it within the can more than the smooth purr of a matrix. Both stack really well...
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    Arizer Solo

    Double solos through a y adapter is a very fun time, I'll see if I can dig up an old vid for ya later this afternoon :)
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    Glass 101

    Ok, so first off you have to think about 2 joints, the inlet, and the outlet. The inlet is the joint on the bong, it lets vapor in. The outlet is the joint on your vape/bag, it lets vapor out. You've already decided that you want to get a gong for the outlet (your volcano bag). While...
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    Discontinued The Grasshopper

    Ordered June 13, 2015 - I just got an email to confirm my shipping details - I should be getting my hoppers soon :D I've got a TI & SS on the way, along with 3 spare batts :) Can't wait to try it out!
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    Arizer Solo

    Each page is 25 replies @lookhigh probably noticed the last post was divisible by 25 and knew a new page was coming.
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    Arizer Solo

    Well, it looks like my old faithful M102 has finally given up the ghost... It lasted almost 5 years. I'm not quite sure what's up with it, it looks like it's still functioning, but the heater won't turn on. I had this issue a few years ago. I think the reset trick fixed it at one point...
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    Did You Know.........

    Second (time) and Second (2nd) are actually the same word/thing. A second is called a second because it is the 2nd division of an hour by 60. This blew my damn mind when I learned it the other week :) So we would probably be correct in calling minutes "Firsts" :lol:
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    ***Gamers*** What are you playing?

    Well fuck, I had a raid on sanctuary last night (My first ever - in about 25 hours of play... My combined food water is ~560. My turrets add up to ~80 defense... All was going fine, my settlers all seemed to have laser guns for some reason (NFI how they got hold of them, all I've given them is...
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    ***Gamers*** What are you playing?

    FALLOUT! I'm about 25 hours in level 19 ATM :D I never really got into FO3, put about 15 hours into it, but never really felt engaged... The whole shooting mechanics felt weird to me, and felt like it was basically just forcing me to use VATS or die which kinda turned me off (I assume it...
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    Herb Grinders

    Can anyone confirm for me, on the 2pce SCS, whatever the official name for he medium sized one is, what is the black ring thing in the middle made of and is it safe to ISO wash? Basically, can I just Throw my whole SCS 2pce in ISO and clean it?
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    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    So it seems that VXL don't ship outside of America anymore :( My local online retailers have the base evo for (following prices converted from Aussie to US) ~$440, and if you want to add a HT to the package its another ~$280... :( Does anyone know if there's gonna be a sale for the intl model...
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