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List of Online Sellers/Stores to Avoid

Discussion in 'Vapor Related Equipment' started by The_Algebraist, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. mmenzie

    mmenzie My friends call me "Menz"

    New Windsor, NY
    Read through this thread and saw no mention of GotVape. i think they should be on the list of retailers to avoid... just MHO.

    Mod note: You should state why, from personal experience, rather than to make a blanket statement without substantiaton.
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  2. Frederick McGuire

    Frederick McGuire Aggressively Loungey

    Well, I was watching the PuffIt thread when a couple of GotVape employees came on pretending to be regular members, trying to talk up GV's customer service etc.

    It's obviously not scamming level dodgeyness, but it's enough for me to not want to give them my money...

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  3. aesthyrian

    aesthyrian Well-Known Member

    I can second this but with an actual experience. My girlfriend needed a new glass heater cover for some Chinese vape she had(iVape..) and gotvape was the only site that carried that piece. They showed it in stock and so I went ahead and ordered the replacement. About two weeks later and I still had not received it so i e-mailed them and found out that the piece was not in stock, they had never notified me of this and it still said in stock on their website. I have no idea how long they planned to keep my money and if they ever had any intentions of refunding me had I not contacted them. I was able to receive a refund to my credit card but the whole experience was just shady and not professional.
  4. diebodie

    diebodie Member

    Any word on vapeusa? They have the black DBV for 70$ cheaper than the official website.. IMO that's worth the shorter warranty.
  5. lreindl

    lreindl Pacific NW

    Seattle, WA
    Warning regarding a company under the name Pacific Glass Gallery. I purchased a 14mm Highly Educated v3 nail from them on December 26th for $75.54, and I ended up buying my DG Fritted Disc the next day on a whim along with an 18mm nail. So after about 5 emails to the company with no reply, after posting on their "Comments" section, after searching high and low for a physical address or phone number, I haven't heard a single thing from the company yet about a refund. Not too thrilled.
  6. TheDudeNextDoor

    TheDudeNextDoor Abiding

    Please forgive the double post. On reflection, I decided my full description might discourage reading (too many words!! lol). Here is a summarized version of my experience with Molino Glass:

    1. Bought a bubbler for $79 and paid $15 shipping, delivery promised "to your door in 1-2 weeks." This was an in-stock product, not a custom job.

    2. Waited a week and emailed, was told bubbler was in processing and would ship soon.

    3. Waited another two weeks and emailed again, was told "we've been busy" and the bubbler would ship soon.

    4. I asked for a refund on my shipping charges since it had been three weeks at this point and they had not even shipped nor given me any reason for delay besides "we've been busy."

    5. I was ignored.

    6. I emailed again asking about the package and the requested refund, got a fast response that insulted me, saying, "Super busy indeed, no need to nag every day, probably today."

    7. It's now been one month and three days and I still have not received this bubbler, no money has been refunded to me, and no one at Molino will reply to any of my emails.

    Buyer beware. Maybe it will come in today, who knows, but with all the options available out there, I would advise everyone avoid this vendor despite their website claims of "reliable customer service."
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  7. TheDudeNextDoor

    TheDudeNextDoor Abiding

    Having to double-post because my edit feature is not active for some reason.

    The story just keeps getting worse and worse with Molino Glass.

    When my package still did not show up Saturday, which makes one month and four days since I ordered, over two weeks since it was supposedly shipped, and a handful of days since I was insulted for "nagging." I'll also remind you that the ONLY excuse I was given was "we've been busy" and since the rep insulted me, I have been ignored.

    So yesterday, I send a message that tells them that at this point I suspect the problem goes beyond pathetic customer service but that I might have been a victim of fraud. I then tell them that if the package doesn't show up Monday, I file fraud charges with my credit card.

    Well, guess what...that forced them to respond to me within hours (after days of being either ignored or insulted):

    WHAT? First, I have been told of no production delay, only "we've been busy." I've been insulted for nagging and ignored on my requests for...well...anything at all really. And the package hasn't even actually shipped at all?

    I reply reminding this bastion of "reliable customer service" that I have been told nothing about any production delay and I got shipment notification over two weeks ago after waiting three weeks for anything and that I was insulted for "nagging," and now I'm being told the package hasn't even been shipped?

    I get a reply back in less than an hour. Incidentally, all the grammatical errors are as received:

    Seriously? I responded, "Unbelievable. This is after a full month+ and after you insult me for 'nagging.' I want an immediate refund. I do not want this bubbler shipped Monday or any day. The next email I get from you needs to be a confirmation of a refund to my credit card of my entire amount. And I need that email immediately."

    This was at 9:42 pm last night and of course no response at all to that message. I've noticed any query for a refund at all goes ignored. I plant to stay on this guy and will file fraud charges Monday if he does not respond with an acceptable answer by tomorrow.

    Good luck to you if you ever decide to give this company any of your business. I surely will never be doing so again. Unfortunately, this company also brands their glass with their name in big red letters, so regardless how good the glass might be (I STILL have no idea about that), it is soiled by the name of this pathetically run business.

    Edit: After getting no response from my request for a refund, I sent this message to Molino Glass today:

    I will not be at all surprised if this message goes ignored as well.
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  8. Hung

    Hung New Member

    www.nimbusvaporizer.com is a scam site.

    I sent these bottom feeders $415 for an AroMed Vaporizer because there site indicated they were in the same state and I thought I could get it fast not to mention cheap, but by the end of a week I didn't have so much as a shipping estimate so I emailed them.

    They Emailed me back the very next day saying " your order has been shipped you will get it before the end of the week"

    This was on a Friday so I figured they got their weeks mixed but by the end of the following week Zipo!

    I went to their site to look at it closer but it had folded, I sent them an e-mail to cancel my order and credit my card but of course it was too late, I've since had to cancel the card I'm surprised they didn't drain it, there was only a few hundred dollars left on it so I figure they where waiting for me to recharge it.

    I started investigating them and found out they had a whois blocker and was doing business in three different countries with a temporary mobile site.

    The next time they surface they will probably have a different name so be wary of any new vaporizer company's especially if they're selling the AroMed for 415$ I have since learned that the manufacturer as locked the price at 439$ so no reputable company will be selling it for less.

    Of course next time they might be selling TVs so I guess you just have to be careful in general on the net.

    Cancer patients, stoner's ,the elderly, the infirm, little children, these bottom feeders Don't care who they hurt because either they're too young to know better or they were just born with something missing in either case watch your backs!

    Hung out.
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