What was your first experience with vaping?


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This is a cool thread!! I was a lifelong combuster then tried my fiends steam chalice! I was skeptical but open to anything promised to get me stoned.
First rip I fell in love.
“It tastes…….good! And I am……high!”

I don’t know if those get any love or use around here but they are super fun. It really showed me that cannabis consumption isn’t always about the destination. I ordered a vb1 and learned to enjoy the experience. Then vas hit, been “suffering” for years now…


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First time was new years eve and someone packed a bowl on their iolite and let me try it.

I remember thinking wow how cool like it tasted like it smelled.

Then a year or so later I went to Amsterdam for my 18th and straight away used a volcano vaporizer with a strain called Crimea blue

Again the taste was out of this world and was something I needed to explore further.

Also experienced the effects more the second time round!
It was amazing.


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When I started smoking brick weed with my bro, I started to experiment with the glass tube from droppers, something like a small pipe or one hitter made from glass, but one day I discovered that I could just heat the glass instead of lighting it the end, and it would give up vapors and a lot better flavor (for brick weed), and also would last a huge lot more than just a one hitter.

When I started to grow my own I got an Arizer SOLO, back then in 2012-13 it was one of the most recommended vapes, I'm on the third unit now and I still love it, but will definitely get a Dynavap or similar in the near future.


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Some time in the early 2000s, I'd guess 2001, I religiously stopped by the record store in my town to find new music and movies to watch. I always bought a High Times magazine while there. There was an article about vaporizing herb in an issue. There seemed to be a few commercial products but nothing I recall offhand that is still made today. But reading the claims they made about vaping being a superior way to consume over combustion made me want to try it. So soon I was gathering some glass odds and ends and using a torch to basically freebase some shitty herb by today's standards. While it was some caveman shit I was doing, it definitely did taste better and I liked the effects. It was just way too much hassle to do regularly and it looked super sus so I never showed any of my friends.

Fast forward to around the time the Pax came out and I tried my buddy's and it all came back to me that issue of high times was right, vaping would catch on. I didn't love the Pax but I did love its size and I went out the very next day and bought a Divinci IQ from a local shop. That was all she wrote, I never combusted again (well deliberately).
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