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VapeXhale Cloud EVO

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by stonemonkey55, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. JoeKickass

    JoeKickass Well-Known Member

    Epic pics and video guys!

    And I'm not worried about the lack of marks, everyone knows that just makes it classier :D
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  2. 11eleven11

    11eleven11 Well-Known Member


    Yeah really. I don't need marks to see what relative dial position I'm at. That's just me though and I don't feel a need to put anything on with a sharpie.

    You guys who did it, did it great though. I'd be terrified of making a bad smudge and messing up the look. But everybody did a good job so far.

    Dude I just cranked it to 12 and I was ripping a lot more vapor. It was pretty cloudy. I'm still on the first 20% ELB. At 11 o clock it produced great feeling effects and then 12 o clock is bringing something totally new and thicker. It feels like I'm extracting a different level of CBD now or something, simply at the slight increase of the dial.

    I'm loving your GBD fritted vids. You're making me really anxious to get mine. Should be about 1 week from now. I am content with what I have though.
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  3. Troi

    Troi Well-Known Member

    I'm glad your noticing one of SM's a I's favorite new aspect of the PHS 2.0. Very precise temperature control we are very confident that this new design will translate very well into a future digital version where someone would expect a readout of the control. If anyone is wondering our testing shows that the lowest position to be 250 F vapor flashpoint temperature and the max position to be 500 F+
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  4. timmyduboy

    timmyduboy Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone,

    Just appearing to give a mini-review of my new Cloud EVO #0008, some first impressions along with an offering of my body and EVO unit for testing and questions, should you have any.

    I'll forgo the pictures as many of the lovely gentlemen here already provided some great unboxing eye candy and action videos :p

    My absolute first impression of the unit was when I picked up the box. It was incredibly light compared to my old OG ticker model, it almost crossed my mind that something was missing. Opening the (beautifully packaged) box, it became obvious that this model is significantly lighter and easier to handle.

    I've gone through maybe a half a dozen sessions with the new model so far, and in my experience, the most noticeable functional difference is that the lower heat dial settings provide a more intriguing experience. That is, vaping at the 10 o'clock mark, something I almost never did with my OG ticker, provides an amazing consistent flavorful hit. Furthermore, turning it up a bit on each progressive hit keeps giving me consistent, but individually varied hits-- regardless of whether a hard or medium draw. The heat retention is great in that regard, assuming you are letting the unit comfortably reach green4go between hits. I usually end up at around 2 o'clock with brown ABV (not dark brown, though you can get there with a few more hits at 3ish).

    To confirm what everyone else has been saying, the new unit heats up MUCH faster. I was using an OG ticker, to be fair, but the EVO is ready twice as fast...and it's silent :)

    Initially, the only complaint from testing on my end was that the top of the unit gets much hotter than my old model did- but the unit shouldn't be grabbed from the top anyway...the bottom stays cold to the touch (not even warm...) even throughout a busy half-hour session. I also put wristbands to show where one should/shouldn't grab.

    I haven't tested on the extreme end of heat, but also have no concentrates on hand. Do not want to risk combusting at the moment but by next week I'm sure I'll have a better impression
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2013
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  5. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    I though of another possible improvement of the EVO. As the top hole in the bamboo seems to be placed lower, the last turbulence would also happen lower and its backward motion couldn't reach the bowl.
    I think that motion was the main cause of the resin ring in the joint. Also if the heated is wrapped lower, the ring wouldn't bake onto the glass so much.

    I love these reports of the superior precision. Can't wait to try that on my own taste buds!
    So this EVO seems to go red after hitting. A LED behaviour that isn't common in a Cloud+. Does it mean the unit likes you to wait a bit before hitting it again? I think the Cloud doesn't really need this.
    If it really acts this way I want to know why.
    So the speed and noisiness of the EVO seems on par with the Cloud+. They have said the EVO was twice as fast again (compared to the Plus). Maybe it is, maybe not, I don't much care, the speed of Cloud+ is enough for me as long as its consistent.
    Wow, i didn't expect the new enclosure to be even hotter than the OG. At least thanks for the cool bottom half, which was nonexistent :). And I have enought wristbands to completely insulate the latter half.
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  6. MacRadish

    MacRadish Well-Known Member

    Approx 18 ounces (OG ticker w/o cable as best I can) to 10.5 ounces (Evo w/o cable).

    First neat thing, fill up a few ELBs of this and that, un-tether and step out into the beautiful Colorado sunshine for some cordless vape action. The weight makes this pleasurable.

    Second cool thing...replace the power cable to a softer more flexible version of a desire length.

    A couple of observations. Set and remained @ noon, dry mouthpiece for now.

    Seems vapor production starts much quicker. This gets hot, way hotter then the OG ever got. My Fluke IR, and skin, prove that. Let's just say the spot that says HOT on the OG ticker is cool in comparison. However, the lower half is warm to cool. Just have to get used to reaching and grabbing from the lower half. Wrist bands would be best to say, DO NOT GRAB HERE so one can develop a habit of NOT doing that.

