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Discussion in 'Vaporizer Shipping and Ordering Discussion' started by pakalolo, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. bounce5

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    I just checked my Paypal and saw that there is a shipping confirmation and tracking link from there. I never got an email that said that it was shipped - even though it seems others did. I didn't know that I had to go directly to paypal and check. Maybe try that.
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  2. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Thanks a lot!
    Mine is shipped too!

    edit: although the tracking doesn't work....IDK when it arrives.
  3. bounce5

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    So this is wierd. I have two orders from RBT coming that were both sent out June 24th. The actual Milaana order which is coming Wednesday - on the UPS shipping site it says under "Shipping information" that it's going to Belleville, Illinois...That's not the shipping address that I put in. Does this mean there is an error?

    The other order is 6 basket screens and is coming Friday (2 days later) - On the UPS site under shipping information it says the correct address.

    Best case scenario Belleville is just a stop before it get's to my address....I'm crossing my fingers that is the case. But then why would't the basket screen order say Belleville, Illinois as well if that was the case? It's also strange because they were sent out the same day. Why would one have a different route than the other?

    I emailed RBT, but if anyone here can help me understand what's going on, let me know.

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  4. AJS

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    Yeah that's very strange. Consider calling them? Pretty sure they put a phone number up under the new progress update.
    I think you can call ups and tell them the package needs to be redirected or just ask them what the final address of that package is.
    Also not sure why he would ship them out separately...so odd.
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  5. bounce5

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    Well, the good news is they emailed me back this morning. They told me they did put it one box together and that they put in the wrong tracking information. Then they didn't give me the correct tracking information....so I had to email them back asking for that information....
    Then I called the number and it's not in service. I dialed 3 times to make sure I dialed the right number - it's not in service. :doh:

    Hopefully, they'll email me back again.

    EDIT: RBT emailed me back the correct number which is: 518-747-7281 (haven't tried it yet though). The one on the website is a typo.
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  6. nosmoking

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    DC Area
    Shipped with an ETA of 6/29!
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  7. WakeAndVape

    WakeAndVape VapeLife X

    Sweet! Got that and a D020 coming today...
    Que: mad scientist laughter :science:
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  8. DirtbagDan

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    I saw all these shipping notifications...and then I saw they were Milaanas (Milanomas?). Sad.
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