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List of Online Sellers/Stores to Avoid

Discussion in 'Vapor Related Equipment' started by The_Algebraist, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. treecityrnd

    treecityrnd Active Member

    This is a primary example of why this forum is different from all others. You guys are the best. Thank you vtac!
  2. VWFringe

    VWFringe Naruto Fan

    South Orange County, CA
    great work guys, looks like the scammer's changed their sites. Crossing my fingers anyway that its stopped.
  3. dorkus_molorkus

    dorkus_molorkus My member is well known

    Allens Snackbar
    fucking cocksuckers, I will admit that I bought my solo from them & their customer service was excellent, but this sort of shit just aint cool.

    glad to see they have edited the disgusting so called 'review'' they posted. not edited enough for my liking, but still a lot of the shit has been changed.

    I am glad Stonemonkey has kept us abreast of it all. Fuck, if this was some mob who were releasing their sixth or seventh vape, then yes, I would expect a bit more regarding timelines being realisticly followed.

    but these guys are enthusiasts producing a labour of love, not seasoned design & manufacture robots pumping out several items at least per annum.

    i for one am happy to wait, there are plenty of other things to keep me & my hobby busy while these guys perfect the best vape that can be made with the knowledge at hand.

    then one day someone will make a better one, thats the way of the world.

    just my :2c:
  4. max

    max This space available Staff Member

    The scam is not to steal people's money (at least we've seen no evidence of it), but to sell products at lowball prices, with no regard for the manufacturer's wishes or policies, or for the customer's warranty status. For example, the site and its spinoffs were offering a one year warranty on the Solo, but Arizer's warranty is two years. So if the vape maker requires the product to be purchased from an authorized dealer, the customer loses by buying from a seller like this. If the vape maker holds a hard line on warranty coverage, the unauthorized seller can only honor a warranty by replacing the unit with a new one. And they're stuck with the defective one if the vape maker won't do business with the seller. The unauthorized seller can only replace so many units in this situation, and still remain profitable. This company crossed another line by actually taking orders for the Cloud, not only before the first production model was available, but without any guarantee whatsoever that they'd ever be able to deliver a single unit to a buyer. Then when it became clear that no units would be available for them to sell, the Cloud selling site became a negative review site, where the negativity was aimed at the company, not the product. They couldn't really pan the product, since they haven't even seen it, let alone used it.
  5. Samo_T

    Samo_T Active Member

    Glad to see FC warn consumers against these shady sites. Some urls seem to be down, others are still up however.
  6. darkrom

    darkrom Great Scott!

    Fuck that. I got my solo from them :( I feel dirty. Good thing I'm selling it anyway.
  7. vtac

    vtac vapor junkie Staff Member

    FC R&D
    Original post with information and list of sites here.

    I don't like being threatened, so here's the full and unedited (names removed) conversation I had with this character. Might as well post it here before he can twist it around. His emails are in bold.

  8. biojuggernaut

    biojuggernaut Snob

    Excuse me for stepping out of my place here. You guys are goofy for even bringing this to the board. It is obviously that the guy doesn't read the board, and truth be told that red "update" was probably slander in some way, shape, or form. I literally laughed the first time I read it. To be honest I doubt that guy was even going to post his side of the email until now. This is something SM should be worried about; lets face it I doubt any FC'ers would ever be dumb enough to pull the trigger on a fraud website to begin with. But thanks nonetheless VTAC and other members of the forum for getting down to the bottom of all this inflated BS.
  9. dorkus_molorkus

    dorkus_molorkus My member is well known

    Allens Snackbar
    Hey Dickhead,

    If you were so cool and legit, what was with the so called review of the cloud where you just bag the shit out of the team at vapexhale?
    thats right, they pulled you up on the fact you were advertising a product you were NEVER going to be able to
    sell. Then you post a negative review which was just a massive bitch fest.

    boo-fucking hoo

    Doesnt sound like you are the free and easy groovers you make out you are.

