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    You mean that the halogen bulb itself is not in the vapor path, but is behind more glass?

    This would eliminate the one risk I see with halogen. Maybe far fetched, but what if a bulb explodes at the moment where I take a deep inhale? I don't want lamp stuff in my lungs. On the other hand, do those bulbs ever explode? Anyway, it would be a small extra safety step, at the expense of heat up speed. Correct?
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    Hum nope I meant the bulb glass itself isolates the heat produced inside from the exterior. It's less efficient than having say a coil directly in the air path. But AFAIK there's no extra shielding layer. So you are correct that technically you could inhale the bulb contents when something goes terribly bad.

    I didn't follow the other threads much, so I might be wrong but I don't think such an accident was ever reported for the other halogen vapes that have been around for some time now?
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    1. @villekille2 has made some improvements for the Helios regarding the algorithm to maintain the flavor even better when sessioning. But this one is not temp controlled, it's power controlled via the knob. If this thing is running and heat soaked it's hard to overwhelm the heater... You would choke and cough - and/or combust finally :p

    2. Yes, you press the boost button as you like. You can also adjust the boost power and save it. I think max. overdrive is 120% of the bulb wattage.

    3. I'm not sure what the latest iteration of the big Helios is capable plus the latest generation of bulbs. Think it's cut down heat up to around 30-45 secs.. Hope @villekille2 can chime in soon.

    About glass bulb breakage, never heard of that before. Then, the bulb is installed in a SS cylinder that has a screen on top of it. On top of that you place your SS chamber that has two more screens. Everything that would pass all these layers would need to get lpast another screen on the base where the air is drawn into the tubing. Then all the way up the tube... If something like that happened, you would have stopped drawing before it goes there. Ultimately, you could use some hemp fiber and put it in the tube as a super fine filter. Would not have a concern about that.
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    how would you compare the helios with grasshopper... especially regarding size of clouds, taste, efficency (how much herb is needed)... any other suggestions?

    how much do you load in the chamber of helios (much more then in gh?) ...

    can you use the helios with small loads (0.05 to 0.07) and get nice big clouds.

    how much do you load for session in the helios and how much clouds do you get?

    How fast does the taste go away ( my experience with other vapes is normally after the first an second hit the taste is gone )?

    How long does a session take and how much herb do you use for a session?

    BTW I am using my gh most of the time with a dry bubbler (mflb orbiter)

    I am very happy with my gh but was always interested in a venus (before gh) but do not want to buy vapes collecting dust... sold a lot of vapes in the past because I did not use them anymore after buying gh... so I am asking myself if I need another vape...
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    I registered an account just to talk here. I haven't had much luck contacting the guys from Venus.

    My Helios was the high powered one. The first session at middle setting was great. Lots of vapor and tasty all the way through. However, I noticed that the very top of the material was blackened. Not the material closest to the halogen bulb.

    Thinking nothing of it, I just disposed of it.

    The next day I started up the vape on the middle setting and the second I put the chamber on top, billows of white smoke came out without a draw. Took it to the bathroom to open and the material was basically charcoal. I thought that this couldn't be right, I just used it a day ago.

    So I cleaned it up, brought out the spare chamber to let the original one soak in iso for a bit, and put a pinch of material into the chamber. Then let it heat up at the LOWEST setting. It took the full 40 seconds. Then I put the chamber on top and the same thing happened again. After removing the second chamber, I used an infrared thermometer and had the bulb measuring at 700 degrees Fahrenheit (while off)

    Third time's a charm right? Well not so. The next day I brought it out again and now the bulb won't even turn on. The red LED does.

    I don't know what to do. I really think that changing the bulb won't fix anything. This seems like the unit is busted but all communications I've tried to send to Venus have gone unanswered. Should I just send in back for a return?
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    Hey man. Sorry to read that... :(
    Have you tried contacting @villekille2 via PM?
    All I know is Ville has been on tour for quite some time, business wise.
    Haven't heard back from him for quite a while too. I'd try to drop him an email once again. Hopefully he'll be responsive the soonest.
    Good luck and keep us posted!
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    If you happen to have an extra bulb or can find a 12V 50W (also a 35W would do) bulb with a G6.35 connection, you can try changing it. From your explanation I really cannot say why it behaved like that. Did you see any change in the brightness of the halogen bulb when you adjusted the power level? I can only imagine that some electrical problem causing the bulb to be at maximum power level all time would cause this kind of behavior. Anyway I can assure you that this is not normal for a Helios, the vapor quality should be amazing and thank's to the HerbSense feature, taste of herbs is even better than in the much loved Venus and Apollo vapes.

    You can fill the returns form on our online shop and inform that you are waiting for a replacement and we will send one to you :)
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    Thanks for your response villekille2. I do have an extra bulb but I'd rather just get a replacement unit.

    The bulb was always the same brightness. Blinding. No matter what setting I had it on.

    I'll fill out the information on the website and we'll see where we go from there.
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    Thanks, I would guess that for some reason the output transistor for halogen bulb is shorted. The vaporizer cannot control the power level of heating and it was always at maximum. As a result is is expected to burn the herbs very quickly. We will send you a replacement.
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    The Helios products have been upgraded with improvements in software and hardware.

    Now also the Helios Lite has HerbSense technology to keep vapor more tasty even when having longer session. The Stealth mode has been removed from both models as it seemed to cause more confusion than good. and many little improvements here and there.

    Electronics have been improved with stronger components. Now the only differentiating feature between Helios and Helios Lite is the available power. thanks to the 12V 50W instead of 6V 20W, the heat up period is quicker in Helios, and also the maximum power available is higher. Also the nice thing about Helios is that as it is a 12V system, it can work easily for example in a car.

    Also the new software has a feature to run a burn in test session automatically on the first time and if the vape passes it, it saves all correct default setting to memory and only then it is ready for shipping. This ensures that each and every Helios product has gone trough this testing phase and that the default setting will be always as they should, lessening the chances of mistakes during production.
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    I got the replacement yesterday. It came with a few extra glass tops. A dark purple one, and a smoke one. The smoke one is pretty nice. It has just the right amount of transparency so you can see the vapor. The purple one isn't as clear but it blocks out the light from the halogen lamp pretty well. Makes it pretty stealthy but it's hard to see the vapor unless you really concentrate on the led light. Either that, or I'm just not getting a lot of vapor yet. Still getting used to it.

    Anyways, couldn't help myself and powered it up as soon as I could settle in from work. I hesitated at first because I kept remembering that burnt smell from the first unit. However, all fears put to rest after I placed the chamber on it.

    Smooth, cool, and delicious vapor.

    Sadly, I cut my session short because I was afraid I would burn the material. I didn't taste any burning but I had to be cautious. To my surprise, there was still a LOT of green left. And the chamber wasn't skin melting hot like the faulty unit made it. That old chamber is permanently darkened to a brown color by the last unit.

    I feel like this is a sit back and relax vape. Something I've been missing. Looking forward to perfecting the use.

    Serious shout out to villekille2 for the amazing service and product. If all companies worked like this, we'd have a much better industry catering to us.
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