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Advanced THC e-Juice / mods / tanks / coils / builds / recipes

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by randomtoker, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. randomtoker

    randomtoker Well-Known Member

    Use this thread to talk about, share pics, and tutorials on:
    • making THC e-Juice with peg/pg/vg and concentrates (thin mixing 2:1 and higher, juice:concentrate)
    • vaping THC e-Juice in large wick, large coil, large tank, large battery setups
    • reviewing this class of mods, tanks, coils for THC e-Juice
    • sharing coil builds, wattage, voltage, resistance specs for THC e-juice
    Not your topic? Look here:

    If you're new to THC e-juice, or want to use stealth pen devices, or want to dilute your concentrate in as little as possible, or looking for alternatives to peg/pg/vg, or concerned about dangers of peg/pg/vg, look in this thread:
    If you want to use e-cig gear to make portable e-nail one hitters for dabs (not juicing and tank vaping), look in this thread:
    Glossary of Common Terms:
    • Glassomizer, Tankomizer, Clearomizer
      • glass tanks, larger than the disposable pen cartridges
      • features: replaceable or rebuildable coils, removable drip tip, adjustable air holes
      • most people just talk about tanks and coils and don't use these terms much anymore?
    • RBA
      • Rebuildable Atomizer, an atomizer that allows the user to rebuild the coil and wick
      • This is the style for this application (RDA is for dripping, this thread is for tanks)
    • Mod
      • The battery unit, mostly electronic mods for this application
      • features: adjustable wattage, high capacity batteries, display screen
    • Sub Ohm
      • refers to the resistance of the coil, lower resistance means more power/heat hitting the coil
      • care must be taken to use appropriate batteries with sub ohm coils
    • Mixer
      • pre-mixed peg/pg/vg liquid for dissolving concentrates
      • brands:
    • Bulk liquid
      • common e-juice substrates in bulk for diy, not premade, mixing
      • PEG (PEG 400)
        • Polyethylene Glycol, dissolves concentrate best, tastes worst, need 400
      • PG
        • Propylene Glycol, dissolves concentrate well, tastes better than PEG, harsh throat hit
      • VG
        • Vegetable Glycerin, dissolves concentrate worst, tastes best, smooth and thick
    • Additives
      • terpenes (for flavor, aroma, and secondary effects)
      • flavors (flavor manufacturers trusted in DIY vape community)
        • DIY flavor info:
        • FA - FlavourArt
        • LA - LorAnn
        • Cap - Capella
        • FLV - Flavorah
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  2. randomtoker

    randomtoker Well-Known Member

    Here, I'll kick things off with some show and tell, and some questions. (apologies to mods for posting twice in a row)

    Here's my current gear, mixers, flavors (I hope to look back at this and giggle in the future):

    I started with a dispensary bought pre-filled cart that I re-filled (not pictured). Then moved to Kanger Mini Protank 3 (not pictured), then the Kanger T3D, then the SUBVOD (simple sub ohm kit, comes with toptank nano). I fell in love with the big sub ohm top tank (big compared to what I'd used before, it's only 3.2ml). I used it with 0.5 ohm coils and 1.5 ohm coils to compare. Sub ohm is wild. I learned to open up the air holes and moderate the strength of my inhaling to cool down the coils (stronger pull, cooler vapor). I find mixing 3:1 (mix:concentrate) makes a good ratio that gives me strong hits, but I don't go through it too quick. I mix with shatter or wax, just the cheapest I find at dispensaries (usually $20/g). I like the HT line of mixers so far, I've only tried Philosopher and Couch Lock. I'd really like to try mixing my own from scratch with bulk liquid and terpene concentrates. I've just started experimenting with flavors, I got a bunch of FA flavors. I've mixed a coule and I'm learning how much (how little) to use, and I've learned steeping a little before vaping (min couple days) helps with flavor retention.

    That's all I know so far. Here's what I want to learn:

    I am done with buying disposable, pre-made coils. I'd like to get a beginner tank that supports RBA so I can start learning. I've been eyeing up the Kanger SubTank Mini. It's just a little bigger than the nano I have, and it has an optional RBA deck that you can put in it to build and wick your own coils. I think it might be a good starting place for me (cheap, beginner). Looking for advice. I've watched some SubTank Mini RBA builds on YouTube and I think I've got a grasp for it. It also turns out I have a friend that works at a vape shop, i might drop by one evening and get a full tutorial (but please share whatever you know here regardless).

