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Homemade Vaporizers

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Revolution9, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. max

    max Out to lunch

    I have a Vaporlight. Really nice box vape. Horizontal heater angle and heavy as an SSV. You just need sunglasses to go with it. :cool:
  2. skippymcware

    skippymcware Well-Known Member

    One caution about heat guns. After all the looking into heating elements I have done as of late, I can say with certainty that many of the cheaper heat guns use open element heaters. That is, the nichrome or kanthal wire heating element is in the air stream. This is fine at first, but, over time, tiny pieces of the wire break off. Given that the heating element is made up of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, you don't want that crap in your lungs. In short, make sure you get a heatgun with a ceramic heating element and you are all set. Vriptech's site has a lot of info on the whole thing.
  3. jeffp

    jeffp psychonaut

    He's selling his vapes on craigslist for $50 - I didn't pick his brain about the vape but he says it's convection.
    Don't need another vape and this certainly doesn't look high end but it does look sort of cool in a shabby way.
    What do you garner from looking at the pic?

  4. Pseudonymous

    Pseudonymous Nameless

    Looks ghetto.
  5. Qbit

    Qbit cannabanana

    Well, it beats a bong ...
  6. Orange Hairy Mist

    Orange Hairy Mist AGA

    Tha Hairy Bush, Alaska
    That looks like a Bush Alaska Vaporizer ;). You see, in the Western Interior, it's all pipes, except for those that are creative enough to build their own vaporizer, or vape on hot knives, but that's a different story.
    I've built quite a few of the ghetto type of vape. This one looks like it uses a soldering iron as a heating element - but that is just a guess. My first vaporizer that I built that didn't have any serious flaws used a soldering iron as the heating element. Sometimes I wish that puppy didn't chew up the cord for that vape.

    Well, at least it wasn't plugged in. Otherwise, I'd be mourning the death of that puppy. :/

    As for buying it: no, but it does look like it would be a cool party vape for the village, because of the multiple hoses sticking in. However, if u can get him to tell all his design secrets into making a homemade convection vaporizer, then that would be awesome :brow:. Might not be able to sell any afterwards, though, due to me replicating the design and making them en masse in China for $30. :p
  7. aero18

    aero18 vaporist

    Seattle WA
    There are tutorials around the interwebs on how to construct a device like this. Because of that, and the fact that a VaporStar or VaporGenie cost about the same, I would not buy it.
  8. jeffp

    jeffp psychonaut

    yeah my first thought was soldering iron as well.
    i'll pass on it as a "cool party vape" - better to have a few good ones spread out along the coffee table....
    not addressing any possible safety concerns, i would say if someone has only $37 to spend on a vape I would go this route:
    a friend ordered it; i tried it out. the hose is awful but that's easily replaceable.
    it's the "vapor prince."
    it's a Chinese box vape - it works, it delivers vapor. Not bad in the low end echelon.
  9. jeffp

    jeffp psychonaut

    actually i take that back - the $37 with shipping "vapor prince" is a total piece of regal shit....
    lesson learned is that box vapes may LOOK alike but there's a huge difference between the known and respected name brands and the cheap
    Chinese crap.
  10. conepuncher

    conepuncher Well-Known Member

    Hey every one!

    This is my homemade vaporizer, this is the 2nd one I have made. I have never seen a design like it or method of how it works so i like some peoples input. This is made from plywood, a Brass fitting, plastic tubbing, stainless steel and last but not least a margarita glass! Check it out!

    I made a short youtube video showing it working with pipe tobacco


    Please Tell me what you think, i want to know if you how this compares to other vapes people used or seen
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  11. jeffp

    jeffp psychonaut

    Cool video - thanks for sharing it.
  12. Stu

    Stu Maconheiro Staff Member

    some shithole country
    Very nice! What did you use to create a seal under the margarita glass? I can't tell what that is.
  13. vapordude

    vapordude Well-Known Member

    hi guys. just wanted to show my "pipe style" vape. its so easy to make and the results are insane. feed back is welcome. i have since changed the design by removing the top bowl and the cylinder piece that holds the herb. also i no longer sit the herbs on that screen in the center piece. instead i fill the bowl connected to the stem only and that gives it enough distance from the flame that only hot air hits it. also i put a hose on it and covered the stem with electrical tape.its the coolest homemade piece ive seen for vaping. hope this helps.

    VAPORDUDE :peace:

    edit: i should note that i configured my vape to hit fast within 5 seconds. i get a big lungful with no combustion. its all about screens and spacing the bud from the heat. the video is not how the finished pipe looks. ill post a new video tommorow.



  14. Qbit

    Qbit cannabanana

    Yeah nice effort for a DIY Vaporgenie-style pipe, but I believe you should be using a blue-flame jet lighter - because that one you're using will be producing soot (hold it under a ceramic plate for a few seconds to see), so you won't be getting pure vapour.
  15. StickyShisha

    StickyShisha Well-Known Member

    i can't view the youtube from work, but you may want to experiment with some activated carbon from a fish tank store. I've used some pellets between the screen in the heat defuser of my DIY lighter vape. It is supposed to remove most of the hydrocarbons and combustion gasses of the butane before it reaches the herb.
  16. vapordude

    vapordude Well-Known Member

    thank you. thats exactly the kind of feedback i was looking for. the cool thing about this vape is that i can use it in my bong since it has a bong stem attached. this thing hits hard. im very proud of it.
  17. TheVaporDaddy

