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Advanced THC e-Juice / mods / tanks / coils / builds / recipes

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by randomtoker, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. CrushnDevour

    CrushnDevour Member

    So I had some success with my attempt at ejuice. The wax liquidiser mixed well with the shatter I had, 3:1 ratio, and it is lovely. Just what I was looking for, start feeling it after a few good hits, but around 8 hits at 20w is spot on

    I'm using a Tobecco Super Mini Tank, a trusted favourite of mine when I used it for regular ejuice. I bought some vaporesso ccell coils that fit it, ss316 version, and it has worked well, although not quite as long as I was hoping. 2ml and the first coil went black, vape was really tickly on the chest, swapped coil and it's lovely again. I should note I had used the coil for a day previously, so this likely affected it. I tried temp control but wasn't giving that satisfying hit, so switched to wattage and 20w is working lovely, decent clouds, but more importantly the flavour and the high is beautiful. Am hardly tasting the strawberry cough, but don't care because I can taste the concentrate just fine.

    The tank is bottom airflow, but I've had zero leak issues. It's a simple but quality tank, I knew this from using it before, but it just works. I just make sure to close off airflow before opening top cap for filling, due to pressure etc, helps to not force liquid through the coil. Thought I'd mention this as it may be a simple oversight many make with bottomed airflow tanks.

    Anyway, still some playing around to do but on the whole I'm very happy
  2. LayKool

    LayKool Member

    CCell is a registered trademark of Smoore, not a generic phrase. Vaporesso is also a trademark of Smoore which is why you see CCell coils in Vaporesso products.
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  3. Lozo

    Lozo Active Member

    Never really had much involvement with concentrates but I'm heading down that path, simply because I'd like to create a E-Liquid that I can use occasional while on the road with an E-Liquid vape of some sort.

    Concentrate: Bought a Dabpress so rosin will be hopefully made soon. Was thinking about a fine bag to press with 40 microns to keep as much plant material out of the rosin.

    E-Liquid Vape: After reading several threads seems like a Vaporesso Drizzle with the ceramic coils is a good place to star.

    Medium: I'd like to keep things simple and just be able to mix my rosin with a medium that then can be used in the Drizzle. Read lots of posts about PG/VG, MCT Oil / Wax liquidizer / PEG400 and about the release of acetaldehyde and formaldehyde when above a certain temp of 230 C. Read that separation with VG and rosin is a distinct possibility. Would the Drizzle keep the temp under 230 C? or would the coils get close to this temp?

    Anyway....going round and round and getting more confused in terms of what to use as a medium for the concentrate.

    Came across VISCOSITY Extract Liquifier. Can I mix my rosin into this and be done?

    Appreciate any help or advice, just seems like a minefield of pros and cons to this.

    Thank you all.
  4. CrushnDevour

    CrushnDevour Member

    Wax liquidiser claims on its website that it is 100% diacetyl free, of that helps. I don't think you can use temp control on the drizzle, but the veco you can, which is why I'm getting the veco, to give me more control.

    It has been a whirlwind for me also, and so much research done. While the drizzle and veco will work, they aren't perfect from what I gather, and coils can burn out and leak black gunk into the tank. I aim to get round this my swapping coils out on a regular basis, maybe every 2ml or so, to keep flavour and less chance of tank contamination, or ruining my expensive mix.

    I've tried wax liquidiser once for a test, and it certainly worked and was nice and easy.

    Alot of it will be trial and error, but like me, it sounds like you are trying to eliminate this as much as possible to get good results from the off.

    I've changed my mind on which tank I will get numerous times, but I'm just going to stick with the veco and see how that goes.

    The only tank I've seen talked about that will run it fine, is the uwell fancier, but it involves building your own coils and wicking it yourself, too much faff for me, plus Im looking for something not so powerful or juice hungry, to save on costs.
  5. Lozo

    Lozo Active Member

    That's very interesting @CrushnDevour I may look at the Veco especially with the temp control. I'd do the same with the regular coil change over as you suggest too, for the amount of time I'd be using this system I think the extra hassle and cost won't be too bad.

    I may start with the Wax Liquidiser then and see how I go, sounds like we're on the same path with all this. I'm certainly not into building my own coils and yes it does sound like a lot of extra flaff.

    Thanks pal
  6. CrushnDevour

    CrushnDevour Member

    It certainly does sound like we're on the same path, I'm intending on using mine quite regularly though. I actually stopped smoking on 1st August, few weeks off and then onto vaping (I've also been limited by when pay day is ha) but it's all a race against time for me to fine a set up to get me going as of next week. I kind of gave up after reading the same articles or forum posts about the same things, which is why I'm just settling on the veco for now.

    At £8 for a pack of 5 coils, the cost to swap out a coil every 2ml or so isn't bad at all. It's cheaper than ruining a mix!

