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Vaping with Fire. Put 2 pipescreens above the weed and smoke it. 200 % THC.

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Vapewithfire, Apr 4, 2014.

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  1. Vapewithfire

    Vapewithfire Member

    I discovered a way to smoke weed, that way, that you get up to 3 times more thc & less condensate.

    Take your bong, pipe or ideal, glasskabooley. Put some weed into it, and lay 2 pipescreens on the weed. Finished.

    Hold the flame of your lighter above the screens. Start to fume, untill the weed starts to burn or you have enough. The vapour/smoke mix takes a bit more time...

    With this method, a lot of the weed is vaped and not burned. More thc and less condensate.

    The more the weed is vaped before it starts to burn, the more thc you get.

    You can even vape the weed without burning it.

    ( if the weed starts to burn, hold the flame higher, place the screens higher or take a third screen.)

    If you use this method right:

    It is as fast, easy and cheap as smoking
    and nearly as clean and powerful as vaping.
    ( But the more of the weed is burned, the more condensate you get )

    But the best vape i know is a simple hot air gun ( 250° celsius ) with a bong.
    All you need is a bowl, big enoug, to place the gun on or in it. Lay 1 pipescreen above the
    weed and start inhaling before the gun is placed on the bowl.
    After the gun is placed, you can exhale, to take a smooth long puff.
    I got a steinel Hl 1910 E, cost 50,- euro.

    Here is a video, that shows vaping with fire ( vapgenie )

    Click to play YouTube Video
  2. SpruceGruve

    SpruceGruve Bag of sand in hand,Eyeing up the gold statue

    In a ocean of opportunity
    Very innovative first post,but your still inhaling butane fumes,just like a vapor genie.

    Look up the lotus vaporizer
  3. Vapewithfire

    Vapewithfire Member

    I already have a vape. A hot air gun with bong. Vapor amount and quality should be as good as with the volcan.

    This thread is not for people, who have a vape. It is meant for the people who don´t got a vape, and would give a lot for a vape or vapgenie.

    Millions of potheads still smoke. Even if you inhale a bit of butane, the main risk is the condensate, smoker´s leg, lung or body.

    I vape not long 4-5 seconds fast vapsmoking. It´s not that much more than at smoking, and i need only 1 bowl instead of 2 ( more thc in the vapour ).

    It should be noththing than a homemade glassvapgenie.
    Price of normal vapgenie is about 60,- euro, and millions love it.
    I like it, too. It´s easy, fast and strong.
    The bit of condensate or butane in the vaour is not good, but 1000 times better than 100 times more condensate and not much less butane of smoking.
  4. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    What's the point? You can get a Vapocane for 27€ and it is true vaporization without butane inhalation.

    This reminds me of people who say they're vegetarian but eat fish and chicken sometimes.

    You are either vaping or not vaping.

    I don't want "a lot of weed to be vaped", i want all of it to be vaped.
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  5. Vapewithfire

    Vapewithfire Member

    The point is that 48 of 50 potheads i know still smoke, because they don´t have a vape or don´t even know about it.

    A vape would be better, but this or vapgenie would be much better than smoking joints or bong.

    It is for the billions, who don´t have a vape.
    Never heard of vapocane, i just heard most of the cheap vapes are not fast, good, pleasant or portable.

    And you can vape it without burnings, i explained how this works.
  6. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

  7. Vapewithfire

    Vapewithfire Member

    I know, that the vapgenie or my hommade one are no perfect vapes,
    but millions love them and vapgenie is the most famous and popular
    flamebased vape on the planet.

    I found some "reviews" on the net, here a bit of it:

    In any case, I think it’s logical to assume that vapor from the VaporGenie is much safer than inhaling smoke. While I’ll continue use my Silver Surfer when possible, The VG is really is portable vapor– anytime, anywhere.

    A great piece, and for only $55, why not. Its cheaper than most bongs, won't break, and will save you a lot of money due to conserving.


