1. S

    Broken Firefly2+

    Hi everybody, I’m Silvia and I’m from Italy and I would like to know your opinions about what happened to my Firefly2+ and about what the support told me. I bought it 2 months ago, so in August and I dropped it once. Of course it did not happen strongly or from a high height otherwise I wouldn’t...
  2. CicoVaps

    Strange Taste Out of Nowhere

    (ANY INFO WOULD BE GREAT) So I've been vaping for about a year now. And about a week ago I started realizing when I blew the vape out (from Dynavap and others) that the flavor sticks all over the inside of my mouth and it gets a weird taste and lost very long. Another way to put it, it feels as...
  3. V

    Omnivap XL and Apollo 2 IH

    Can anyone help me out ?? I have a Dynavap Omnivap XL titanium and an Apollo 2 induction heater . I seem to be getting 2-3 hits from each cap and I can’t understand how people get way more than that as it’s borderline burnt after approx the 3rd hit for me depending on the weed. Any tips or...
  4. S

    Volcano Classic temperature regulation problems

    Hello! Any DIYer's out there with electronics experience? A while back my volcano seemed to not heat up to the proper temp. I realized this was probably because I dropped it right on the knob. I opened it up and noticed the knob apparatus, which holds the temperature regulator had bent down...
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