    The light weight is appreciated, I feel navigation with it is much easier.

    This unit (s/n 10005) took 2:22 to go green at which time I was ready with an ELB and damn if there wasn't vapor produced. Certainly not up to temp but impressive none the less. I let it then sit to equalize for about 45 minutes.

    One of the things that has me smiling other then the realization of how toasted I am is that I have been using an OG ticker all morning prior to FedEx showing up but after this brief Evolution, I feel like I'm on whole 'nother Cloud.

    Dumped ELBs show a thorough extraction.

    Bambu appears thicker and as someone mentioned the restrictive orifices are placed much lower which would allow for that optional attachment we hearing about, I'm guessing.

    My eyes are red....
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  7. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    Dang, reading these reports of how hot the the upper half of the evo is make me wonder if another 1/2 ounce of insulation would have cooled it to the touch. Just wondering if this was an intentional trade-off or not, because I've actually been going around in my head about how to weigh the thing down for more stability. I plan on using the evo right side up most if not all of the time with my vxc hydrocirc ht and upcoming swaggertube, so I haven't been as excited about the lighter weight aspect as some are.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2013
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  8. tonio145

    tonio145 Member

    im glad it gets really hot cuz weed is expensive and I want to extract the most out as possible. but during the day I like to vape at low temps for a not too intense functional high. around what setting would 320 and 360 be?
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  9. TheGaussianMan

    TheGaussianMan New Member

    I've been following the vapexhale guys since they made the vape that you torched before the cloud. I've wanted one ever since the cloud and I finally got my chance. I purchased my evo through indiegogo and it arrived Thursday. I awoke the Federal Express man knocking on my door and begin to walk away with my vape. I ran after him and grabbed the box, quickly signed for the package and ran inside giggling like a little girl to prepare the bowl and my mobius. I signed for the package at 9:30AM, I was high by 9:35. This vape is absolutely extraordinary and certainly worth my money :). Thanks SM!
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  10. jdee

    jdee Well-Known Member

    Can't wait to hold that sweet molded zytel enclosure in my hands! My OG ticker is still working great though, so no rush for me.

    Never thought about the ability to cordless vape, any idea how long the it could hold a usable vaping temp after being unplugged?
  11. John Lewus

    John Lewus Well-Known Member

    Is this to say that all EVO's on low are 250 F and high is at 500 F? Would you be willing to share the possible variance? I remember the original cloud's had very different temperatures settings for people where noon on one might be 3 on another.

    Also, where are you measuring the temperature at and would you share a more detailed test setup?
  12. Deadshort480

    Deadshort480 We're here to fuck shit up.

    The East Coast
    Just finished up an insane marathon of a day with the Vapor Review Blog team, comparing multiple other vaporizers to the EVO. I am happy to report that the EVO ran like a champion all day. Many loads passed through it while being on constantly at the 12-1 o'clock range. Not one single hiccup or issue.

    This thing is just a fuckin beast of a vaporizer. Clouds aplenty all day!
  13. Teedub

    Teedub Well-Known Member

    So how long can it be used without the power cord? Is it long enough for say 4 elb's?
    Do you notice it cool dramatically whilst cordless? I'm wondering how long you can push it without losing heat .
  14. Deadshort480

    Deadshort480 We're here to fuck shit up.

    The East Coast
    4 full ELBs? Not a chance. In my limited experience, it stays hot long enough unplugged for a few consecutive milky hits. You have a couple minutes tops and pulling through the unit is going to cool down the bamboo even more.
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  15. S1N3

    S1N3 Tarzan @ KloudSociety

    Still recovering from the Clouds :science:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. Deadshort480

    Deadshort480 We're here to fuck shit up.

    The East Coast
    So, I just ran a small amount of Bubble Hash in a mini ELB. I got three hits in and I'm done! A little playing around with the temperature and I'm finding that right around three o'clock, maybe a hair less, is where I'm liking the temperature for this Bubble. Watch how fast this thing milks!

    Click to play YouTube Video

    Edit: Seriously, this destroyed me. I can't even keep my eyes open. Sheeeeeeit!
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  17. Troi

    Troi Well-Known Member


    All Clouds have a consistent starting point at 250 and they all can generate 500+ F flashpoint. The reason we say 500+ is because at the highest temperature if one wants to draw very slow they are capable of raising its temperature further because you are slowing down the air which allows it to grab more heat as it moves through the bamboo. Due to their being a massive amount of variables on draw speed the best we can say is it will go to 500+.

    Right now we are focused on building them once we get afloat we will be sure to share some cool pics of our testing tools. ProffessorVape is pretty strict about us posting pictures of his methods until he wants them public. But if you look on facebook we did post one of our testing setups where you can see that we measure the middle of the bamboo inside a running cloud pushing air through and non moving air. We look at everything before a cloud goes out the door. And as we get more capital we intend to build even better jigs so that our QC process ensures our units ship consistent and perform.