    I think many people are right where I am now: somewhat experienced with thc e-juice, newish to advanced vape gear, wanting bigger vapor, already got the feet wet with sub ohm, now want to start building my own. I know there's people out there with lots of knowledge in these areas, so feel free to drop some science on us! :)
  3. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    Great thread topic @randomtoker

    A quick question for those more familiar with DIY e-juice than me:
    How would you describe the perfect consistency for most sub ohm tanks?

    The stuff I'm steeping ATM is a similar thickness to maple syrup (medium thickness maple syrup)

    Should it be thinner than that for best performance?
  4. Grim Chiclets

    Grim Chiclets Well-Known Member

    Detroit Metro, Michigan
    Think of 100% VG being a baby step too far towards viscous for tanks- but for RDAs, you can get away with JUST a hair more thick than that IME

    Last night I actually got to scoop some goop out of my friends little 'jetty pen' i posted in the other thread and onto my RDA coils- it was actually a bit more fluid than I had anticipated- and whoooo it was smooth as butter!

    As for familiarizing yourselves with vape gear, I can help with that; and/or anyone interested can check out rip trippers, grimmgreen, and vapingwithtwisted420 on the youtubes for some great information on lots of advanced devices such as VV/VW mods, temp control, and especially tanks and RDAs.

    They even review mech mods sometimes (I seriously adore my Fuhattan clone, it's awesome) for anyone interested in controlling their temps via calculation of ohms and heat flux (how I quit smoking stinkers)

    Let me know, and I can post up what I've got and how I use it, for anyone who wants to know! :tup:
    (mainly nic/no-nic juice, yes both lol)
  5. E0x

    E0x Well-Known Member

    is the started kit of Holy Terp enough ( Beside the concentrate/oil/wax ) for make the eliquid/ejuice ?

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  6. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    That's what we're here for! :popcorn:
  7. getsoutalive

    getsoutalive Active Member

    Been lurking on the board for a long time now, but this thread got me to register.

    First off, thanks to all here. The knowledge sharing is awesome.

    I have been toying with e-cigs for some time now as I have been trying to convince my wife to kick her tobacco habit. To no avail unfortunately. But I have learned much in the process and thought its time I share.

    I think the days of the mech mod are gone. Temp control devices are where its at. Plus you simply cannot beat the cost now.

    Right now, and things are changing so quickly, all bets are off tomorrow, I think the Joyetech devices with upgradable firmware are the best bang for the buck. The VTC mini, Cuboid or Reuleaux with replaceable batteries just got an update that allows for TCR or Temperature Coefficient of Resistance control. This allows for very precise heating control, previously only available in more expensive and complex DNA 200 devices.

    I have been playing with Kanger subtanks more recently, Aspire Nautilus before that. Both nice tanks, but the Kanger was leaky. Shame because sub ohm seems the way to go. But I just got my hands on an Aspire Clieto tank and this thing rocks. Top fill design, huge air flow and you want that big draw to keep the coil cool. A bit scary the first few times you hit it, just waiting for the coughing fit that must be coming but just does not. Very nice flavor also, better than the Kanger.

    When it comes to viscosity, the sub ohm tanks like it thinner. You will be getting bigger hits and going through juice faster, so more dilution is a good thing with these.

    As for making juice, still a lot of experimenting to happen. I have had a one liter bottle of peg400 for some time now, but have never been happy with the results. Now I am coming to realize that the gear was just not really up to the task before. But we are there now, just a matter of tweaking.

    To get started again, I ordered the HT sample pack. 8ml of each flavor. They worked very well, mixed easily and stayed mixed. Flavors were subtle but pleasant. Not terribly different from each other to the point of oh wow that one is the stand out. Very solid product and not terribly expensive.

    That said, a DIY mix cannot be that tough to work out and should cost a fraction of retail. To that end I now have one liter of PG, one Liter of VG, 30 ml each of Myrcene, beta Pinene and Linalool plus 120 ml of D-Limonene. Let the games begin.

    My first experiment was to simply add two drops of D-Limonene to an existing half tank of juice. Added a very nice citrus note, not overpowering, but certainly not subtle.

    Will be mixing up another batch this weekend and have made a mix of 1:1:1:2 as a starter terp base to work from when making juice instead of trying to add each individually.

