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The Grasshopper

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by midgetsanchez, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Vapetrees

    Vapetrees Vaped Out

    This reply made me happy. I don't have to send any back but it gives me peace of mind. @Hjalmark Maybe @Alan can make you one made of wood, or @EDSTNT
  2. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    says who and why ?
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  3. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Down down under
    Says me for good reason.

    Most of the renowned vapes here fall under the same category I've given the hopper, but there are certainly plenty of questionable practices in this industry which thrives from a lack of regulation.

    Certainly with most products similar to the hopper, of which no renowned device is, there are a plethora of health concerns spawning from material choice and heating dynamic.

    I assume you've heard the phrase 'robot fart' before.
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  4. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    Which vapes do you consider harmfull?

    To be clear:
    There are no healthy vapes.
    They are way less halmfull than smoking. Thats all.

    Storz and bickel products got Euro TÜV approved.
    They only vapes i know of.

    Sure the hopper is a new device witch cutting edge technology.
    But again, what makes you think the materials and the air vapor path is safe and there is no thermo off gassing?
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  5. Gramin

    Gramin Well-Known Member

    Been a while since I posted here. Been meaning to ask if getting gunk inside the PFE is a common problem? Like I'm scraping sticky goo with a toothpick a lot and vaping it again.

    I kinda miss the gold goo the original mouth piece gave. The PFE is showing no signs of this build up I'm guess it's because it's letting all that goodness through.
  6. biohacker

    biohacker Fucking Combustion Since 2006

    Going down a rabbit hole here buddy, probably not the place for it IMO.

    The MiniVap is an approved medical device with all its seals, as is the Mighty and Volcano Medics. Here in Canada the Mighty has been approved by some insurance companies for legit patients.

    Let your conscience be your guide. What REALLY is safe these days? EVERYTHING causes cancer! Even breathing lol However, just from my personal perspective - if I detect robot fart, bad taste, smell, etc. that vape is OUT for me. I've experienced it with other portables (from longstanding companies), but not the GH. Health is just too important for me to take a chance. But I don't worry about the safety of the GH, although people's reports of metallic taste does concern me somewhat, but some people can "taste" stainless in a screen but there is no way in hell that I can.

    Yep, from what i've read here it appears that it's pretty easy to clean, but get gunks up fast.
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  7. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Down down under
    I consider vapes 'harmful' if they have unsuitable materials in the air or vapour paths.

    Robot farting vapes are generally Chinese rebrands which I've never fucked with so without first hand experience I don't have a go to model to bastardise.
    I've read of multiple accounts of this happening frequently, and I have been told by an honest reviewer that there have been products identified as dangerous by chemical analysis. I don't actually know which ones, I wasn't told. It sounded like it could have been someone as big as Boundless or Flowermate but that's speculation.

    The same as my opinion from my whimsical review, speculation.
    I'm not a toxicologist and don't claim to be, but common sense dictates that if something tastes dangerous and is obviously unrelated to the necessary phytochemicals desired, then there is additional risk posed when infusing it directly into our blood streams.
    I'm not an expert on pulmonary function, but the lungs I'm pretty sure don't have much in the way to filter chemicals from entering the blood stream and so when we start concentrating and inhaling materials, we are doing so beyond the realm of health science.

    I don't clame vaping is safe, a further quote from me on this topic would be me claiming the metal taste from an SS PFE is nothing to be concerned with beyond the innate risks of vaporising.

    However, I think it's pretty clear that vaporising is only minimally risky.

    I say this coming from the cleanest air on the planet, my innate health risk to inhalation is as low as is possible on the planet.

    I smoked for 5+ years, and there is no question that that had severe detrimental effect on my respiratory and overall health. No question, coughing up black tar and blood is a pungent answer to any query I had about how undesirable it is to do something so desirable.

    That's why I made the switch.

    I have been vaping at (it might even be more) the same rate as I was smoking for 2.5 years.
    The difference is not just marginal, it is extreme.

    Even still, vaping undeniably poses additional risk compared with a subject who does not do anything beyond breathe clean air.

    Here is where it gets interesting.
    I've been to Beijing, and the status of the air pollution there is off the charts. It's an easily observed problem, both because you can't see fuck all and at the end of the day you can blow your nose to a clean tissue to reveal black sludge.

    An apples and oranges comparison famously coups that a day there is the equivilant to smoking two packs of cigs. Incidentally a lot of that is happening over there as you could freely smoke anywhere basically.

    Additionally to those ideas, you have the fact that cigarettes contain radioactive isotopes because the tobacco plant readily absorbs this uranium derivative from the soil fertilizers used, and it builds up in the leaves, which are then harvested and consumed.

    The biggest risk of smoking is touted as cancer, when the dynamics of smoking generally induce radioactive sludge trapped into and interacting with cells.

    The difficulty with proving that vaporising is 'healthy' is inundated with complexity and the general reality that it will almost definitely be riskier than breathing clean air, which so few people are able to do.

