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Pax Vaporizer by Ploom

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by frayded, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. TheDudeNextDoor

    TheDudeNextDoor Abiding

    I bet you were loving the game today Deadshort!
  2. ILoveCollege

    ILoveCollege Yeah.. F* Combustion..

    anyone try different consistencies for your green? Does the pax like loose leaf, or powder? I have yet to try either but I am soon to re-up and before I grind it up I was wondering if the Pax likes it better one way or the other.

    Also I had a friend ask if I could just put nugs in there.. Thoughts?
  3. Deadshort480

    Deadshort480 I got a fever! The only cure is more glass, baby!

    The East Coast
    The game was great today. I was vet happy with their performance.

    Nugs is a no go in the Pax oven. I run my bud once through my grinder and it seems to work fine. No need to powder it in my experience. A tightly packed down semi course load is my preference.
  4. ILoveCollege

    ILoveCollege Yeah.. F* Combustion..

    That is what I normally run, but I didn't know if it would be worth it to make it smaller.
  5. TheKeeper

    TheKeeper Former Combuster

    Deep in the FC forum
    Hi Best Forum On The Net,

    Has anyone made any mods to the Pax to allow for a easier draw? I've considered replacing the included screen with a different screen that allows more airflow but haven't found anything that works much better.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.
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  6. Bankrupt-Music

    Bankrupt-Music Amnesia

    Under The Boardwalk
    So now that i've got my second pax and have used it for a little over a week i must say that i'm happy once again. Cleaning it after every use seems to keep it in top working order.
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  7. xclarryx

    xclarryx Active Member

    well according to this forum, the main air intake from the pax is the oven lid. i havent messed around with it too much, but i read on here waaaaay pages back that if you push on one side of the oven lid when you're hitting it, it cuts down the airflow a lot and allows for way more 'rippier' hits. not sure exactly where to push or anything, but mess around with it for a minute im sure you'll find it.
  8. JPB

    JPB Well-Known Member

    Been reading up all posts love all the ideas, just got my pax in Au! What a marathon it was and it costed me too. She better be what I expect. Love my mflb made a big batt for it and it lasts and lasts... First thing I thought after reading all posts is how hard is it to open up pax and see its electrical guts... Looks easy so now I'm not worried if it acts up cause ill fix it. So with mflb as back up and the vaporgenie in other pocket I stopped analogs... Vaping only. When my pax starts to trouble me ill see what I can do to help all.. Thanks for blowing tips. Me thinks no isopropyl alc, will investigate better way to clean, may save that temp adj switch. But sadly I think it could be heated past its tolerance... Oh that cano rocks for home use. Solo tastes sooooo good like fine wine... So fragile tho. Cannot Paramotor and enjoy my drum tobacco in that, pax looks like it can be modded for hands free!

    Charging her up now, 100-240v adapter was default in box, happy, for those who get other one just feed 10v to charger base max 2amp. Centre pin positive... Don't glitch that or... Smoke. Mod Nr one a mp with charge connector to allow external bat use. Man I vape hard cause was a chain smoker... I tax batteries like I did lighters... Burn em up.. My pax came with a red light on batt so must charge... Itching to use it watching like a hawk for when its ready.

    Wow good throat hit despite low vapor exhale! Very stealthy. I like it lots. Full oven and on low... I taste that nicotine ... Yum .. Notice how I must wait between draws. It feels toasty in my left hand... It looks so sleek, a very nice touch. I'll take her to bed now hope my missus don't mind... Goodnight y'all.

    mod note: Please avoid back-to-back posts, use Edit instead. Three posts merged.
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  9. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    If you feel that the Pax airflow is too restricted then you're pulling too hard. The draw is restricted by design. Changing the screen will not make a lot of difference anyway. Try pulling through each of these:
    • The mouthpiece alone.
    • Pax without the oven lid.
    • Pax without screen.
    • Pax without oven lid or screen.
    All of these are academic exercises, because if you pull air through the Pax too quickly it will stop vapourizing. It doesn't have to be much more quickly either, since pulling really hard on the stock Pax will produce almost no vapour. You will get the thickest vapour with a gentle inhale, not much more than regular breathing.
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  10. Spezialemic

    Spezialemic Member

    This is just a post for those people who were doing Solo/Pax comparisons. I see why people would compare and contrast them, but they really are two totally different units.

    So I've been a very satisfied Solo user for the last year and just decided to get a Pax and try it out. I thought I'd share my opinions in case anyone cares haha.

    I'd like to start by saying that I have had a few issues with my Pax, even with the new mouthpiece that Pax sent me (I live in CT and the mouthpiece came two days after I emailed them asking for a replacement piece!)