    So, please dont make out you are just some stoners trying to get by in the big bad world.
    Cause you are not, you are just another lot that make commerce on the internet that little bit harder for the legit guys.

    and yes, I did buy my solo from you.
    all great, no problems, but you took that goodwill & abused it, by engaging in the behaviour posted above.

    so, please take your threats, bad attitude, and all those bullshit sites & fuck off

    A) no one had the guts to put a real name to the so called review of the cloud (oh the irony was delicious there wasnt it?)

    B) you had someone with an IP address that matches yours come on here & pose as a community member
    & shill your POV regarding vapexhale. Now you are upset because you got caught & you lot are getting some shit from some of us?

    C) You say you are ''from the community'', just a poor stoner trying to get by.
    Cool, welcome brother. Now what we have here is one member of our community who tried to screw over another member of our community who is MUCHO respected & admired.

    So, as a new community member. You need to cease & desist, or the community wont support you.

    Do not threaten our mods (its against community rules, pls take the time out to read them)
    Do not slander other community members products via bogus reviews with fake names attached to them.
    Do not attempt to sell something you do not have.

    and finally pursuing things on a personal level over this shit, is not cool.
    But I just wanna check, its a 2 way street right?
    Pls correct me if i have posted any info in error

    mods, pls edit or delete this post as you see fit. I just needed to vent
  10. aesthyrian

    aesthyrian Well-Known Member

    How does one review the cloud without a Beta? I thought all the Beta testing was done by members of this forum? Am I missing something or did they go so far as to post a phoney Cloud review?

    These people call them self "420 friends" and "herb cakes".. then lie to us all? Sounds like the guy that would under weigh your bag, or steal nugs from you when you're not looking. Those responses alone are enough for anyone to judge the character of the company in question.

    Just watch yourself Vtac, he's got all sorts of North American's coming for ya! :p

    And what the fuck does it mean to be a herb cake anyway? :|
  11. jackmormon

    jackmormon Well-Known Member

    Big Love
    The reality of this situation is that any vaporizer vendor on the planet should be kissing vtac's rear end -- not antagonizing him.

    vtac provides a captive audience for vaporizer vendors and by treating him like crap, the VFW folks are pulling the drain plug on their own shady business. Kudos to vtac for keeping people informed.

    If I were a betting man....Well, I am! I am a mod on another forum and our ratio of "lurkers" vs. registered members is about 700 to 1. I bet that the situation is similar with FC. Negative press on here multiplies exponentially beyond the registered members. This is why they are upset. Hopefully the VFW folks have learned or will be willing to learn a few important lessons in integrity.
  12. nr-cole

    nr-cole Well-Known Member

    You handled that guy like a pro, vtac. I'd be super tempted in your situation to school him as to what tools he and his shills are but you realized there was nothing to be gained by arguing and just let vent his steam and look even sillier. As a long time follower of Penny Arcade's handling of various (ridiculous) legal struggles I'm impressed. Props :)
  13. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit
    May be someone tried it on some party with SM or on a expo. or smth.. :p but still not enough for a good review..
    "My partners, two American and One Canadian are individually going to go after you personally."
    Yeah they will hire two mexicans and some cheap Latino mobs.. so you will get surrounded from all sides.. :D and they will make you remove the truth.. LOL.. and will force you to wipe off their ass... with an extra polish so they can cheat freely.. :lol:

    ... grrrrramar
  14. OhTheAgony

    OhTheAgony here for the chicks

    The Flatlands
    I seriously doubt that big mouth loser has any business partners at all, but that threat is very dis-concerning to say at least. I do hope he meant going after you in a legal way, if not and you may want to consider taking legal actions yourself. If you need any help tracing his IP just let me know.
  15. max

    max This space available Staff Member

    Yeah, I'd say you're definitely stepping out of your place by calling anyone here "goofy". That's disrespectful and clearly against the 'Be nice' rules. As for bringing it to the forum, this reseller threatened to make the exchange public, so posting it here clearly says that we don't give a shit if he does. I don't know what made you think he doesn't read the forum, but I can assure you that he does, or has. Nobody's going to go to war with a forum owner without even checking out the forum. He's under the impression that he has some kind of leverage against FC and Vapexhale. We don't think he does.

