What was your first experience with vaping?


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My first experience with vaping dates back to when I was still smoking cigarettes: it was disappointing. Without taste. I borrowed it from a friend. Soon I decided to stop smoking. I was not well smoking, I had tachycardia, in short, I wanted to quit after 16 years of smoking. I stopped immediately thanks to the vaping. And now I have not touched a cigarette for more than two years.
Um, what kind of cigarettes?

And congratulations on quitting smoking.
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Brought an iolite and didnt get it to work effectively (probably user error in hindsight) and that put me off vaporization until the mighty, which generally improved my health for a number of reasons hence i'm positive on vaporization.


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I had read of vaping but no one in my sphere vaped. I bought a Hot Box. A Hot Box is a ceramic cube that contains a heating element. You load a whip and hold it against the element. When I finally learned how to use it, it changed my life. While I no longer smoked cigarettes, I always had a smoker's cough: so much so it worried my un-cool friends and family, especially before it became legal. I found that by vaping, I no longer had a smoker's cough, even though I cough at times with vaping.

I find if I really fuck combustion (because I like small, individual combustable hits, too), I can use concentrates and oils with far less adverse coughing fits. I haven't had a combustion hit for months.
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My experience was much like Macbill's. I had been combusting for decades and had a chronic cough. About 10 years ago I got a doctor's letter of recommendation in California and the doctor who issued it suggested I use other methods than combustion, such as vaping, edibles, etc. I took her seriously and started doing research on FC and soon had a glass Vapor Genie (still have one, though I had to replace both parts) and then a series of log vapes. Chronic cough is gone. Every once in a while I still combust a little hand-rubbed hash scraped from the trimming clipper, just for the taste of it.


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My first experience with vapes was with small portables such as Dynavap, Flowermate V5 nano and Boundless CFX. As soon as I tried it and had the high of weed without the anxiety and heart racing I get with smoking I was in love. Only time I smoke is when with friends and I don't have a vape on me.



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I used until my mid 20s, then stopped for 29-30 yrs. Went to a festi several years back to see a band I love and set up camp right across from a dude who was hawking week all weekend long. I buckled and picked up a gram of strawberry haze. That was that! But I wasn't going to be able to use the way I wanted to if I combusted so I went full into vaporization research and ended up here, enjoynig some highly entertaining unboxing videos along the way. The Arizer Air was my first vape. Went on to pick up an enano as a desktop that I could conceal and learned that the on demand nature of convection fit my vaping needs to a t and have stuck with convection vapes since (with the exception of the Edge which is a surprisingly good vaporizer). May the NFC long continue to serve others the way it has served me!


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My first experience with vaping was a party way back in high school where we got to use my friend's dads old volcano. I remember it being almost a big ritual of setting it up and letting it heat up. Once it was ready I took a big hit from the whip and felt like I got nothing but a big pull of mostly air until I exhaled a big cloud of vapor and literally got knocked on my ass from the head rush. That was a one time thing and I combusted for years, I picked up a Flowermate V5 but never got into that device at all.

Over the past few years as i got more into buying from the recreational weed stores we have here I also got into concentrates and portable 510 devices for dabbing. That got me more and more into the idea of vaping as well as the fact I kind of relized consuming cannabis is one of my favorite "hobbies" to nerd out over. Since this fall I've got into vaping flower with my Silver Surfer and Flowerpot as well as using a e-nail to dab.

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My very first experience with vaping was when I was like 16 at some random headshop in the city. I walked in the door and looked around for a while until I came across a volcano, not knowing what it was I asked the guy behind the counter “What the hell is this thing?“ he looks at me and says “it’s a vaporizer” I say back “what the hell is a va-por-riser?“ he smile’s and tells me it’s for weed, you put it in, turn it on and it vapes your weed into a big balloon. I had no idea what vaped means, he tell me it’s like smoking but it isn’t, which I also didn’t understand. I told him I like smoking can I use it for that? He said no. Then he tells me what it costs! So I’m left thinking he’s this thing that’s like smoking but isn’t? You can’t use it to smoke even if you want to? And it’s hundreds of dollars? ...... I bought a pack of rolling papers and a small metal pipe for like 10 bucks and was happy to leave there and not think about vaping again until a few years ago, I’m now nearly 40.

But really that’s when my real first experience was with weed vaping was. The first vape I tried wasn’t actually mine, it was my mom’s. She had heard things about cbd and wanted to try it but didn’t want to smoke as she had recently quit smoking cigarettes (I’m very proud of her by the way and hope to follow in her footsteps Myself) she was also wary of how long oils could last so she decided to try vaping. So I picked her up the cheapest vape available through my LP, it’s what she wanted and I didn’t know any better At the time and so didn’t look any further into it. The day came when it arrived, the Black Mamba! What a piece of shit! My mom was having difficulty with it so I started looking into it and found some videos on YouTube and figured how to use it but I'm not kidding when I say it was bad, it hummed and buzzed, got scaldingly hot to the touch. But I got it working and my mom was happy to experiment so I to tryed with some of my thc flower, I took a puff and didn't feel anything, took another.... nothing! So I vape the whole bowl and after a lot of huffing and puffing I sorta felt something but was disappointed in the amount of weed I used, if I had smoked that much I'd be ripped so I got a little mad and while I was mad thinking angry thoughts it slowly started to kick and before I knew what was what I was overcome by a pleasant familiar yet intriguingly different feeling at the same time and I was all like "oh hello pleasant feeling, who let you in?" Only to realize that the vape had worked. I experimented a few more times with it teaching myself its differences to smoking as I went along but quickly realized I needed a better vape. Went down the rabbit hole of YouTube video reviews and forums and came out with some great vapes 2 years later and still going strong.


