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List of Online Sellers/Stores to Avoid

Discussion in 'Vapor Related Equipment' started by The_Algebraist, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. shredsnowvapeherb

    shredsnowvapeherb Well-Known Member

    I'v been reading this message board for a little over a week, it helped me immensely in my decision. I ended up choosing to give the Extreme a try.

    I ordered it up from vaporizer.ca, only after asking an important question: "are you 100% sure you won't be sending any paperwork or anything to my billing address associated with my Mastercard?". This was a concern for me as I live in a different province and my billing address is my parents house.

    I even went as far as emailing the same question while dealing with an issue relating to Mastercard not having my shipping address on file. The message i received was as follows:

    Dear XXXX

    We were not able to verify your shipping address. MasterCard did have an
    alternate address on file, but it was not the xxx xxxxx Street address. If
    you can give them a quick call and add that address, we'll be able to get
    that order out to you.

    No paperwork will be sent to your billing address, no worries.


    All friendly customer service, until this morning, expecting my vapo to arrive. I check canadapost.ca to see where my orders at, and would you look at that, THEY SENT IT DIRECTLY TO MY PARENT'S HOUSE!

    Not the end of the world,very frustrating and potentially awkward none the less. /rant off

    Mod note: Vaporizer.ca should not be confused with Vaporizers.ca
  2. ChuckRock

    ChuckRock Well-Known Member


    Ordered a lot of stuff over a week ago.
    They took my money with NONE of the stuff in stock.
    Even though their website STILL claims the products are in stock, they aren't.

    This is the SECOND time this store has done this to me.
    Now im supposed to wait until they receive new stock.

    They don't reply to emails
    Their phone is an answering machine and they don't reply to those messages either

    used to be a great company.
    I had heard they were bought over, hence the change in customer service.
    Its non existent

    Time to find a new head shop


    Just got them on the phone after trying since Thursday.
    Supposedly my order will ship today, although ive heard that before.

    Wouldn't be so bad , but its $700 worth of stuff.
    They were quick enough to take my money when none of the products were in stock.

    Order has now shipped.
    took just over a week to dispatch :o

    Mod note: The shipping time is acceptable, especially for an overseas dealer, and everyonedoesit.com is NOT a dealer to avoid.
  3. wowthisisrandom

    wowthisisrandom Glass/Vape Enthusiast

    I've got one. It doesn't really count as much as its mostly a glass distributer but I use my glass with my vape so chunkyglasspipes.com.

    The funniest thing is that they say that their dedicated to the best customer service when its almost non existent. They also state that its all american glass, but I'll get to that later.

    So first order I make I'm waiting for my glass to come and it was 4 days past the expected date. I finally get it in the mail and open it up. First thing I notice is that the downstem has a "made in china" sticker on it. Are they so stupid that they didn't think to take it off? The bong was probably chinese too but theirs no way of telling that. So I try to pop the diffuser in the bong only to find guess what? Its way too long to even fit the bong anyways. So I email them and 5 days later they finally respond that they'll send me the new downstem after giving me some asshole attitude about it saying "Oh I'm sure you never make any mistakes".That pissed me off that they had that attitude with me. And even though I ordered 2-3 day shipping of course the downstem comes 3 days late and comes with guess what's on it. Another made in china sticker. After I complained about the first one! That was infuriating.

    So a couple months later I decide to buy a vaporizer from them and not having done my homework I buy their piece of crap box. I get it in the mail late again with the screen so bent I couldn't even get it in to place so every time I got herbs in my mouth. I asked them for instructions on this and the fact that their stupid piece of junk has another made in china sticker on the bottom. (Yea definitely all american glass!) They never answered. About a month later the piece of crap breaks down(of course) so I email them to say how they need to refund me. I've emailed them like 5 times with no answer.

