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  • is over in vegas!! unbelievable place! only thing that would improve it some of FC's favourite beneficial herbs!!
    New wychwood vape arrived - haven't had a chance to post yet cus can't see threw all the clouds!! - has been a long heavy weekend session!
    Just strained out my first ABV glycerin tincture.. always a good sign when u lick ur fingers clean and get completely battered!! thanks FC!
    Was just exhaling after having a massive vape bong and thought I'd look at the time. It was exactly 4:20.. appropriate!
    6g ABV hot chocolate made as running low on buds.. been so long wasn't confident it would work.. drank half the mug and am totally ruined!!
    T-Break day 11 - Being sober is getting boring now :p .. Not ending the break just yet though .. will go at least 14 days..
    hey, I was just wondering how did u get the underdog to the UK ?
    It didnt seem like they shipped outside of US :)
    Hi mate, Dave will ship to the UK no problem.. have a chat with him, he's a really nice guy and will take your ideas and create a vape u both love... he even put two vapes in one box for me so i only had to pay one postage fee rather than two... my postage was around the £20 mark but you will have to pay a customs fee before you get the package.. bloody customs! hope this helps..
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