    -Very portable
    -Saves Lots of Precious Weed
    -Longer, more intense high
    -Cheap to buy, only $55
    -No smoke
    -Very, very little smell if any at all. (If you're really worried about being caught just exhale out a window and it'll be gone instantly, no joke)
    -Nice and sturdy design. Wont break unless you really try to. You would basically have to break out the hammer and saw to damage it lol.
    -Weed stays in the bowl, and doesn't fall out
    -When your done vaping, you can save the left over bud from the bowl and bake edibles with them for an intense body high.
    -Tastes Amazing!
    -Not harsh at all
    -Super Fast learning curve!
    -My eyes were barely red. I don't understand why it was like that since I'm still getting THC, but anyways they were barely red.
    -No dry throat

    Yes, fuck combustion. Even, when vapgenies ore homemade vapgenies, do not completely avoid combustion, they decrease it up to 99 %.
    If you use the vapgenie right, it is nearly free of combustion, smoke or condensate, i heard. The same should be at a well hommade one, like i described. If you let it burn too much, you definately get some combustion and condensate, but still massively decreased compared to smoking.

    Right here at this forum, there are enough very positvie comments and kind of reviews about vapgenie. Only some don´t like them, most users like them, me too.

    Here the link to the vapgenie review and comment forum.
    Judge for yourself, some people, who write bad comments about it, never used a vapgenie.

    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 4, 2014
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  8. Mr. Gweilo 420

    Mr. Gweilo 420 Dude

    The Far East
    Your method is smoking Many or even most of us on this forum are pure vaporists. Sure we used to combust. But no more :D You might get a more positive and interested vibe on a cannabis smokers forum re this particular method.
  9. Vapewithfire

    Vapewithfire Member

    It is smoking, but with double amount of thc and up to 99 % less condensate ( if done right ).
    I call it vapsmoking.

    I already was at smokers forums, comments are very positive, but not all.
    Someone on a smokers forum recommended me this forum.

    I don´t want to bring back people from vaping to smoking or vapsmoking.
    Vaping is the best, cleanest and safest, no doubt.

    But i met a lot of people in the net, who write, that they are using their vapes, but not happy with it. Some say, they miss something or it is not the same. I recommended them, to use a higher temperature, because of some cbd or cbn like substances start to rise at 230° celsius.

    I´m sure, that a lot of people who come here or have a vape still smoke, when they are ouside or don´t want vaping.
  10. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    Dude , u found hot water... :) There are few members mentioning they are being able to vaporize by just holding the lighter away from the bowl... without any screens...
    Anyway.. http://vaporlighter.com/ Your method is no better than this guys :D :D :D ...
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  11. max

    max Out to lunch

    You don't inhale butane with any vaporizer unless you're sucking while there's no flame. Butane doesn't escape flame. You can believe the butane myth if you like, but please don't post it here.
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  12. Vapewithfire

    Vapewithfire Member

    But for the lighter method of him you would need this lighter construction.
    I don´t even know how does it look.

    I vaped with fire and a distance, 15 years ago, but it was that complicated to do it without burnings, that i smoked for 10 years.

    With the screens, you don´t need to keep the right distance, and much less burnings.

    Did you trie both methods ?
    Could bet you never tried it, before you told me, it is not better,than the other guys method ?

    Vaping with fire is nice and good, but with the screens it is much more compfortable and less combustion.
  13. Gonzo

    Gonzo Slightly Stoopid

    If your truly vaping, there should be no combustion.
  14. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    @Vapewithfire, you mean well but honestly 99% of users here are way beyond the VaporGenie when it comes to investing in a vaporizer and don't need convincing.

    And, my experience among friends who have tried vaporization with devices much powerfull than the genie is that it won't be an improvised vaporizer that will convince them if a proper one didn't.