    Whatever I tossed that worthless piece of shit in the trash can and bought a vbros from Vaporwarehouse. Best purchase I ever made. Sorry this is so long but I know some people might be lured by their low prices on glass but its probably cuz its chinese glass, plus their probably the worst distributor I've ever dealt with.
  4. Skunkypete

    Skunkypete Escape Artist

    Over the rainbow
    Here's a little something i learned on the net. There is one big glass distributor of chinese "prodo" glass as it's called in the States and that is gorillaglass.com. If you compare chunkyglasspipes's inventory to gorillaglass's you will see that they are pretty much the same (gorilla having the most stuff) with one exception: Gorilla's glass is half the price or cheaper. Sure they are a wholesale dealer but it gives you an idea of the kind of margin most dealers make on chinese glass. I can even spot the gorilla glass pieces in my town's head shops. One of the 3 arm ashcatcher they sell for 22$ on GG was selling for 120$ at the head shop , fuckers!! :o
  5. gmml

    gmml Well-Known Member

    Another VaporizerGiant.com story.

    I placed an order on Feb 1. It is now Feb 14 and I have nothing. I received a UPS e-mail 2 days after my order saying it will be delivered 2 day air. Nothing arrived. I called and e-mailed Vaporize Giant many times during these past 2 weeks. No reply, nothing. I called UPS and they said the package was never sent and the tracking number I was sent was just a billing order, which means they notified UPS a package will be dropped off. However, they never did. Still nothing after 2 weeks and it looks like I might be out $150...

    Wish I would have done more research before buying.... :(
  6. PerseusStoned

    PerseusStoned Well-Known Member

    Is it safe to say this thread is no longer being updated (considering "The_Algebraist" last posted October 2009)? It seems like a valuable tool to spare much suffering.
  7. steiner666

    steiner666 Serial vapist

    Lost in the clouds
    Hey, I've just been ripped off for the first time in my... almost a decade of making purchases online. I thought that maybe we could have a thread to just share negative feedback and warnings, because those are the ones that really matter.

    Last month, May 23 to be specific, I placed an order for a double bubbler from a blower in Seattle who goes by "dethstar" on etsy and possibly other sites. He knocked $50 off the reg price of $150, and I agreed to pay him through paypal. I had asked him questions before hand and he said that he always has a few of these bubs made up and ready to go out, so the wait would be minimal. Right after i pay him he informs me that deliver will be within 10 days. I thought "wtf, thats over twice as long as he was originally saying, but ok" and just asked him to give me a tracking number, or at least just let me know when it ships out.

    So about a week goes by and still no word, so I start emailing him to ask whats up. he gives me excuses about being out of town/state and the city shutting off power to his building and remodeling and this and that, so I give him some more time. At i email him again asking wtf is up and he says that it should be shipped out tomorrow, blah blah. A week later I inform him that I'm tired of waiting and listening to his excuses and that i would be opening a dispute on paypal in 2 days if i dont get at least a tracking number saying that is on its way to me. No response. I open the dispute with paypal and wait a few more days, no response. I check his etsy store and see that another user just posted complaints about being ripped off by him too, so I escalate my claim and still no word form him.

    So in 3 days until the disputes up and I get my money back through paypal, hopefully, but what a total waste of time. So, anyways, dont buy from "dethstar"

    *edit* wtf, i posted this in the wrong section, i blame the vapor~!
  8. etrone

    etrone Well-Known Member

  9. vtac

    vtac vapor junkie Staff Member

    FC R&D
    A week or so ago, some members noticed websites advertising the Vapexhale Cloud for sale. This was strange because the Cloud was not and is still not available. Upon further investigation, stonemonkey55 confirmed that VXL had never been in contact with anyone from these websites.

    Shortly after, I was contacted by the owner of these sites who was quick with veiled legal threats and demanded that I "fulfill [my] legal obligation by removing any defamation posts that [I was] aware of." He declined my suggestion of posting his side of the story on the forum himself.

    One of the main sites in the ring is vaporizerforweed.net - best known for breaking Arizer's MAP pricing on the Solo immediately after its release. Searching the forum there are a few mentions of vaporizerforweed.net and surprise - plenty of negative experiences. vaporizerforweed.net also recently had their paypal (their only method of accepting payment. Red flag anyone?) account pulled due to having a domain name that clearly violates paypal's terms of service. Consumers who had recently made a purchase were left to deal with paypal to try and get their money back.

    To my knowledge, Vapexhale has since been in contact with the people behind these sites. Edit: VXL makes an announcement on the situation. I assume this didn't go well because now one of the Cloud themed websites, which was ripe with lifted adcopy is now calling the Cloud "Questionable at best".

