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New Profile Posts

  1. ClearBlueLou
    continually outraged at the persistence of middle-school into later life....
  2. StRaNgEcLoUdS
    Watching Viceland with my Brick Jr........ Hyped up for the return of my mighty from S&B tomm
  3. StRaNgEcLoUdS
    Saturday night chilli. Wit
  4. OldOyler
    Out for personal emergency until 01/31/2017
  5. macbill
    Al fin de mes, me voy a dejarme en San Jose de los Cabos por unas semanas. No llores por me, FuckCombustion!
  6. StRaNgEcLoUdS
    PHO 85% Fat daddy dabs out our the evo
  7. slide4less
    slide4less sixstringsmash
    i have minivap cores - newest heater but not the quick heat - they were used as demos but r like new - $90 for a core!
    1. sixstringsmash likes this.
    2. sixstringsmash
      Hey man, if you have one in the LE blue color I would totally take a glass core! I don't mind much about the quick heat but I'm pretty picky about the color.
      Dec 31, 2016
  8. OldOyler
    Out for personal emergency until 01/02/2017
  9. MrNaturalAZ
  10. meduser#420
    Blinded are his eyes to this mystery, he hears the silence so loud.
  11. P vapor eel
    P vapor eel nenmayk
    Hey! I want to purchase a 2qan stand please! Send me your PayPal info and I will issue the payment right away. Great work!

  12. Krazy
    Krazy Kit Von Kat
    Love the hat!
    1. Kit Von Kat likes this.
  13. TwistedGray
    TwistedGray yogoshio
    If you're looking for alternative sources let me know. I know someone who ships using Paypal...pricing is roughly the same as your bitcoin option +/-, but they have access to everything from flowers, concentrates, oil, edibles, yada yada yada.
    1. yogoshio likes this.
  14. Thcgos
    Testing the Vapcap Ti WoodyS
  15. Glass004
    Glass004 Davinci_vaporizer
    After a short week of use, My IQs oven stopped working. Resets and new battery no cure.
    There is no way to contactCS, the web site and phone messages are not responded to. I I am stunned that your company does not have customer service for the IQ. Maybe you can fix the problem, and also get someone to contact me with a return authorization number?
    joel glasson joelglasson@aol.com 919-418-4452
  16. t-dub
    VapeXhale Beta Test Crew
  17. NinjaMindTriks
    NinjaMindTriks subway13029
    Check your private messages.
    1. Kief likes this.
  18. OldOyler
    Shit I was hoping *you* knew wtf I was supposed to be doing...
  19. slide4less
    slide4less stickstones
    It would not send all - got it screwed up when tried to split message - but hopefully u get idea
  20. OldOyler
    Currently in a state of disbelief.
  21. slide4less
    slide4less FlyingLow
    I have tons of MiniVAP stuff from shows we used to do - adapters, batts etc - most is used but a lot of it used only once - can sell for best offer
  22. macbill
    "You have to cough to get off"
  23. StRaNgEcLoUdS
  24. divinetribe
    inspired by the company thermovape to make medical grade ceramic atomizers
  25. macbill
    Everybody is doing it; doing the Palm Springs Jump!!!

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