What's in your vape right now?


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I love seeing people share their batch pictures, bring it on :nod:. It's not a competition... all about sharing personal experiences, inspiration and above all enjoying the shared connection of vaping cannabis. I love seeing real member flower here and all it's related feedback. Cannabis lovers unite and share.

I'm currently going with a fresh good batch of Trainwreck (sativa dominant, est. 90/10 S/I ratio). Here's the batch picture again. Highly recommended and enjoy.

I find it's quite frosty/potent.

@Bad Dog, this was on my list of favorite sativas... cheers :evil: . I'm picking up two Oz of a new fresh batch of Acapulco Gold soon. Same source as ever and it's been top notch. My friends have been jonesing for it and most of it's for them (shared buy). I see AG legal for $20 per gram here (Canada) with avg looking pictures and lab THC testing :o. If interested PM reach out 👍. And keep sharing what's in your vape.

My current sativa cannabis collection is the best it's ever been with many quality and recent fresh strains, each a little different in effects from the other. It's been great to see the differences and have them available to put into rotation... pick your adventure; it's a highly recommended cannabis experience. With all the strain options and experiences, you really can dial in what you're looking for effects-wise, as well as what mood/situation you're in. The fine tuning of the cannabis experience is flat out awesome.

Have a great weekend 👍.

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In honor of the new Acapulco Gold batch I plan to pick up shortly, I went with my current batch of Acapulco Gold. I highly recommend this strong sativa. Here's a current batch picture again.

I must have grabbed a dense cola-quality pocket that I ground up coarsely for the vape... it was notably above average terpy, strong and potent :science:. I hope the new batch is as good or better 🙏.

Have a great Sunday.

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My own production... waiting the next drop... *

Eleven roses (for evening and night)
Orient Express (morning and Afternoon)
Blue dream (all the time !!)

Some older buds "i have to" finish...Candy dawg, and Black Domina explosion !


(* Bruce Banner#3, A5 Haze S1, Nova OG, Tangerine dream 🤤😁)


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Today I am tasting the most recent delivery that Ricardo called "Orca" or Orka. My Tera tells me this is going to be good.

The Google tells me that Orca is likely a Blimburn Seeds strain; they grow from feminized seeds here in Uruguay.
:Quote: Orka is one of Blimburn’s most potent sativa strains originating from Original Haze and White Widow. It has a very high ratio of THC and CBD, producing about 21% THC. It has a cerebral, intense effect. :close-quote:

I can only hope. Tastes good like a flower should.
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