    This reseller is obviously living in his own little version of reality. Actually putting the Cloud up for sale, and allowing orders to be processed, even without requiring payment, with no assurance that he'd ever be able to buy units at wholesale, is either very stupid or very arrogant-probably both. And going from selling (or attempting to) to slamming the company in such a short time span is also pretty dumb. Anyone with half a brain, and keeping up with his Cloud site, would see through this garbage with no trouble. It's clearly not a review of the product, which I'm sure he hasn't even seen, let alone used, just a thinly veiled needle aimed at VapeXhale.
  16. arf777

    arf777 No longer dogless

    In the Shadow of the Beast
    I would just remind vtac that , especially in California, there are a whole set of laws in place to penalize anyone who brings a bogus libel or slander case (the SLAPP and anti-SLAPP laws). So if you have not actually libeled or slandered anyone, let 'em bring a suit. Any decent lawyer will tear them apart in court and you may get damages out of it.
  17. Magic9

    Magic9 Plant Enthusiast

    Middle of the Map
    Well played Vtac. The fuck did they think was going to happen? You'd start letting scammers scam? He should of took his ass to the forum and cleared this up. The fact he didn't and threatened BS legal action, shows he's got something to hide.

  18. SleepyHead

    SleepyHead Well-Known Member

    Legal action is just a scare tactic, they won't do anything. Good job Vitac.
  19. Samsquanch

    Samsquanch Vapor Astronaut

    Inside my shed with my kitties
    Good stuff vtac ,

    Offering something for sale that you do not have in your possession or is still a figment of your imagination in your head is shady and wrong , period . This is exactly why I joined this site . To weed out the BS . I know obviously there are alot of others that joined for the same reason . I feel FC has my back . I thank you for being here .

    Vaporization is still a fairly new market with lot of room for high jinx . We are not a bunch of teenybopper high school stoners here , we have brains . Crap like this isnt gonna fly too long before someone calls it for what it is , BS . Anyone thinking of entering the vaporization manufacturing market better have their shit straight up and together . This is the information age , it doesn't take long for lies to float to the surface.

    Keep up the good work and thank you to the Fuck Combustion community
  20. Qbit

    Qbit cannabanana

    Well I know this guy called Tony ...
  21. IAmKrazy2

    IAmKrazy2 Darth Vapor

    Thanks VTAC for handling this just as i would expect you to. very calmly and professionally. but still, not budging.
  22. stickstones

    stickstones Wasted Staff Member

    I find it hard to believe that anyone would be so stupid as to think that vtac is responsible for what is posted here. I guess he thinks FC members are just vapor minions gearing up for world domination.

    And all this dipstick had to do is walk away and it would be over...instead of worthless threats that just stoke the fire.
  23. jeffp

    jeffp psychonaut

    Just picking up on this thread. My reflex was to make a joke but what I really wanted to say is thanks to vtac for the forum and the integrity and good all around info and education that comes from many participants.
    And for the brownie recipe.
    Hope this guy isn't stressing you out.
  24. Old_Hippy

    Old_Hippy Active Member

    Brisbane Australia
    ...And THAT IMO is what's driving this drivel....Good old fashioned Greed!

    Attempted cyber-bullying bullshit!...Good on you VTAC for putting that creep in his place.

    For once I'm actually glad I bought my vape from a bricks and mortar real world shop...the above conversation reveals the possible perils of buying online.
  25. Fever

    Fever Member Retailer

    I don't mean to throw gasoline on a fire, but I heard that their paypal accounts have been shut down. They have a bunch of pending orders for Vaporfection viVapes that they are unable to fulfill. I know the viVapes are now shipping too. Sucks for them. Preorders are a sure-fire paypal killer. :o

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