    More to come.
  8. randomtoker

    randomtoker Well-Known Member

    Nice! I've been wondering what the draw of drippers are over tanks. Is it a taste and freshness thing? It's not something I've considered for thc e-juice because a major factor of what I like about tanks is that they're like a bowl I only have to fill once a week (lazy, guilty). But I'm curious what the advantage is.

    Looks like it has everything you need. Follow their instructions. Good luck!

    Killer post, welcome!

    I've had some leaking with the kanger toptank (once using a coil past its prime, and twice changing elevation ~1/2 mile). If I just use it at home and change the coil often it's great, but I want something more foolproof so I've been searching. I have seen rave reviews for the Aspire Cleito and wondered how it'd perform for thc juice! Very cool to hear! How exactly is that constructed?

    Interesting info on temp control as well. Someone here had experimented a little but wasn't happy with the results (he suggested perhaps higher end models would perform better). Sounds like some of the higher tech is coming into the lower models?

    And very cool that you're doing diy with bulk liquid and terpenes. Definitely my next step as well. Look forward to hearing your results!

    Something else that has come up in conversation is finding ways to force concentrate to mix in higher ratio VG. I suggested maybe rigging a little diy mixing bit on a Dremel tool. Try to force an emulsion at least. VG feels smoother and tastier on its own, though I've read VG doesn't capture and retain added flavors as well as PG.
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  9. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    Welcome @getsoutalive, great first post indeed!
    I look forward to reading your further thoughts/results.

    @randomtoker , I am using an RDA, and in the process of 'upgrading' to an atlantis tank with a ceramic cCell atomiser.

    The draw of the dripper for me was that I can experiment with different mixes easily, and taste them without having to mix up (and potentially waste, if I don't like a mix) a lot of juice.
    Drippers are also insanely cheap, and very flexible when it comes to trying different coil materials and configurations such as clapton coils etc.

    The reasons that I am now moving to a tank setup are:
    1. Ceramic.
    I wanted to try ceramic wicks in my RDA, but they aren't easily available where I am, and the metal coils are still exposed.
    In the cCell atomisers the metal wires are embedded in the ceramic and (may) come into less contact with the juice.
    I don't know how much difference this makes, but it appeals to me from flavor and safety angles.

    2. Convenience.
    Tanks may be less messy, and there's no need to carry a separate bottle and drip on the go.

    3. Stealth.
    Dripping might attract more attention out and about?

    The potential downsides that I can see are:

    Bust a tank and you lose a whole lot of expensive juice

    Same with major leaks

    Clogging? (yet to see)

    Burning a coil might ruin an entire tank of juice? (not enough experience here yet to know if there's any real risk of this)

    I have a mix steeping now with:

    Concentrate- roughly .6 - .7 of a gram

    Vapeur Extract flavourless 1.5 ml

    .25ml each of:
    Aqueous glycerine.

    3 drops Flavor Arts bergamot, 2 drops FA mandarin

    So roughly 4 or 5 parts juice to 1 concentrate
    Consistency is thicker than all the ingredients except the raw glycerine (actually it might even be slightly thicker than that)

    Since I am sub-ohming and have a very low tolerance I will probably thin this out with more VE once I've tried it for strength in my RDA (I'm also trying for a juice which I can puff away at for 5-10 good direct lung pulls before I am where I want to end up. definitely not looking for a 'one-hitter')

    I've tried the tank with the juice mix minus concentrate, and it hits great, very smooth, no spitting, good (if very slight) flavor without too much of the 'artifical' taste that e-cig juices all seem to exhibit.
    No really objectionable flavor such as plastic or burning as yet.
    Definitely a step up from my RDA performance
    (both set-ups are kanthal)

    I imagine I'll have to thin out a little more and reduce strength.
    I might want to increase flavor too, and am considering a little D-Limonene.

    Steeping for a week, will report back after that.

    Sorry about the wall of text! :lol:
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  10. Budwiser

    Budwiser Member

    Nice Thread you got here! What is the best vegetable glycerin you know? I'm thinking of mixing that with my Holy Terp to make it taste better. Holy Terp I feel put too much PEG 400 and PG I get that harsh irritation and was hoping I can fix that by adding more Vegetable Glycerin to it.
  11. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    Don't know, I just got a bottle from an online e-cig juice vendor.
    It was so long ago I can't even remember which one!
  12. randomtoker

    randomtoker Well-Known Member

    Ahh, very cool. This makes sense. I could see that being a great test platform to try out different mini mixes. Very cool.

