1. Teaturtle

    Z Plus 2 [Dual Torch]

    Hi Z Plus 2 [Dual Torch]: Ordered one of these from Worked fine for about 10 clicks of a Vapcap and now it lights up, falters, and goes out roughly 5 seconds from when it starts, with the gas sound still going. Can't find any hole on the bottom. I see on videos that people take...
  2. S

    Volcano Classic temperature regulation problems

    Hello! Any DIYer's out there with electronics experience? A while back my volcano seemed to not heat up to the proper temp. I realized this was probably because I dropped it right on the knob. I opened it up and noticed the knob apparatus, which holds the temperature regulator had bent down...
  3. duckdown

    Seeking ROSIN knowledge. Everything I squish is green?

    Hey guys! Greetings from Toronto here I went the DIY route as a belated Christmas gift to myself and bought a 10 Ton hydraulic press and two really well made (Canadian made) plates (don't want to say the company name as he isn't looking for new customers right now, I need to check with him...
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