    There will surely be more information to come, but for now here are the sites thought to be connected to this unscrupulous retailer.

    Here are some screenshots of "Clouds" in shopping carts. Taken 2011-10-07.

    Edit: More sites added.
  10. poonman

    poonman Well-Known Member

    Toronto , Canada
    I doubt we'll hear from VapeGirl again .
    1 post and gone .
    What I call a " Drive-by " Tooting !

    Modnote: The following 5 posts were moved from the Cloud thread.
  11. VapeGirl

    VapeGirl Active Member

    Really? You wonder about the deception?

    Just follow all the hype and make a decision for yourself.

    To say a product is launching soon in Feb 2010...and 18 months later (that is a year and a half) we are still hearing news of the so called launch.

    I call that deception. Maybe you don't.
  12. Stonebreaker6

    Stonebreaker6 Vulgar display of insouciance

    Hmm - "VapeGirl" registered today and has been "following this for a while"? Then jumps on the side of the aforementioned low life?

    Can anyone check "her" IP address and see if its the same as that cheesy guy?

    Me thinks I smell a rat...
  13. OC513

    OC513 joker, ex-smoker, midnight toker

    up here in my tree
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: a comedienne huh?
    Funny that you registered today and your first post was this drivel? Coincidence? I think not.
  14. poonman

    poonman Well-Known Member

    Toronto , Canada
    I stand Corrected .
    re : Launch Practices
    How come it's ok for the I-phone ?
  15. DrPiff

    DrPiff Born To Rage

    South FL.
    This shit is crazy.. :o
  16. jackmormon

    jackmormon Well-Known Member

    Big Love
    The VapeXhale team has been totally transparent. They have NOT taken any money for any of the pre-orders. The pre-order is just grabbing a ticket for your place in line.

    I WOULD say that your company engages in deception by offering a product for sale that you don't even have and have never even seen. I do believe advertising and selling something you don't don't have and will never have access to is pure deception. Please crawl back under your rock. (I still stand by my sleaziest and cheesiest vaporizer seller comment!)
  17. vtac

    vtac vapor junkie Staff Member

    FC R&D
    I can confirm with certainty that "VapeGirl" is someone working with the ring of sites in question.

    A search for "vaporizerforweed.net" reveals numerous spam/shill jobs. :rolleyes:
  18. JDSupreme

    JDSupreme Head of Pot

    High In The Clouds
  19. dorkus_molorkus

    dorkus_molorkus My member is well known

    Allens Snackbar
    I wonder if its the lovely jenny from vaporizerforweed.net?? red herring marketing is the company name
    attached to their paypal acct- that alone tells us a lot.
  20. IAmKrazy2

    IAmKrazy2 Darth Vapor

    @Scamgirl Sometimes perfection isn't instantaneous. Rome wasn't built in a day.

    Oh, and if anyone is a little slow, this poster works for the questionable sites. What a crook. Stop attempting to thrive off other peoples hard work. Have you ever heard of karma?
  21. Stonebreaker6

    Stonebreaker6 Vulgar display of insouciance

    vtac FTMFW!!!! I knew it. Skeezy ass scammers.

    OK, on a more positive note, back to Friday evening festivities!

  22. AGBeer

    AGBeer Lost in Thought

    Deep in my lungs
    LOL @ FakeXhale.

    Where can I get me one of these? :lol:
  23. momofthegoons

    momofthegoons vapor accessory addict Staff Member

    I love this forum. Thank you vtac and the members that reported this for having our back.
  24. Frederick McGuire

    Frederick McGuire Aggressively Loungey

    I'm not doubting that vaporizerforweed is associated with a whole lot of scam sites, but I just wanted to post my experience with them:

    I bought my arizer solo from them a while ago (when you could actually buy directly from them, not the dodgy links they have on the site now), because of how cheap they were selling them, and it came in perfect working order, in pretty good time (it was international postage - about 1.5weeks)

    So I can personally verify that they haven't always been exclusively scammers...
    Just my :2c:
  25. Hotboxvapebongin

    Hotboxvapebongin Well-Known Member

    WOW!!!!! This post saved my friend about 300 bucks. He was convinced that those websites were legit and he almost purchased it. Thankfully I showed him a link to this thread and he quickly changed his mind. Just wanted to say thanks for the heads up!!

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