    I'm also curious about some of the ceramic designs that are appearing. I've been watching them. Someone had posted those ceramic heads that work with the atlantis tanks, thought it was @florduh but I forget, maybe it was you. Got me thinking in that direction. I also tend to dilute my mix down. I start at 3:1, but after a day or so I end up adding more mixer to dilute it. What happens is it tastes so damn good and the vapor is so smooth and enjoyable that I just want to puff like 10-15 puffs, not 2-3. Haha.

    So, both @j-bug and @joeblowssmoke mentioned the eVic-VTC Mini and Cuboid as potential good starter batteries for larger setups. I'm just starting to look at battery features. I started with pen setups on purpose to keep things cheap while I figure it all out. The little battery that came with my Subvod kit handles sub ohm heads and stays charged for a couple days depending on use (big difference in battery life if I use 0.5 ohm heads vs 1.5 ohm heads). When I start learning RBA, I suspect the electric mod like that will be helpful to see what the resistance is and tweak wattage etc.

    Speaking of RBA builds, what tools would be recommended for a beginner. Is an ohm meter a must? The YouTube videos I've watched all detail the exact type of wire, diameter/gauge, diameter of loops, and number of loops, then they usually meter it and show the result as well. I assume that if you follow the instructions exactly, you should end up with a very similar resistance coil build? Seems one could get by without a meter if you just followed instructions and didn't stray much? Is an electrical mod like the VTC essentially a meter? Like can you screw on your tank after your build and see the coil resistance on the readout before actually using it?
  13. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    Sorry for the post butchery :D

    You're right, it was florduh who first posted the cCells.

    I'm no expert, but I just use the resistance reading on my CoolFire IV to determine coil resistances.
    I use it exactly as you describe.
    I don't know enough to say that this is definitely adequate.
    Maybe other more savvy FCers can advise?

    An ohm meter can't hurt though.

    My next RBA build will be some pre-wrapped kanthal clapton wire, with a stainless steel mesh wick (kept VERY short for juice tasting/testing purposes) all from DHgate.
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  14. randomtoker

    randomtoker Well-Known Member

    Nice one. Post up some pics maybe next time you do a build (I use postimage.org no account needed).

    SO, I just noticed a couple of cool things from Aspire. They plan to release a box mod next month. I'm curious to see how it's features will stack up. And, this is really cool, they plan to release an RTA version of the Cleito! This is really cool news. I've been watching that Cleito tank, everyone is going bonkers over it (really good vapor production apparently, and no leaking, @getsoutalive also posted a favorable review). The prospect of rebuilding coils in that, is very attractive. I think I might sit and wait on both of those and see how they review.

    Off to make a new batch of juice now. Not sure what 'flavor' this one will be. I'll edit this post with whatever recipe I end up with. :)

    **EDIT: here's what I ended up with..


    1/2g LA Confidential shatter
    30 drops HT philosopher (pinene, limonene)
    30 drops HT couch lock (myrcene)
    6 drops lime tahiti (FA)
    3 drops green tea (FA)
    3 drops strawberry (FA)

    So a little over 4:1 (the flavor drops are small). Smells like heaven. The shatter had a pungent smell on its own, now combined with the terps and flavors... it's going to be tempting me while it's steeping for the next couple days. :D

    Got arty with the pic. :p You can see particulates in the juice. The shatter was cheap, and a little fibery. Put a new coil in to celebrate. Finishing off these 1.5 ohm coils I have, shop for new tank when they're done.
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  15. j-bug

    j-bug Well-Known Member

    So a few resources that I've found useful is here's a massive source of info at the subreddits /r/vapeheads. A lot of things there aren't entirely applicable to us but the safety information certainly is. Every source that I've found stresses the importance of an ohmmeter of some sort. It's my impression this is slightly less important with regulated box mods, which both Joyetech models mentioned here are. I don't have mine in hand yet as I've been obsessively researching all this so that I'll be making the best purchase for now that will last me the longest. Though e-cig tech right now reminds me a lot of computers in the mid 90s where new way better and/or less expensive hardware was essentially constantly being released. That said I'm fairly confident that for most of our needs the current Joyetech models meet or exceed what we require from them.
  16. florduh

    florduh Well-Known Member

    I love the new thread! Yes I've been using the Vapresso Ceramic coils for a few weeks now and enjoy them. They are supposed to last much longer than cotton based atomizers since there isn't as much opportunity for burning. I am currently using the .9 ohm coils, so just barely sub-ohm. Also... no popping or spitting ever. I don't really care about a little spitting, but it freaks out anyone else I let take a hit so the Vapresso has a huge benefit there.

