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Frederick McGuire

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  • Hi Fred
    The de fi is awsome I have been bashing it with the LSV all afternoon. It purs like a kitten with the slightest hint of drag.
    I 'll get around to the ehle later.
    Hi. I am new to gaping (created this account just to contact you) and I was hoping to purchase your Vaporstar if it is still available. Let me know. Thanks!
    I saw 'Want to Buy' post and I actually own the De-Fi Gridded Circ you're looking for and I am in search of a new home for it. There is a slight variation from the one in the video and that is that mine is fumed all over the base and up towards the ground joint. I'm gonna give it a cleaning and post the pics in the thread right after.
    Sup dude…I noticed in your sig you are quite experienced with portable vapes. I currently have a Pax (my first and only experience with vaping), but it only works well with flowers. Oils are hard to come by in my area, but we have top grade hash, solid waxes, etc and I’m trying to decide on a compact portable vape for solid concentrates that will fit in my pocket. Any recommendations?
    Hey what's up man. I just bought a solo M107. The vapor is hot when hitting it through the mouth piece, and it burns some times. I already have a bong, but it is too hard to pull through both the solo through the bong. are the glass pieces that you are using any better? do you have any suggestions on which one I should buy/ thanks!
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