    Plus, like i said, there are a couple of proper vaporizers under 50€ who do the job well namely the Vapocane (27€) and Vaponic (40€), the late Gn0me, the Lotus bong adapter is 80€ and the Vapman Basic is 80€ as well.
  15. Vapewithfire

    Vapewithfire Member

    Better 1 % combustion/condensate than 100 %.

    Depends on how you hold the flame, how many screens you use, how high do the screens lay ( increase the distance between weed and screens, when there are burnings. ) and how strong you smoke or vape.

    It should be a solvation for people who can´t afford or get a good vape.
    For the vapeless people, who want to vape. Now and not never.

    All the people, who are happy with their vape already found the perfect way of using weed, and shouldn´t start with vaping with fire or vapsmoking.

    But more than 90 % of weedusers still smoke, i heard.
    There, vapsmoking would be a much stronger and cleaner way than smoking, i think.
  16. max

    max Out to lunch

    If you want to get technical, anyone who smokes mj also vapes it. You get vapor every time you apply flame to herb and inhale, since vapor is produced prior to combustion.

    Your 'top screen' method does seem like a poor man's VaporGenie, since you give the herb more opportunity to vaporize via the screen barrier, but there will still be combustion. To aviod it, you need something solid instead of screens, to block the flame but also transfer the heat to the bowl and the herb. This what the Genie does, with its ceramic 'filter'.

    If someone uses this screen filtering method to try vaporizing, I'm not sure how successful it would be as an intro to vaping. A lot of people would likely say fuck it and go back to smoking. And as long as you're getting any combustion, it's next to impossible to appreciate whatever vapor you are getting. Of course the same could be said of some true vaporizers, as far as being a poor attraction to vaporizing. My first vape was a BC Vaporizer, a true conduction design that really sucks, compared to most models that are sold these days. If I hadn't been motivated to stop smoking, I may well have set the BC aside to collect dust and gone back to smoking.
  17. Vapewithfire

    Vapewithfire Member

    Also it could be the opposite of that. Someone tries vaping, because of my screens thread and says, he never wants to smoke again.

    If someone doesn´t like it, he doesn´t have to do it.
    I f someone likes it, he will be happy about knowing it.
    It is not my first thread, and a lot of people seem very happy with the homemade vapgenie. Not all, thats clear.

    I gave this hint someone in the net, and he sent me back this picture.
  18. max

    max Out to lunch

    Did I say it would convert no one? No I didn't, but it's certain that the simplest, hardest to master vape (like a homemade lightbulb vape), is going to have a lower success rate than a true commercial vape. If I wanted to have the best chance to convert someone to vaping, I'd recommend a vape that's not going to combust and doesn't have a big learning curve. The method you're suggesting could work, but I'd warn people that they're still likely to get combustion, and a vape that can avoid that is better for a true sample of the difference between vaping and smoking.

    Whether it is or not, what does that have to do with the topic? Did you expect nothing but 100% positive response? Forums are for discussion and that's what's taking place. If you want a positive consensus for response, you'll need to find a less controversial topic. There's nothing wrong with your thread subject except your unwillingness to accept differing opinions.
  19. Vapewithfire

    Vapewithfire Member

    May be, but a lightbulb is the worst shit i ever used. I still got it here.
    The homemade vapgenie is not the best about condensate/combustion content, but the rush is one of the hardest i know.
    It seems, like a bit of burning and condensate made the vapor to some kind of sticker. Real, clean vapour takes much more time be "absorbed", i heard and think. Means, if you exhale it quickly, a lot of worthful thc will get lost.

    And because of my threads, i talked to a lot of people, who tried vapes, good vapes like the volcano, herbelaire, solo...
    Most were happy with it, but a lot said, they don´t like vaping and they started smoking again.
    A lot of them said, they started vaping with fire, because of my thread.
    Some even bought a real vape, because i recommended a bong with hot air gun. Some like it, some not. The same with real vapes, some definately don´t like them, i met a lot, who still smoke.

