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What box mod are you using / recommending for on-demand convection 510 vapes?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by AJS, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. hippogriff

    hippogriff Well-Known Member


    No, totally don't. Best I can tell is the mod industry's focus is controlling max wattage for vaping vegetable glycerin w additives, and flower vapes are a weird little (fucking awesome) niche. So, it's kinda like buying a stereo, where every option is 100s of watts beyond my reasonable needs. And in that context, the DNA75 (which is phasing out and transitioning to the DNA75C, w color display and different button layout) is the most supported board/chip that totally covers our needs w/o going crazy far beyond them. Interface is simple, results are reliable, on-board charging is trusted, I am satisfied.

    So, I've been searching for my favorite form factor - the DNA75 is in a ton of available mods, but it's too much curves and 3D-designed textures and huge logos for me, and there are small shops offering custom-CNC'd enclosures and mountings to match the board. Can you just get a $7 aluminum enclosure and attack it w a dremel? Yeah, but w my Splinter I'm down to one device, so I went a little far building the one mod for me.


    First, I started w the copper, because pretty, and this was the best I could find. It's heavy & beautiful, more of a party vape than an EDC.


    Then I went for as-much-in-as-little, and found the anodized green enclosure, which just barely fits a 26650.


    Finally, I found the anodized gray enclosure (link in to red in that size, think they're out of gray as they update to DNA75C patterns), designed to snugly fit an 18650. I don't think I can get any smaller or more simple, it feels great in my hand, and it's just big enough in one dimension that I can put it down on the table and the Splinter is protected from scratches.

    I feel done, now my only problem is I have too many mods.
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  2. TheRobbo

    TheRobbo Well-Known Member

    Hey can some one post the list of mods compatible with the tubo firmware please. I know there is a picture of the list somewhere but I have been enjoying my Milaana a bit too much and can't find it/get my brain around the search function :freak:
  3. Summer

    Summer Well-Known Member

    Long Island, NY
    Wait till tom. to search when your head is clear. ;) :p
  4. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

  5. TheRobbo

    TheRobbo Well-Known Member

    Awesome thankyou! I found a Wismec RX gen3 300 for a good price but not sure I want to risk it not working... seeing as the RX300 on the list probably isnt the gen3? I think I will stick with the @AJS tried and tested 2/3
    Plus dont tell him but then I can hit him up when its time to get it set up:evil:
    Again thanks for posting :tup:
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