    Ultimately health is a business. No fact is unheard of and these realities are fuel for big scale money and have been knowledge for decades.

    Storz and Bickle I can guarantee generated those studies for marketing potential, and since then there has been minimal imposed by product designers as that stance has already been generated and is leveragable.

    The difficulty is that has allowed an amassment of products, and possibly majority market share, to be cheap and 'dangerous' or at the very least 'riskier than a Grasshopper'

    The guys at hopper labs have made an effort to choose materials carefully, and they have announced that their choices include a large margin of safety for their users.

    They of course aren't promoting their device as 'healthy', and neither have I, as it's a logical fallacy although for the most part 'true'.
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  8. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    this is some kind of double standards.

    you "believe" hopperlabs more ? As you say "they made an effort".
    S&B has gone through scientific studies to proof it.

    But i must agree as you say "health has become a business"
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  9. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Down down under
    S&B were never in the discussion when I made comments about the standard of the hopper being relatively safer.

    If HL got lab tests, it would also be for their benefit, not ours.
    What I said before was a bit daft perhaps, I can't guarantee S&B did anything.
    For all I know it was insurance companies, like in Canada as biokhacker mentions, who financed tests - but either way it's for marketability. Which is not shocking in anyway, or necessarily a bad thing. That it happened at all is great, but the motive is money not safety.

    I've found no reason not to believe Trevor from Hopper Labs. He willingly did an 'ask me anything' and made many fair statements, and the entire history of HL and details of everything in and about the device has been available constantly.

    I'm not trusting him much by believing him on this instance regarding the materials and how they can easily sustain the working conditions of the most considered vape design.
    Maybe the VapCap is equally considered, both contain invaluable intellectual property and both are insanely great.

    The S&B products are very great, but not insanely. That said, I believe them when anyone says they are safe devices. I've used them and seen their inner workings.
    Same as the Pax 1, 2, 3.

    The Solo is reasonable even though it has exposed PCB to the airpath, same as the hopper.

    Only in my country does solder contain lead still, it flows better in its molten state and the mix is nicer to use. But even that wouldn't actually pose risk in these instances.

    Everything's a business.

    The Ghost MV1, I have queried Bud my alarm at the dynamic and material choice.

    The company is well protected and actively opposes safe materials practice in my opinion.

    A big difference between the shitty coil and the advanced shell heat exchanger between both devices, is the shell heater is capped at the set temperature. A coil must be cranked up to glowing temperatures, well above target temps, in order to transfer ample energy to remotely heat with convection from moving air. Why do you think a heat sink is arguably not needed with the GH. Both work very functionally similarly, a bit of a Samsung type of arrival albeit, but only one has a Stainless Steel enclosed chamber, medical grade brass heater, inert and advanced insulation and a design amply able to cope with temperatures well above the working conditions.

    Not just Trevor's word or my word are enough to declare this, but the device speaks for itself.
    I think HL have taken a considered approach to what is for me, a life saving device. It's their passion. They are not a hype machine or copy cats out to make a quick buck. I do trust what they say, but I value what they've apparently done more.

    I'm still waiting to hear what type of silicone is in the MV1 from the engineers at Ghost Herbal Concepts (ltd) but I personally find it hard to believe they have a dyed, food-grade polysiloxane material that can sustain temperatures the device is capable of producing, given that clearly it has a glowing coil heater and silicone in the air and vapour path.

    That is the underlying reason I mentioned what you quoted earlier as a valid point in the GH's favour, but I don't hold any manufacture to a different standard.
    The fact the Volcano has scientific credence as to its medicinal potential is most excellent, and it has given substance to the idea that vaping is so clearly more beneficial than smoking.

    What's needed properly, is some regulation where some third party gives a tick of approval to any acquirable device in order to validate the intent of the product designers and manufacturers, to deliver us the healthiest option feasible.

    It's kind of the whole point of vaping, and why I think including it on my list of pros before was worthwhile. There's really no point buying a vape unless it's confidently safe, as it could be argued that smoking is safe.

    Confidence is showing all the components of the device and talking about them in detail.
    Arguing is saying you'll take legal action against anyone exposing real concerns and denying questionable material is even there!

    No one is truly ever safe, but we can make things better for ourselves.

    Edit: sorry these posts are so long winded btw. The kief in my had me convinced this was a short response but you know how it goes. Well, my bad
  10. Hjalmark

    Hjalmark Oldest boy alive

    Taking a nasty "after unhealthy video game session" shit in an apartment of a friend.
    Hung over, burned out and recently re-did (vapes) heading to the train to go home and you folks just write to long posts for me to read at this stage

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  11. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Down down under
    Sorry champ, I got a bit carried away last night.

    Occasionally I'll jot down a serious spiel and delete it because it's embarrassingly long.

    Every now and then it's a hard decision between keep or delete lol

    I guess I enjoy a good rant.
  12. biohacker

    biohacker Fucking Combustion Since 2006

    @MoltenTiger always appreciate your thoughts, and taking the time. As for @Hjalmark holy shit bro way too much information! :puke:
  13. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    Here's a better pic of the inside of my GH where the battery sits. This is looking down inside. It was repaired and I recieved it back almost 2 weeks ago.