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  18. stonemonkey55

    stonemonkey55 Chief Vapor Officer Manufacturer

    And that is how proper dabbing should be done.
  19. stonemonkey55

    stonemonkey55 Chief Vapor Officer Manufacturer

    International units are still being tested as we just completed US testing. We will have more info late next week.
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  20. gigaurora

    gigaurora Well-Known Member

    I feel this isn't the appropriate forum to ask but I don't know a better place to respond so feel free to move mod. Just wondering if Canadians count as international models since we use a similar NA grid. Not even shipping til late next week will kill me :) and from the ashes i'll be reborn when my EVO arrives :D
  21. stonemonkey55

    stonemonkey55 Chief Vapor Officer Manufacturer

    canada would be considered domestic. We are testing the 220v so that is the hold out. Just making surfing everything is peachy as turnaround time for international repairs are much longer and more costly so we are measuring twice and cutting once
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  22. tiukauleh

    tiukauleh Well-Known Member

    is there any performance or visual vapor difference if i load the same amount in a MINI ELB vs using a normal ELB?
  23. b0

    b0 Cloudy...

    Another spaniard in UK
    Don't know about the others, but I'm really happy to know that when I receive my EVO it will be fully tested and perfect. Keep up the good work guys!
  24. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA
    I had a quick question regarding a possible difference between the Cloud & the EVO.
    (Feel free to ignore if the VXC team is busy fulfilling orders!)

    I remember reading in the VXC thread many months back, from non-official VXC sources, that when you pull extra-hard on the cloud, the heater starts generating higher-than-normal heat to compensate?

    The posters mentioned starting off a rip by drawing very hard, then slowing down to a more gradual pull once the heater "kicked into gear".

    Was this ever a real feature?
    And if so, is it also present in the EVO?

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  25. Purpl3_Haz3

    Purpl3_Haz3 On a Permanent Vakation

    Haven't been able to dial in on this personally. I find that I get the same medicated effect using less flower in the MiniELB VS the regular ELB. Could be placebo, could be better extraction? I found that stuff got darker in the regular ELB vs the MiniELB, yet didn't seem to be producing any more vapor/medicine. IE, I think the MiniELB may get out the meds better, while extracting less crap? could just be placebo, who knows. My only point in coming up with the Mini bowl was for ease of use, loading, and compact "one hit" size. Anything extra is just a bonus!
    Nothing official...I came up with the MiniELB as an answer to one hit bowls with less mess, as well as an alternative to my "Two Cap" method, for those wanting a lower clearance bowl for concentrates, etc. to use in pieces who's female 18mm joints tapered too small causing the Two Capped bowl to hit the glass.
    Yes and no. The Cloud will always heat when needed to maintain temp, but will heat more aggressively when an increase in temp is called for. Ie, if one causes the Cloud to drop below its set temp, it will heat faster until it gets back. This can be triggered by changing the units set temp, or making the unit get cooler than it's current set temp.

    If one pulls hard enough, they can start to cool down the bamboo, and when the temp sensors notice this, they tell the Cloud to heat more...more than the nominal heating that goes on once up to temp; it calls for it to ramp up a bit to compensate for the "cool down" you are causing. So, once you have got the Cloud to think it needs to heat up more, one can slow down there inhale, in effect, preventing the fresh air from cooling down the bamboo as it was doing prior. Doing so, you have essentially tricked the Cloud into thinking it needs to heat more, and then you let it do so, while taking your regular hit.

    IMO, if one wants a little extra heat from where you're at, bump the temp knob up and hit it as usual. No sense in tricking the Cloud into thinking it needs to heat hotter when you could just tell it to be hotter.

    So to answer your question, no the heater doesn't create higher than normal heat, it just

    A good analogy for this, would be your home heat. One could always turn the thermostat up to raise the temp. However, you could also turn on a fan real quick and open a window, allowing you to cool down the house before the heater can compensate. This would cause the heater to kick back on and heat up, as the house is now cooler than it was previously. But, you've then asked the heater to do two things...heat up to the temp it was already at, and then hope it will heat a little more and get hotter. Where as you could have left it be, and told it to heat up a little more in the first place by raising the thermostat.

    So to answer your question, no it wasn't a "feature" it was the main funciton of the heater! It was just people being silly and manipulating it to do what it's already designed to do, in a more complicated way. If you want thicker hits, bump up the temp! Don't trick the unit into thinking it's not up to temp, and make it heat when it really doesn't need to. No, it won't cause any strain on the heater, etc...but when you could just set it where you want, and hit it as designed, why would you want to set it just below temp, and do this weird "pull fast, then slow" technique to get the Clouds you want??
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2013
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