    Here are some of their real comments:

    Vapes are shit. My Volcanos been in the cupboard for years collecting dust.

    Vapes are an inedible form of Marmite.

    ive tried volcanos and the shitty little iolite thing they just don't work for me. I don't get the stone I'm looking for at all, then I feel cheated that I'm not stoned like I should be.


  20. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    Dude, you are referring to two earlier vape models; a primarily bag/whip based vape and a portable. Your friends have not yet tried a contemporary vaporizer with direct draw/gong attachments. I just can't imagine something like the E-Nano gathering dust, whilst I have known of many volcano's that have!

    Smoke tastes vile compared to any of the vapes I own! Also so wasteful by comparison. I agree there are loads of crappy vaporizers out there, but there are plenty of vapes that get duly praised around these parts because they are just a completely different and far superior experience to smoking.

    If you are low on cash, there is nothing wrong with cobbling together your own vape, and people like myself and many others around here would love to see what you can do here and lend a hand with tips or suggestions. I also appreciate that your vaping with fire idea is likely considerably safer than straight combusting. However, as has been mentioned, this board is full of people who own and use some of the best vaporizers ever designed. I think it's perfectly fair to share this thread as you have, but I think it's equally reasonable to assume that people will point out that this is not anywhere near as safe as buying a good vape.

    Unfortunately for those combusters who decide to hate vaping because of bad experience with inferior or inappropriate vapes for their needs, their bodies will have to wear their decisions. We can only hope that the many great vapes out there can get more exposure through boards like this. It is important that this thread, despite the novel post (I find it interesting, although I have no need to do it) has somebody point out that this is by no means as safe as using many commercially available vaporizers.

    Welcome though man, and please understand that I mean no ill will by this post.

    Peace! :peace:
  21. RUDE BOY

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    Vapewithfire sounds like you would be happy with an atmos or something similar that vapes a little and burns a lot. Have you even used a real vape ? doesn't sound like it to me.

    I want ZERO smoke And ZERO charred black herb. You should save up a little and buy a real Vaporgenie and learn how to use it to Vaporize your herb and not burn it.

    Yeah heat guns and soldering irons will work to vape, that was news but that was 20 years ago. your DIY "vapgenie" That kind of vapes and kind of smokes maybe Cool for you but it's no breakthrough or anything new.

    Read through the portable and plug in vaporizer threads Here and learn something before you teach:2c:
  22. Vapewithfire

    Vapewithfire Member

    I use a vape since more than 10 years, and have been vaping with fire 15 years ago.

    I already learned how to vape with a vapgenie or my homemade glassvapgenie. Even the first bowl i vaped, was nearly 99 % clean vapour without burnings.
    I don´t know, what you do, i vape with fire, hot air gun or vape without burnings.

    When there are burnings, i use 1 screen more, place the screens or the flame higher or stop before it starts to burn.

    I never said, that is a breakthrough. The breakthrough was the vapgenie, some years ago. It became the most popular and famous flamebased vapes of all

    I think this vape is not only cool for me, its great for everyone, who wants to have it.

    I already learned, what i teach.

    You seem like someone, who wants to present me as the naive teenager, who is proud to present is fake vape.

    Look at the picture, i teached him how to vape with fire. One day later
    he sent me this picture. And you will tell me i should learn, before i teach ?

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  23. mrboote

    mrboote ...

    @Vapewithfire, any merit that your methods may have are totally lost in your delivery. The combination of making up facts and figures, along with promoting decades-outdated techniques mean your threads have very little relevance to anyone.

    The fact that you've spammed the exact message at so many cannabis-related boards with almost no interest (and many bans) seems not to deter you.
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  24. RUDE BOY

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    All in all this is one of the funniest things I've read in a while. :tup:

    I do love using my flame powered VaporGenie Classic and my vapor Lithe, simple and sweet.
  25. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    You gotta give it to him... that picture was hilarious!
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