    It looks different than before with the metal fittings inside and the different area surrounding - the black area, looks like a rotary dial. That's a copper colored metal in the middle. I'm sure it's a different unit all together because I could tell by the outside. My other unit had a small scratch by the clip.

    I have some GraoeApe in my GH right now. I haven't had any issues at all with it. I'm very relieved and happy to have it back.
    • [​IMG]
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  14. SilentRunner

    SilentRunner Well-Known Member

    My first warranty request with VapoShop in Amsterdam went very smoothly. They even sent the replacement before I returned my broken vape. Nice. But this time they were out of stock and I sent it to Hopper Labs. HL offers free shipping for accessories when they send back your hopper. So I ordered a PFE. Will these drip tips fit into the PFE?


    Also what is the usual turnaround time for warranty requests?
  15. biohacker

    biohacker Fucking Combustion Since 2006

    It's usually at the Labs for about 1 week, plus shipping time. But it can vary from a couple of days, up to about a week, and rarely longer than that. Their online rma process is pretty good at letting you know its status, and you can always message Caroline with any questions or order for accessories (there is a limit for shipping, I think it's 3 batteries for weight).
  16. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    what are your recommondations for using soft hash in the hopper ?
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  17. Hjalmark

    Hjalmark Oldest boy alive

    Cotton or better hemp fiber
  18. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    ah yes, hemp fiber,
    that sounds good.

    sandwich method is not recommended ?
    Dont want to harm my hopphopp.
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  19. Dynavaper

    Dynavaper Divided by Zero

    I know this is completely off-topic and probably just a consequence of my cannabis consumption five minutes ago, but I sincerely wonder whether robots feel relief after farting...
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  20. Hjalmark

    Hjalmark Oldest boy alive

    I just make tiny hash balls and then work them into the cotton fiber that I roll into a ball and inserting the side with more cotton towards the heater

    Or grab the hydrobrick and just throw some in the bowl, take one short hit to heat up hash, stir into perfect fluff and take the next hit to the fucking stars :D
  21. MoltenTiger

    MoltenTiger Well-Known Member

    Down down under
    If it's programmed to feel and can relieve itself, I would bet yes?

    Lol, I've been enjoying my hopper tonight. The frogs here are going nuts, banjo frogs, tree frogs.
    A healthy and endemic environment is so solid to vape in!
    Under the stars no less ft. a beaming southern cross.
    Whilst hitting my recycler a meteoroid streaked across the sky. Good moment.

    Fucking love the hopper, gotta be able to get out there amongst it all and get fucking trippy.

    I've gotten 4 batts and 2 PFEs in the RMA parcel included for free postage and 4 batts a seperate time.
    It's usually a case by case basis, and I treat it as a perk to the annoyance of having to send them back.
    My advice would be to initiate the RMA and then after a day or more email HL re: the reference number to the warranty and say you'd like to purchase XYZ to be included with the returned hopper.
    Usually they respond and a free shipping option is created in the checkout.
    You are then free to build up a cart and utilise it...

    I'm not so sure the GH would be my go to for hash, but that said I've only tried it a few times. And with the sandwich method. I found it struggled to heat it enough.

    On Reddit there's a guide to make a concentrates 'sponge' out of a tea strainer (SS), which could change things up a bit and improve performance, but depending on the softness and quality I think Dynavap's degummed hemp fibre could be worth having if you have ongoing access...

    ..Do they sell hash readily in American Medical Marijuana dispensaries?
    Sounds pretty awesome!
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  22. Hjalmark

    Hjalmark Oldest boy alive

    I think the sandwich method is only good for melting stuff, soft hash or hard just blocks all air.
    Tiny hash balls and roll some fluffed up cotton over it, good Airflow but takes practice to keep the ball small enough for the bowl otherwise everything blocks up

    Been thinking about melding a gram in ISO and then mixing in cotton and drying it off, could then keep in tiny jar and pull out ball when needed and total smeared over the cotton fibers

    Good for outside hopper use and stealth
  23. AJS

    AJS Calm Consistency

    Like 13 months of use now without a single warranty claim. Beautiful day, beautiful vape. Just keeps chugging. It shows no signs of slowing down despite a slightly longer heatup. Could just be batts. No problem for me tho. Couple extra seconds won't hurt anyway.
    Enjoy your day everyone! :)
  24. newVaper420

    newVaper420 Vapor Enthusiast

    Ok my Grasshopper should be returning tomorrow I think from warranty along with the PFE and a 14 - 18mm adapter. I’m excited to have it back. My Mighty has been pulling extra. I think my Cloud evo is broke just doesn’t work the same as it used to. Oh well :-)
  25. ktmstick

    ktmstick Well-Known Member

    Plenty hopper mod. Now I can go to town on 5!


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