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I had a friend give me an Iolite after I was in a bad accident. It didn't work great, but I thought there was potential, and liked that it wasn't as harsh on my throat as smoking. Later, I tried a friend's modified Pax 1, with a vented oven lid and chamber reducer, which was great. Shortly thereafter I picked up the first Dynavap M and haven't looked back. Now, there's a whole mess of vapes that I use regularly.


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I went to a friends and he had recently bought a Volcano. He made up a bag and I tried it out. I got high, but it seemed like a huge hassle to get a mediocre buzz, and it just didn't seem worth what seemed like a ridiculously high cost. $500, ya must be kidding. I was a dugout and joint kinda guy, tho I did use glass quite often.
A couple years later after I had quit smoking cigs I didn't feel like my lungs were recovering as much as I thought they should so I decided to see if vaping made any difference. That was 2014, and after a little research I found FC. After reading around the forum I decided that the best move was to get the HerbalAire which would allow me to try out various vaping methods (direct draw, whip, bags, turn over into glass...) to see what suited me best. And that, as they say, was that. Starting then in 2014 I gave up combustion completely, to the degree that now I rarely even take a pull on a joint unless it appears antisocial. Complete conversion like throwing a switch.


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I started vaping in 2012. My weed journey has been very different compare to others. I was introduced to weed by a high-school friend during freshman year. The first thing I smoked out of was DIY milk jug bong. I had only been smoking for a year out of DIY stuff and decided it was time to buy something real to improve my health. So, I begin to research the best way to get high, and the world of vaporizing appeared. This led me to discover the VapeCritic reviews of various vaporizers. After one month of going back and forth on which vape to get, and hours of my own time. I decided with a Vapir NO2, which I purchase on Amazon with gift cards. As a 15-year-old child, I thought was the shit with my NO2.


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My first experience with vaping:

I was in high school and long story short had figured out weed wasn't like reefer madness and so I started doing research. Being the very online person I was, one of the forums I was on was raving about the MFLB. I ended up getting one summer of my junior year, getting some weed in the mail via Hushmail (because I am a nerd who had no "street connections" but my online connections were really good lol also this weed was way higher quality than I could've gotten where I was). Anyways, I finally get everything in the mail and together, it's a beautiful early summer day, and I called my friend and we went out to this grass field kind of near a creek and we vape a trench, passing it back and forth. I didn't get very high that day but it was a very special high, very sparkly and enjoyable and not debilitating so I was able to go back home and not be overly paranoid. Great memory.

C'mon....where are all my brother and sisters of the MFLB?!

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Man that picture gives me such nostalgia lol. It makes me want to get another MFLB, I just love its simplicity and that it can use AA NiMH batteries.


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My first was really horrible- 70s-90s they used to sell "vaporizers" in the back of High Times that were basically soldering irons with a metal plate mounted on them. There was a glass dome that sat on top. Almost looked like a mini gumball machine. Really bad..smelled like popcorn when using it. Pretty sure I just lost some brain cells just repeating that story.

I didn't take vaporizers seriously until I tried a Volcano in Amsterdam circa 2002. Immediately bought one and I've liked vaping ever since.

Never really thought of hot knives as vaping, but I suppose it is. Did plenty of that back in the day too.


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My 1st experience was a solo journey. One of the guys at my dispo recommended I try one out; Aria. So after we talked about the benefits I decided to grab one.

I could not get the hang at first as the bud kept blocking the screen to the mouthpiece after the first couple hits..I put her away for a few weeks as I had gotten a vapcap.

After playing with some screens one fine and stoned morning, I realized I could use the screens to keep the bud in place and off the mouthpiece...

She became my EDC for a few months until i gave her to an ent in need. Hands down the best vape I have owned. That was late November of last year and I have not combusted since.....intentionally lol. damned sticky bricks!


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My testimonial below is a shortened version of a similar post I made on the old FC, in thread:
How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

My conversion to Total Combustion Fucker was instantaneous upon my first (bud) vaping experience.
Had smoked tobacco and cannabis (never mixed) since teen years, non-stop. When I reached 60 I came down with pneumonia and finally went cold turkey off of the hand rolled cigarettes, with small amount of help from an e-cig my daughter loaned me for a week - so that was my actual first "vape" experience.

Fast-forward 3 years.
In my 'social sphere' I'm not among people who vape bud and it was not even in my awareness until wife and I had started coughing almost any time we smoked a joint (which was pretty often!). I poked around on the webs and found the "new" Pax device. It looked so cool I ordered one, having very little idea what to expect. Wife and I were very leary of "apparatus", old hippies that we are.

It arrived one sunny afternoon in the spring of 2013, wife was out for the day and I tried it home alone. That was it.
In these 7 years since I have only combusted bud 3 or 4 times and it tastes awful, like fireplace ash. Yuck!

But finally I noticed that even air started tasting fucking terrific! Especially if you can get the good stuff...
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