    The key with any of these bigger tanks is to open up the airflow vents and inhale hard to keep the coil from overheating. I may try the Vapresso Nickel TC atty's at some point. I was disenchanted with Temp Control but I don't think I was using air-flow appropriately either. I'm also using eLeaf mods (40w and 60w) and their software is supposed to be inferior to something like the e-Vic's.

    Overall, this sub-ohm vaping has more or less cured me of the search for a perfect setup. This stuff just works. I am interested in the joye-tech Cubis Tank though. I saw a video where simply pressing the fire button literally shoots vapor out like a fog machine. My only hesitation is the filling procedure. I really like the eLeaf Melo2's filling window. Nothing at all to disassemble. And at this point I can declare them completely leak free. Not even a tiny drop lost.

    I've messed around with RDA's in the past, and they are nice. But I honestly have a better experience with the advanced tanks. There are just too many variables to worry about when building and wicking a coil. A big advantage to the e-juice method of consumption is convenience and RDA's negate a bit of that for me.
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  17. getsoutalive

    getsoutalive Active Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Quick follow up to my previous.

    Not only does making your juice a bit thinner help the sub ohm tanks, I have seen that the juice in a tank will get thicker as the tank is drawn down. A drop or two of plain mix will thin it back out again, but something to keep in mind when cooking up recipes.

    Also wanted to mention that the Aspire Cleito I am enjoying so much right now does not work with temp control. The clapton coil it uses is made from Kanthal and so cannot be temp controlled. Perhaps they will change the material in future coils, but for now, power mode at about 19.5w is working beautifully. The RTA mentioned above will let you use the wire of your choice so precise temp control should serve those that are willing to twist their own well.
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  18. randomtoker

    randomtoker Well-Known Member

    @j-bug thanks for the link, agreed safety first.

    @florduh those Vapresso Ceramic coils are tempting, good to hear you still like them. 0.9 would be perfect for me I think (though I'd need to get an Atlantis of Melo then). Can you confirm if they last longer? They advertise that they can last double the time of normal heads. Also good to hear you've had no leaking with the Melo 2!

    I'll probably end up waiting to see how this rebuildable deck for the Cleito pans out. Seems like just the tank combo I'm looking for (I'm worried about leaking if I go with the Kanger subtank rba). I'm going to be out of the country for a month soon anyway so I don't mind waiting and watching (everything changes so fast!).
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  19. zor

    zor I hate the kids

    Hooray for this thread! I look forward to learning from and contributing to the pool of knowledge!
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  20. Filhote

    Filhote Well-Known Member

    My setting:
    1. Diy THC Base (10g marocan hash to 30 ml PEG 400/PG)
    2. 70/30 PG/THC-Base + different aromatic drops (1-6% Kryptonit II)
    3. wismec rx200 + smok tfv4 with dual coil rba with kanthal and JP wattage
    4. 40w, 3,56V, 0,31 ohm
    5. all 3 tanks New wattage!

    Go :)
  21. valleysquirrel

    valleysquirrel Well-Known Member

    Just finished filling up my very first sub ohm thc mix..

    It includes:
    - one full sample vial (~.6) of Strawberry CC
    - roughly 40 drops of flavorless VE
    - (~.4-.5) Terra OG/ Blue Grape shatter
    + a pinch of leftover blueberry yogurt ejuice

    This is all in a 2ml {.8 ohm coil} Vengeance mini tank by Council of Vapor. I picked it up in a kit with a 40W mini volt mod for 60 bucks after shipping. Although the tank has literally leaked every time I've filled it (I think it can't hang with the viscosity/amount of juice maybe?), it works pretty well once you clean out the airflow portion -still an unnecessary pita-. Here's a pic

    I've been keeping the wattage between 15.8-22w much of the time which, ime, produces the most flavor without providing an overwhelming amount of vapor.

    The flavor I've been getting out of this isn't the greatest though. The VE seems to be making it more harsh and adding a piney tone to it which isn't totally enjoyable, but still gets the job done.

