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  1. swieder711
    ArGo (formerly Solo 1 and 2). Waiting for my Dynavap M
  2. Serial_Vapist
    Musician and vape enthusiast
  3. uhranium
    not my legs, but the setting's right
  4. graydeh1
    Rep for The TRVP ATTY, avid V-Rodder and dynavaper
  5. archangelz001
    Vapes in use: SwiftPro, EDIT Convector, MFLB
  6. archangelz001
    Vaped in use: SwiftPro, EDIT Convector, MFLB
  7. olfos
    Now really digigin‘ the dreamwoods
  8. tennisguru1
  9. wm762
    Looking to test out products and review them
  10. vapognak
    I love my Flux deluxe, anywhere, anytime.
  11. MuushuPork
    On The Beat
  12. danielj
    danielj Stu
    hi Stu hope all is well

    question about my "vape related equipment" page

    tinypic has finally stopped hosting. I will repost my pics via another host, but this is an oppo to update my presentation...always felt my page kinda sucked. Can I just create a fresh new page and delete (or let die) the old one or do I need to work on editing the old one?

    thanks danielj
  13. Yocantech
    Yocantech Vitolo
    Hi, This is Michelle from Yocan promotion team. Yocan release new product, UNI Pro, designed for CBD oil, can fit ALL your favorite oil cartridges. Are you interested in doing reviews video on your Reddit? Thanks in advance. Michelle
    1. Vitolo
      Michelle, people are getting arrested all over the United States for advertising oil cartridges. While I have nothing against them, I would prefer to not be involved.
      Sep 20, 2019
  14. Yocantech
    Yocantech pakalolo
  15. pandaphysics
    pandaphysics Magic9
    Bear down.
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    3. pandaphysics
      Definitely sad to see him go down and the raiders game was definitely depressing, really tough watching that going into a bye week. Mitch is throwing again so hopefully he is back this week. And it looks like drew brees and alvin kamara are out. But the rest of the schedule is brutal, we will learn a lot about this team and nagy.
      Oct 17, 2019
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    4. Magic9
      This is going to be a tough year no doubt. Between the schedule, the injuries, the missed throws, and complete lack of a running game. Hopefully we won't waste a generational defense this year. I really thought we were top of the NFC North, but it's not looking so hot yet.
      Oct 24, 2019
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    5. pandaphysics
      Yeah, its definitely gone from bad to worse. It is amazing how different all these same guys on the offense look from last year. The oline is essentially the same and looks significantly worse. Last year Burton was good, this year the tight ends have about 200 yards between them halfway through. Basically everyone but Allen Robinson has regressed. We'll see what Pace and Nagy can do, as I think they'll both stay.
      Nov 6, 2019
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    Everyday Cloud Chaser
    Vape enthusiast
  18. Baked-not-fried
    riding the Cannabreak train...
  19. 21stCenturyVape
    21stCenturyVape OF
    Just wanted to doublecheck your Eleaf stick pico setup for Divine Tribe Quartz Quest. In the thread for QQ, you posted that your TCR value is 550 @ 45 W. Do you lock the resistance when you run it? Also, once you're actually ready to vape, what temp do you set temp control? Like let's say you have M1 set to 550. You turn on the pico, make sure it's set to M1 w/45 W. What temp do you then set it to for TCR?
  20. Stu
  21. Easywider
    Easywider Xclerk
    I have delta 3D studios wpa if you are interested.
  22. graydeh1
    Rep for The TRVP ATTY and avid V-Rodder
  23. Pipes
    Please use the PM (private message) for Induction heater inquiries.
  24. macbill
    Old People Rock! (in their rocking chairs)
  25. Monk Debate
    Monk Debate
    I wish the Classifieds forum would bump your thread when you make an edit, I want people to see I’ve lowered prices on my listing.

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