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New Profile Posts

  1. Stu
    The cookies are baking me
  2. Stu
    Baking cookies
  3. macbill
    Home Again, Home Again, jiggity jig.
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  4. Stu
    Hoarding weed and toilet paper for the end times
  5. Crafty Vaper
  6. SpudBob
    SpudBob Alan
    Alan, hey its been a while. How do I get one of the vv Power supply's from you. I could send out a USPS M.O. like I've done in the past let me Know! Bob
  7. macbill
    Almost half over. Already I'm missing being here. Yet here I am. Curious
  8. blackstone
    Out standing in the field
  9. onmahgrizzyy
    onmahgrizzyy Pipes
    Hello, I wanted to look into buying a PSM
  10. blackstone
    Glass might have nasty dust and now titanium has oxide. It's definitely a scam by the glass people to kill us for more profit I would say...
  11. GoGlass
    GoGlass Hopper Labs
    Hello, i live in France i have already reserved an Grasshopper IO.
    I am interested for testing the IO, if it's possible. Thanks !
  12. macbill
    I wish I had my folding guitar serviced before coming to Cabo. Action way too high.
  13. macbill
    TomorrowLand. Quando? Mañana......
  14. blackstone
    If I die from aluminium in my vaporizer, I will die happy!!
  15. VapeKnight
  16. VapeKnight
    incarnation of immortality
  17. Mixio
    Vape on!
  18. Kanna_Kult
    Feral Floregonian
  19. nonamekevin
    Nah... nah, the whole point was to do something here in Bomont. Bayson's, what, 30 miles away?
  20. YetAnotherUsername
    YetAnotherUsername LesPlenty
    Thank you for posting the Crafty fuse scam video! Now I will be able to service it, even though Storz&Bickel refuses to do repair (even for money) after my warranty ended!
    1. YetAnotherUsername
  21. macbill
    San Jose del Cabo. Una ciudad muy linda. La vida no corre tanto como San Lucas.
  22. macbill
    Ah, Life is a Beach.....
  23. macbill
    Hoy en cinco: ya me voy...
  24. macbill
    Me faltan diaz días antes de volar. Tuanis!!!!
  25. slozukimc
    slozukimc Hopper Labs
    I am trying to reply to John via the warranty portal but there is no new message button so I cannot answer him.

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