    - Once in a while, the temp light stops my unit from heating up when I pop the mouthpiece up, but if I do a quick cleaning (I don't clean the spring), it always works fine afterwards. I'll have to an update in a month or two to see if that's the only issue I have, and hope that it doesn't progress into something worse.
    - The unit HAS to be stirred, at least with what I'm using and how I'm packing it, which I think is pretty consistent with the recommendations from this board. The Pax hits much better than it did when I first got it, and thought it was defective because it wasn't giving me clouds. However, even with heads, I find I still have to turn it to high (red) first to get any real vapor. Medium is hit-or-miss.
    - Perfect companion... if you're going solo - When I got my Solo, I was worried about using it with other people, but it's proven itself to be a beast, and I can usually vape with 3 people with no problem as long as the material is good. I'd say the Pax is prefect for one person, and can handle two people... but expect to stir. If it's just me, I can be completely set before I ever have to stir it, and I can just pop the lid open and stir once before I have a second go. The stirring for me isn't a HUGE issue, but it can be annoying to have to keep popping the oven cap off as much as 3 or 4 times in the latter part of a session, especially because it gets pretty hot and you can burn your fingers a bit if you touch the magnets on the sides. However, once you get good at removing the lid, you're pretty set. There is a good amount of heat shielding material you can grab onto. When you remove the stem on the Solo, it can be pretty easy to burn yourself (especially if you're in a state of altered consciousness xD) because 1cm of the glass is gonna be at +350F and it takes a couple minutes to cool down.
    - This thing gets hot after only about 15-20 minutes on high, but it's understandable because it's so small. My Solo gets really hot after about 45-60 minutes of constant use, but you aren't wrapping your hand around the oven and vapor path. If I'm vaping with a few other people using the Pax, I'll end up packing the oven more than once, and during the second round the Pax will sometimes get uncomfortably hot enough that I'll actually shut it off and lets it sit for 10 minutes or so to cool down. Only problem is, it's still burning some of your material while it's cooling down.

    My original expectations for the Pax were that it would be simple to use, at least as efficient as my Solo (and consequently, a replacement), heat up quickly and charge quickly, be able to be off and stored with material still inside and be super portable. It really has met all of those expectations with the exception of the temperature light issue, which is minor, at least for now. I really do love this vape, but I haven't had it long enough to really know what other issues might arise. Hopefully my luck doesn't change.

    I'm keeping it because it has several really important advantages over my Solo...things that were always problematic in practice when I used it.

    - The heat up time is a big difference: Much faster - 45 seconds to high vs 2 or 3 minutes on my Solo. I can't tell you how many times I've had 5-10 minute breaks and couldn't get a session in because I had to go back in as soon as my Solo was ready to go.
    - One piece design, with no glass stem - The stem in my Solo is great. It makes the vapor taste great, makes reclaiming hash oil really easy, and it's honestly just fun to see the vapor travel. That being said, I've gone through 5 stems and probably 50 screens already, and having a glass stem means needing a case. The solo just isn't as portable as I'd like it to be.
    - I can carry it around in my pocket with a packed oven - That to me is huge, cause if I wanted to pre-pack my Solo, I had to improvise something to cap the glass with, and put it in the case hoping it would't fall out or that no one would smell it. Having a pax means that if I just wanna go somewhere with a friend and vape one pack, I don't have to take any bags or a grinder with me. I can just toss it in my pocket.
    - Less annoying to clean - I know this one probably surprises you, but considering how much rubbing alcohol and how many paper towels I've gone through cleaning Solo stems (and TRYING to clean the bent stems, which are a nightmare), I think that this is honestly easier to maintain. Sure, you can let your Solo stem get pretty dirty and it won't stop WORKING, but it will be pretty gross. I usually have to clean my solo stem once every week or so. Now, that isn't as often as I'm cleaning the Pax (maybe once every two days for me), but cleaning the Pax only takes a minute or two, and cleaning the Solo involved 20-30 minutes of shaking the stem with alcohol in it, pulling the screen out and cleaning or replacing it, and rolling up a paper towel and cleaning down the inside of the stem. I just like how the pax always looks clean because when my Solo stem got dirty, no one else would even wanna use it.

    All told, I love the Pax. I'm really glad I went and got it, but it isn't going to replace my Solo. I was planning to sell the Solo to a friend once I bought the Pax, but now I think I'll just use both based on what I'll be using it for. It's definitely a good thing to have two portable units with some nice trade-offs.

    Just wanted to offer a collection of things I've thought about and experienced over the last week that I've been using my Pax (nonstop, I might add).

    Thanks for listening! Haha :)
  11. Futuretvowner

    Futuretvowner Member

    I could not disagree with this statement more fully. I own a pax and have used a solo dozens upon dozens of times and I have found that the Pax is much better for a group. I have used the pax with 5+ people at one time who have all been satisfied. I really do not see how anyone can compare this thing to the MFLB at all in all honestly. The difference in ease of use and cloud size in immeasurable.

