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DMT Vaporization

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by Costanza, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. tepictoton

    tepictoton Well-Known Member

    a funny place called earth
    I wonder if using a convection vaporizer might make a difference, and or do the trick?
  2. Dr200

    Dr200 Well-Known Member

    I used an enail, quartz banger, carb cap and a small rig. Worked great. I forget but I think the temp was set at 500 or 600'f This was all set up for me for my trip. We both did several trips thought the evening. He said the enail was the best method he has found so far. Just make sure keep that glass and nail for DMT only.
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  3. Krazy

    Krazy Well-Known Member

    up on a mountain
  4. Jambi619

    Jambi619 Cannabis Crusader

    So, two years later I finally put this to the test, fuck the Ascent. Going to get a Eagle Bill-type "rose" from my LHS
  5. Buildozer

    Buildozer Baked & Fried

    Once I stuck a VG concentrate pad into a 14mm J-hook joint and used it like a health stone w/ a small single flame torch lighter, worked pretty damn good :whoa:
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  6. Jambi619

    Jambi619 Cannabis Crusader

    My LHS actually had some healthstone type dealies. I'm gonna grab one and see if I can rig up a cheap VG cause this "rose" thing is thin AF and will probably break sometime in the near future.

    So I'm ordering a 14mm J-hook, thinking I can throw a 7th floor vapor disc in there to hold the spice, then add a 14 to 18 expander on top to put the healthstone in and be ready for lift off. My one concern is that the flavor disc will impede the expander from setting all the way in the J-hook, but j-hook comes with a clip so it might be alright....time will tell.
  7. Lackasham

    Lackasham Member

    Hello all, I have recently come across some DMT and I am considering vaporizing it using my Airizer Air. I don't really use the plastic tip stem for cannabis so I was going to use that. I can't seem to find a ton of information on this subject and what I do find seems somewhat conflicting. Does anyone have experience vaporizing dmt in the Air or even the Solo? Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated
  8. Drexciya

    Drexciya Homage to the Deepsea Dwellers

    I never used it but from what I've heard is that once you've taken a hit of it another hit won't get you much higher. The reason of this is that you receptors shut themselves down after the first contact. So, and mind you this is just my theory, you should het as much in as you can that first hit.

    Now if you can find the vaporization point of dmt and your arizer air is able to reach those Temps I think it should be perfectly capable of getting you there.
  9. Vaporbabe

    Vaporbabe Member

    This is interesting... I have only ever hit DMT out a water pipe, however, a friend of my gave it a try and send that only the 1st 2 or 3 pulls gave her a light buzz thereafter all she got was the flavor, so I haven't ever tried it as I prefer to go places when I hit my DMT.

    Please keep us updated as I have been hoping there would be away - perhaps a one hit wonder through a lotus vaporizer or a vapeman?

    Good Luck :) :D:tup:
  10. ichibaneye

    ichibaneye Vapriot, Traveler & Vaporizer/ing lover!

    The Honeycomb Hideout
    DMT is not a man made chemical. It's naturally occurring in nature in many plants and even our bodies. Just like cannabinoids and the like. :tup:
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  11. muunch

    muunch hotboxing the cockpit

    Has anyone tried a log vape? I'm thinking maybe with hemp fiber and a clean glass DD stem this may be feasible. I think I'm getting some changa and will try this for sure as I'm not much one for the crack pipe method.

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