    I'm currently experiencing some noticeable pain relief and I've taken only a few puffs (under 10). I wanted to dilute it so that the sessions could be more casual, I just wish I dug the flavor a little more.

    Also the juices don't stay together too well so every so often i'll spin the tank around horizontally to re-juice the cotton and it's back in action. Overall it's a pretty nice lil dealio, but I still plan on probably getting a whole new set up. Although the battery lasts pretty much one whole day if you're hitting it often, I'd still like to have some extra cushion there on the battery life. And as for the tank, I will for sure be making that purchase before anything else because the leaking is just lame.

    more updates/mixes coming soon homies. I still have another half g of some real pretty Terra OG/ Jack shatter

    Btw @randomtoker thanks for this thread dude you're posts are really top notch
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  22. florduh

    florduh Well-Known Member

    @randomtoker I will hesitantly say the Vapresso coils last longer than cotton. I'll know for sure within the next week. But I am overall impressed with the purchase. That having been said they are a bit more expensive than comparable cotton options. The Cleito looks very interesting. I'm somewhat tempted to try one but I am worried it won't be as leak-free as the Melo. Also I have no interest in building coils and the only available coils are .2 and .5 ohms. I'm really liking the .9 ohm Vapresso's.

    @valleysquirrel It's a shame that little tank leaks. I have had great luck with the Melo2 by eLeaf. This thing never leaks. My favorite small tank is the Aspire K1. It never had a serious leak, but would occasionally get a small drop at the battery connection point. Don't even get that with the Melo.

    Now your non-ideal tasting juice... The "piney" taste you are getting is from the Connoisseur Concentrates... not the Vapeur Extract. If you are getting a burnt taste, and a harsh throat hit, that may be from the VE as this is a common side effect of PEG, the chief component of VE.

    Usually my mixes don't separate. The only thing I can think is the PG/VG based blueberry ejuice won't stay mixed. VG and THC juice seem to be particularly incompatible. Otherwise, it is possible that CC and VE don't play well together, though other members have done so successfully. Just some food for thought. All of us are experimenting together. Thanks for sharing your experience!
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  23. randomtoker

    randomtoker Well-Known Member

    Cool setup! Are you dissolving black hash right into peg/pg in step #1? I had done that as an experiment with scissor hash a while ago. I was using a tiny atomizer at the time though, so it kept clogging up the little wick holes and I didn't do it again. Cool idea. I should try again now with bigger gear (I was also thinking of filtering maybe after mixing).

    40w, 3.5v, 0.3ohm ! You must get huge clouds! :D

    Nice one! Bummer about the tank though. :( Thanks for the review. It'll help people stay away from it. Also bummer on the flavor. Sounds like maybe the pg/peg in the VE flavorless is overpowering the flavor of the concentrate and the CC? Are you inhaling strongly enough? Does the Vengeance mini tank have airflow holes you can dial open? I had to get used to pulling hard, vents wide open, and not holding the power too long to get the best flavor with sub ohm myself.

    So there's been some positive (no leaking) tank reviews so far in this thread and past discussions. Seems the Melo2 (eleaf), Cleito (aspire), and Crown (uwell) all get praises in that department.

    I can't wait to break into my new mix. I'm forcing myself to let it steep another night. It's interesting, looking at it I can see that it is clarifying with time. It's more translucent and even looking than when I first mixed it. (OK, I cheated and had a puff. The strawberry is quite strong, I'll remember to go even easier on it in the future. But the hint of lime is perfect.)
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  24. Filhote

    Filhote Well-Known Member

    First i make a solution of 96,8% Ethanol and hash. Cooking at 78°C for 10 min, 60 min at freezer and filtrate to a coffeefilter. Then cook again (from 30ml solution to 2ml), mix it with a 50/50 Mixture of PEG 400/PG...take more PG for better measures.... Now you have 10g hash in 30ml THC base...no dispension....a yellow clear power liquid.

    Sorry about the language ;)
  25. Grim Chiclets

    Grim Chiclets Well-Known Member

    Detroit Metro, Michigan
    My Mutation V3 with dual twisted 26g, ultra tight wicking with Muji Japanese cotton- the dark stains are from my puff majic mix :D
    edit- oh yeah and I'm running 77W atm on my sigelei 150 (non-TC)
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2016
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