    Maybe some of you guys aren't doing this but when you grind up your herb and place it in the chamber you have to pack it down as much as the herb will compress. If you do this and fill 1/3 to 1/2 of the chamber I have found that there is no need to stir. The only time I have found the need to stir is when I pack a bowl that is over 2/3rds when tightly packed down. The reason is because there is not enough heat transferred to the bud on the top. If you are packing it down tightly enough however I really don't see the need to stir a bowl unless its above .3/.4
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  12. TheDudeNextDoor

    TheDudeNextDoor Abiding

    I thought I would just chime in here with a couple experiences as well. I find low to be perfect for single-person use, and I don't have to stir often at all. My typical method when vaping alone is top vape several hits on low until I am nice and toasty. I have been amazed at the quality hits I get on low. Once I deplete the vape on low, I stir and set to medium and get another several strong hits. Medium is not "hit or miss" for me at all. I get huge clouds on medium. Sometimes I will then stir and get a couple more hits on high, but they are so popcorny that I often don't bother with high at all.

    If you aren't getting good hits on low or medium, I would suggest either your methods need tuning or the herbs don't have the trich production, which I have found can make a HUGE difference in hit quality. I will say that low seems to be much less effective when sharing the Pax with others. I can only assume this is because it doesn't get a chance to warm up sufficiently between hits. When I vape with others, I typically skip low altogether and just start on medium.
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  13. Spezialemic

    Spezialemic Member

    Maybe my problem is that I'm packing it down, but not as tight as possible. Just pushing packing down a bit with my finger. I'll have to try packing it even tighter next time and seeing what difference it makes. How long do you find you have to wait in between hits as the bowl gets more used up?

    Also, I'm not able to even get vapor on medium sometimes. Not even after trying to take a few hits. If i start on high, I can move down to medium and it will usually go for a while. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. When I put it on high, I can get it to go for a long time and I definitely feel like I've gotten used to the draw. I usually pull really slowly and let in a bit of extra air and I've gotten some monster hits.
  14. Sonics420

    Sonics420 Well-Known Member

    i knew i shouldve brought my pax into the seahawks game last night
    but then i was just worried bout not being able to get in with it, which would cause me to miss the game!
  15. Live-N-Learn

    Live-N-Learn Higher, Higher, Baby...

    Dont ever doubt the stealth of the Pax again! You didnt really need the Pax last night though, Im sure that crowd got you buzzed enough (along with the beers). :)
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  16. TheDudeNextDoor

    TheDudeNextDoor Abiding

    And the score.
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  17. welderboy

    welderboy its 4:20 somewhere.....

    My replacement pax is a beast....I have been using it hard since Thursday, barely cleaning it, and the mouthpiece doesn't stick at all. It seems totally different, the catch seems more solid and works perfect every time. The oven door seems let more air in too, I don't have to Cincinnati carb it like the first unit. I have a mobius matrix bubbler coming on Thursday gonna marry it to the pax as per Jams pics......can't wait...
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  18. Johnny Flameo

    Johnny Flameo Man i'm pretty... baked...

    Hey does anyone know if it is unhealthy to inhale vapor through PVC tubing? Hooked the Pax up to a Voss bottle like ILoveCollege :)
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  19. jambandphan03

    jambandphan03 Vapor Goddess

    mobius and pax make a good team. I was in ALT eyeyballing a 60T they had for sale...those late night shopping sprees are getting me in trouble... didn't get it, but really wanted to, I hovered the pointer over the add to cart button a few times. OH VAS/GAS is a sickness... but so rewarding.
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  20. JoeKickass

    JoeKickass Well-Known Member

    The bottom cover sometimes restricts more than the screen. At the beginning of a new sesh, I like to use two fingers to rock the bottom cover back and forth. You'll notice that you can get it to restrict (to increase performance on a cold day) or open up the flow (easier draw with little performance decrease)
  21. jlesiki

    jlesiki Member

    Quick troubleshooting question:
    Not sure if this is somewhere in the 235 pages before this, but I didn't feel like spending a ton of time searching through everything for the answer. My Pax has been working great, except for one annoyance.

    When I click it on, most of the time it acts as if the mouthpiece is disconnected and displays the light for the temperature setting. If I push the mouthpiece down a bit, it goes back to the purple heating mode and continues to heat up. Has anyone else had this problem? I am thinking I should just try a new mouthpiece, but it doesn't seem like the mouthpiece is the problem. It seems like the problem is inside of the unit.
  22. TheDudeNextDoor

    TheDudeNextDoor Abiding

    Oh yes, this has been much discussed. It's what you will hear people refer to as the "temp light problem." The easiest fix is to clean the area where the mouthpiece contacts with the switch.

    Use the little Gum teeth bristles and some iso to carefully clean the area shown in the pic. I had the same problem - could even jiggle the mouthpiece to make it present - and this fixes it every time. I've just made this part of my typical cleaning routine and have been very happy. Some like to remove the spring entirely, but I have not found the need to do that yet.
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  23. SamHebe

    SamHebe New Member

    Do I have to register anywhere to insure I have my 10 year warranty on my PAX?
  24. jambandphan03

    jambandphan03 Vapor Goddess

    nope, just hang onto a copy of your purchase receipt.
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  25. mollee

    mollee Active Member

    puget sound
    It would be awesome if the next generation of Pax included a little "spinner" in the oven that u could activate w/a little button, to mix the herbs. Lol, never mind me, just rambling about my dream vaporizer! :D
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