    TheVaporDaddy Well-Known Member

    how to make a homemade vaporizer for cheap ( the non crackhead way )

    well first your going to need a one piece bowl ( stem and bowl attached ) and a hose , put the hose on the bottom of the stem put a screen in there pack a bowl and put another screen on top , turn your stove on till its red hot ( electric stove needed ) hold the bowl up side down just above the element and puff away
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  18. vapordude

    vapordude Well-Known Member

    just wanted to show you guys how i now use this homemade piece. i added two new videos. enjoy.
  19. combusche

    combusche Well-Known Member

    so you're gonna be vaping with an electric stove?
  20. Raf007

    Raf007 Jed so f... High

    Paris, France
  21. steven22

    steven22 Well-Known Member

    and you think smoking over a hot stove with glass doesnt look crackheadish to you?...


    kinda like this

    and this

    jk... bustin ya chops.
  22. VWFringe

    VWFringe Naruto Fan

    South Orange County, CA
    curling irons look interesting to me for a homemade vaporizer. cheap, almost vaping temps, heat control.

    i took a couple apart and it seems like a large test tube could be fit into them, just like a giant Vapolution copy cat (that won't stand up). and talk about stealth...hehe...for half of the population anyway

    And, while they're made to direct heat outwards, the tube is made of metal, so i bet they also act like little ovens inside.


    I think I made the first curling iron vaporizer today. convection, glass on glass, smaller longer glasss tube as mouth piece and bowl, SS pot scrubbers as screens. Pyrex test tube sticks into the curling iron 4", extends out 2"

    1" curling iron
    1/2" pyrex test tube, 6 inches long
    3/8" glass tube, 10 inches long
    stainless steel pot scrubber

    Notes from my brief exp...
    keep the herb in the lower 3" of the long tube, using small but sort of dense balls of pre-burned stainless steel pot scrubber (not fake plated ones), don't let it cook unless you want it all in one puff. Experiment with drawing the tube in and out if you sense it getting too hot.

    burn the SS pot scrubber before use, just to red hot
    (don't use imitation stainless scrubs like the plated brass ones as Wall-e)
    Leave some scrub sticking out the bottom to make a handle and cushion the tip
    Check clearance in the tube for the test tube. One ceramic model i took apart had a clip holding the ceramic element against the tube, one end of the clip would need to be bent down. Trickier is whether ytou can open a hole just large enough for the test tube, because it would be nice to have a snug fit for teh flour paste to work well.

    seal around the test tube at the end of the curling iron with a thick paste of kitchen flour and few drops of water, this is commonly used in home distillation of alcohol, it's just temporary, and as it cooks down and cracks you should dig it out and replace it, or fit with an allumina washer to seal and insullate, but flour's cheap and food grade.

    slide the slender tube in and out as you sense it getting too hot, keep the temp set low at first especially if you're gonna let it cook in there. Letting it cook make the vapor go in one or two puffs, while drawing slow to medium as soon as you put it in stretches it out. I'm still playing with temp because its over-toasting.

    this was inspired by trying to think of products that are already mass produced that have some sort of heat control, curling irons seemed like the nine buck chuck

    Modify Curling iron
    remove tube
    Three screws around the base, which also double as the spring clip mounts, remove the "cool tip" plastic tip, then gently pull the tube off of the base, there should be just enough slack in the wires to do this).

    drill and/or grind or file out a hole in the end, try to keep it only big enough for the test tube (for better support if you decide not to stick it all the way in (look at where the heating is happening as a starting point)

    i could be wrong, perhaps the herb should be higher up so it's not directly next to the heating element...? I'll play with it, but it's damn easy to pull out the bottom scrubber to change out the spent herb)

    my test tube sticks out a couple inches, which may be better just in that it gets your face those couple of inches farther away from the nasty wires cooking inside these things (definitely not food grade, so make that seal good!) but, i could see cutting it off to allow re-adapting the "cool tip" to make it look more stock when not in use, pretty stealth if you don't scar up the finish on the curling iron when you're drilling the hole - if there's a female type person around)

    Note: I've seen a new curling iron that purports to have better temperature control, and a ceramic element, for $32 on sale at Sally Beauty, reg $39.
  23. GreenLeaf

    GreenLeaf Well-Known Member

    I have heard about people making a vaporizer tweaker style out of a lightbulb to vape herb with but there are chemicals in lightbulbs that you really do not want to be heating up, vaporizing, and inhaling.

    I've also heard that some people make a ghetto vaporizer using an electric stove coil, a frying pan, and a glass jar placed over the pan.

    I have never tried either of these or the heatgun and bong.
  24. VWFringe

    VWFringe Naruto Fan

    South Orange County, CA
    re-boot for the next gen

    gimme a beat

    mass produced miniature ovens
    designed operating temperatures 375-450 F
    available from any Walmart starting at $10


    pyrex test tube installed into curling iron, "flour paste" to seal around hole
    another thin glass tube acts as the pipe, ss pot scrubber to keep the herb in 3" at one end that gets inserted in the test tube after it's hot

    i'm still learning the right way of using this (never vaped), so feel free to correct me about anything really, but specifically about where the herb should be placed in this configuration

    if you make this yourself:
    toxic chemicals are being outgassed by the heating element and electronics of any curling iron, instant-on ceramic heating elements probably outgas really bad stuff, but none of it's in the vapor path here. Still, mitigate your exposure by maintaining a good flour paste seal around the end. Do not expect the seal to last more than five or six sessions, but it should take no more than a couple of minutes to whip up and apply a new one.

    newbie note: pre-burn the Stainless Steel pot scrubber, just to red hot, and don't use fake plated brass scrubbers from wallyworld

    Sally Beauty has an intelligent max heat ceramic curling iron for $35, it says it has better temperature holding

    i'll add pictures later, and a video of how to seal the end
  25. aero18

    aero18 vaporist

    Seattle WA
    I don't understand how you can make this curling iron into a vaporizer. Pictures/videos will definitely be helpful.

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