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  1. Dynavaper
    Hunting clouds & farming Karma
  2. OyVape
    OyVape Stu
    Sorry I meant post #785
  3. OyVape
    OyVape Stu
    Hi Stu,
    I'm reading FC on my phone and there is a big ol' ugly exchange going on now between 2 members over at the Ghost MV1 thread In Portables. Starting at about page 785 on.

    Just thought I would alert someone cause I can't tell who is mod right now
  4. Dreamerr
    Hi all. I am back from my Mia, bit don’t know how much, lol. Good to see ya all.
  5. Vapologist
    Vapologist Vitolo
    Still medicated? Better be.
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  6. madnezz344
    Zonned into my deepest ki Majin UI M344
  7. SpruceGruve
    Downsized a bit lately,too busy with work to post;I'll be lurking the forum
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  8. invertedisdead
  9. OldNewbie
    OldNewbie CarolKing
  10. VapeWorld
  11. Dynavaper
    Chasing buds and hunting clouds.
  12. NewVape710
    The best product reviews come from folks that spend their hard earned money on our products.
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  13. VaporAssassin
    Vapor Genie/iOlite gen 1/MFLB/Davinci Ascent/Pax 2/Pax 3/Da Buddha/Extreme Q/
  14. macbill
    Happy Vernal Equinox!!
  15. macbill
    Fall can be Fine.
  16. Berkey
    Berkey Yocantech
    I'd like to try the evolve plus xl. May i get one directly from you? I use venmoandPayPal. My email is Andrewevanberkowitz@Gmail
  17. jackherer
    Just realised that I haven't used my Vapcap for a little while. Perhaps my Solo will always stay as my main. At least I have a backup!
  18. priestsmiler
    Woke up early in the morning & it felt so good. Vaping on some serious shit, you wish you could.
  19. OldNewbie
    OldNewbie Tonez1
    You might review the posting rules. I don't think you can post something for sale until you have a certain number of posts. The moderators might smack you down if they find the post.
  20. OldNewbie
    OldNewbie Jason267
    I think the forum rules discourage double posts. They recommend editing your previous ones instead. You might want to fix this before you get a moderator smackdown.
  21. Reveen
    Reveen DDave
    Sorry to bug ya. Do you have anything that would allow a whip to be connected to the E-nano? I looked through your store but I'm a noob when it comes to vape accessories and glass parts.

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    2. DDave
      Hey Friend, no worries... I don't have anything formally for the e-nano at present. If you already have stems for the enano, I think you'd only need silicone tubing and a water tool adapter (if you were going to connect to a water pipe). Those I have in stock. Let me know if interested and I'll PM details. (also, let me know if you are located in US or other).
      Sep 5, 2017
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  22. Reveen
    Reveen Ed's TnT
    Do you have any products that would allow a whip to be attached to the E-nano? I really want to use a whip with my Nano but my "stoner engineering" is coming up short. I looked at your products but wasn't really sure what exactly I'm looking at, as I'm pretty new to log vapes and all their accessories.

    Do you have any products like this or any advice for achieving this on a Nano?

    1. Ed's TnT
      Ed's TnT
      Hello and thanks for your interest. I do offer a wood stem that I'm sure you could slip a piece of hose over the end and use it that way. I did a time or two make a whip/stem adapter kinda thing for the solo a while back. Have been slammed with the WoodScents and not a lot of time for much else at the moment. Pls have a look at the wood stems I offer and give it a thought. Thanks again.
      Sep 5, 2017
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  23. A1
    My status
  24. goodpunk6
    Visibly NewVaped
  25. HexNailAva
    Working on finalizing Project Red Queen

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