    For the test I did I took my Tobecco Super Tank Mini and put a ceramic coil in, it worked but coil went black pretty quick. They aren't the best ceramic coils though, and with this tank you can't change coil without emptying the tank, big down side for me, the veco can keep the liquid in the tank while you change coil, so no loss, fuss or mess.

    I have some other tanks I wouldn't mind trying, but time is of the essence, as is money, and I know from my research the veco will work, but just requires some thought to the use, as opposed to a regular ecig tank with regular juice.

    My plan is to swap coils regularly, as mentioned, use temp control on as low as I can go, while still getting a decent vape, leave plenty of time between draws to minimize the coil getting too hot while surrounded by my precious mix.

    I also plan to not be stingy with my dilutant (wax liquidiser) the test batch I made was 3:1 ratio, and it was lovely. I may even go higher than this, especially as I've had a few weeks off the bud and so it should hit me a bit harder, but not only will it stretch my concentrate out, but should be easier on my coils.

    I've been vaping nicotine juice for over 2 years, when I first moved to subohm tanks, I had 6mg nicotine, which was fine in a MTL tank, but with the DTL in a subohm, it destroyed my throat! This was because I was getting much more nicotine from the bigger improved hit. I figure it's the same with the THC juice IL be making. There's also several people on here who have said not to be afraid of using more dilutant.

    Anyway, next Wednesday is pay day and I'm planning on getting it all sorted. I really need it! I will keep you updated on my experience, from one noob to another
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  7. Lozo

    Lozo Active Member

    @CrushnDevour appreciate the post an sounds like a good plan.

    Has anyone used the Vapour Slide V2 ?

    Also as a matter of interest if using a concentrate with a wax liquidiser in a tank / mod system is this still detectable to dogs ?

    Thanks All
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  8. fernand

    fernand Well-Known Member

    FWIW, I come from a long line of tank trials in the nicotine vape world, where it's much easier, but also further along. And a shorter, but no less passionate, line of cart and mini-tank trials. E-Jmix works OK, you only use a drop or two. "Terpene" is a broad family of chemicals, some present in hemp, spices, fruit. And all of that stuff is, by definition, used as an additive. The word terpene doesn't guarantee safety, and "natural" is even more meaningless. Of course liquidizers contain no diacetyl, that's a buttery flavoring, so touting "diacetyl-free" would be a lot like saying "no high fructose corn syrup". True, but a BS flag for sure.

    So FWIW allow me to share my impression to date on tanks, I stand to be corrected. It's all a waste. I ended up going back to dripping RDAs with temp control for nicotine. Simple, you can see what you're doing, no internal mysteries or internal combustion. No dark goopy abomination lurking and polluting a (leaking) tankful of fine liquid. For concentrates, same thing. Muzzle loaders, single shot drips and dabs, have a lot of advantages. For one thing, if that last one tasted bleh, the next one can be completely different. So what am I missing?

    The commercial pre-filled carts keep getting much better and in a pinch they seem to deliver something resembling a terpene flavored THC vapor if you run them at reduced wattage and don't overheat them (see dark goopy abomination). The high resistance prevents use of TC.

    @Lozo the dogs are allegedly trained not on THC but on another cannabinoid, or was it a terpene? The purest THC carts should escape notice. I dunno if I'd risk my life on any of it though.
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  9. florduh

    florduh Well-Known Member

    As a nic vaporist as well, I largely agree. But there are circumstances where using a drip RDA, or a load as you go Wax atomizer just isn't convenient. I use the LAYG devices as much as possible. But if I'm out and about without a bag of some type, it's much easier for me to carry a nicotine tank, and a THC cart.
  10. Pixelfaust

    Pixelfaust New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I have read this whole thread and a few others. I found all of your posts very helpful, but still I am left with questions.

    I am relatively new to vaping in general, but have smoked weed for a long time. I have the Wismec RX Gen 3 mod and the Uwell Crown 3 aswell as the TFV12 Prince.

    So far the basic information.

    I want to stop blowing, since combustion is unhealthy. I figured that this was the best place to start. I want to make the Uwell Crown 3 my "blowing" tank, as to not mix the normal liquid from the potent one.

    The tank should be fine, the only thing I am now questioning is how to make the juice itself. I want to be able to take a few puffs before getting high, so I thought of mixing. The problem is that I don't know how to get a good mix. I know it is a lot of trial and error, but I wanted to have a baseline.

    The oil that I have is around 20-50% THC and I have 1l of 50/50 base. What would be an approximate to start with?
  11. fernand

    fernand Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcopme @Pixelfaust ! Listen you gonna have to do a lot of reading and hopefully that will save you some trial and error that gets costly. The nicotine world is water soluble. The oil world is oil based. Not miscible. Like oil and water. AND the whole vaporization behavior of oils is different enough that old nicotine e-liquid tanks is not the level you want to approach that at, again in the name of not wasting product. Not so simple. But it's a great world of ingenuity and discovery in these forums, we get to follow in the steps and misadventures of the guys who came before us, and finally have it working, well, pretty damned good anyway.

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