What was your first experience with vaping?


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This is a cool thread!! I was a lifelong combuster then tried my fiends steam chalice! I was skeptical but open to anything promised to get me stoned.
First rip I fell in love.
“It tastes…….good! And I am……high!”

I don’t know if those get any love or use around here but they are super fun. It really showed me that cannabis consumption isn’t always about the destination. I ordered a vb1 and learned to enjoy the experience. Then vas hit, been “suffering” for years now…


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First time was new years eve and someone packed a bowl on their iolite and let me try it.

I remember thinking wow how cool like it tasted like it smelled.

Then a year or so later I went to Amsterdam for my 18th and straight away used a volcano vaporizer with a strain called Crimea blue

Again the taste was out of this world and was something I needed to explore further.

Also experienced the effects more the second time round!
It was amazing.


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When I started smoking brick weed with my bro, I started to experiment with the glass tube from droppers, something like a small pipe or one hitter made from glass, but one day I discovered that I could just heat the glass instead of lighting it the end, and it would give up vapors and a lot better flavor (for brick weed), and also would last a huge lot more than just a one hitter.

When I started to grow my own I got an Arizer SOLO, back then in 2012-13 it was one of the most recommended vapes, I'm on the third unit now and I still love it, but will definitely get a Dynavap or similar in the near future.


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Some time in the early 2000s, I'd guess 2001, I religiously stopped by the record store in my town to find new music and movies to watch. I always bought a High Times magazine while there. There was an article about vaporizing herb in an issue. There seemed to be a few commercial products but nothing I recall offhand that is still made today. But reading the claims they made about vaping being a superior way to consume over combustion made me want to try it. So soon I was gathering some glass odds and ends and using a torch to basically freebase some shitty herb by today's standards. While it was some caveman shit I was doing, it definitely did taste better and I liked the effects. It was just way too much hassle to do regularly and it looked super sus so I never showed any of my friends.

Fast forward to around the time the Pax came out and I tried my buddy's and it all came back to me that issue of high times was right, vaping would catch on. I didn't love the Pax but I did love its size and I went out the very next day and bought a Divinci IQ from a local shop. That was all she wrote, I never combusted again (well deliberately).


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Quit cigs no issue somewhere around 2017. Wanted to fuck combustion for good but had always heard dry herb vapes were underpowered over expensive devices that weren’t worth the hassle. Was never a fan of electric vapes and the endless 18650 charge/swap dance, something that I thought DHV’s all were.

Finally decided ~ May 2021 to take a serious look at the market and discovered the Dynavap.

“Ah! A metal joint that uses a lighter.”

The rest is history, as they say.

The Dynavap is firmly in the past now, I’ve moved onto the Anvil and now the TA.

I will always be thankful to the dynavap for getting me off combustion, and sometimes hit my friends one for old time sake


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Well… i discovered weed vaping with an SSV. I was searching for a powerfull AND reliable device… sort of 5 legged Sheep… but as i got it in my mail, i had plans… First : Burn off. Let it full power for half an hour. So i let it soak for half an hour… Then came back to my first vape ever, whip style… and gave it a good "Shisha" draw. HOLLY SHIT ! 10 min's after i was totally fried ! :D
I just noticed there that the bud smell was yet in my mouth ! So flavorfull !
And damn… i started giggling !
Ii was sold on vapes !
got some dyna's later on,
Made my own GonG butane vape with a banger a 19/19 and a J-hook and made some for my friends. and then came the ALP.
Still not fucking combustion "up to the balls" but tending to...


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My first vape was a Yocan Vane. When I saw it in the headshop it looked cool, it was cheap, I disliked smoking, my neighbours were complaining about the ssmell, so I decided to try the Vane. It worked!

The Vane lead to the Solo II, which infected me with VAS and I started buying other vapes.

Different moods, different vapes, different days.............




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I think the first time I ever tried a vaporizer it was back in 2012 and it was a good friend of mines’ Delux Daddy (basically a Da Buddha/SSV) and we for sure we’re not using it properly because we hardly got high at all.

Flash forward to late 2015-ish when I found r/vaporents and bought a Dyna M in 2016, it’s been a very expensive journey since then :sherlock:
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