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I'm so sorry that you, our most generous member, has been treated with such disdain by the authorities 😞. You seem to be keeping a positive head on your shoulders and after everything you've been through that's incredibly commendable. I wish I could do more to help your situation but I'm nowhere near geographically. I wish you all the best of luck on finding your new footing Vito.


Those of you who have been here for 7+ years will remember the raid and arrest that was made on my home in May of 1015.
I was accused of providing Vaporizers and Meds to the Low-Income, Terminally Ill, card holding Patient population here in Tucson.
I eventually got out of that jam
It turns out that the fingerprints taken during that experience eventually wound up on Federal desks.... reminding them of the unfinished 4 months of probation from so many years before.
The US Marshal Service did acknowledge that if it had not been for that set of fingerprints, no one would have remembered me, and I would have grown to a ripe old age (yes... even older and riper) without being apprehended.
Law enforcement interactions..... the gift that keeps on giving!


My read is that he is under supervised release for up to 3 years.
They made me pay the 4 months that remained from the Parole 35 years ago, from during the 1st coma.... the punishment for missing 4 months was that I had to pay those remaining 4 parole months in Prison.
They added that I must start the 3 years of Parole (now called "Supervised Release") over again.
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Bumping this thread

It's a bit warm in Tucson without A/C


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Thank you @ChooChooCharlie .
Dusty is home, and has been a saving grace.
I was waking up not knowing where I was.... thinking I was in a cell, and the lock was going to be undone.... and it would take me excrutiatingly long, disoriented minutes to understand that I was safe at home.
Now that my pooch is back, I wake up to his protective eye on me, as he keeps evil at bay.
When he hears me stir, he comforts me with a hug.
I then know I am home and safe.
I will eat and eat healthy food. The food was not good for sure.... except for the Frosted Mini Wheats I was able to obtain from Commissary thanks to your help. I left here at 160 pounds... and went down to 135!
I am now up to 144. I think 150 will be a fine goal.
I ordered swiss chard, and Fish, along with some other favorite foods online, and will pick them up at the grocery tomorrow after my Dentist appointment. It is great using an electric toothbrush again!... oh and floss. I have missed flossing.
I am behind in taking some pictures of Dusty to post in the pet thread.
So very many things need attention.... I am still disoriented.
I sure could use the help of some of Mother Natures meds... but I truly will have to abstain as directed by the Govt.
Dusty does help me feel safe.
I will get some pictures taken very soon... once I finish catching up on this stack of mail.
God Bless you all!
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Had a chat with Vito today
Met his bud Juan over phone
Just Wow.
I just finished writing to @ChooChooCharlie a minute ago, before coming to FC to
look around. I wrote about that piece of yellow paper, and then was shocked to see it again in full color here.
It brought strange and eerie memories to actually see the real thing again.
Seeing here in color the piece of paper that I held up toward the light so I could draw.
I am going to quote what I said to @ChooChooCharlie about that drawing...
I told him:
I feel honored that you called my pencil and lined yellow paper sketch artwork. The paper was supplied... the pencil was an inch long.. the same pencil they gave me when I got there. There are no sharpeners, so I depended on other "felons" to help me by breaking open their old used disposable razors and handling the thin strip of blade as they carved my once whole pencil down for me week by week. This is a task I can not accomplish. I tried when I first wore the pencil down to no lead... but I walked away bloody... my fingers, once nimble and filled with dexterity, now tired and in the funky flourescent light of the slammer. No bandaids there, and asking the "pill lady" for one was met with unsavory inquiries... so I swaddled my fingers in toilet paper and bits of thread I stole from my own socks for about 3 weeks.... and once the cuts were healed I never risked sharpening a pencil (or handling that thin piece of blade) again.
The "artwork" was close to when I was going to come home. I hoped it would make you smile.
I had been gone for about 3.5 months when I drew it... and honestly never in my wildest dreams thought I would lay eyes on it again!
Thanks ChooChoo.
Thanks to all of you for making me feel like I came home to family.
This is my family, ya know.
You guys and Dusty... and Juan.
Dusty is back up a few pounds.... still has a way to go. Same for me. I have gained a little weight back, but I don't think I will let it go too far.
Being light and thin will help me move around in the absence of meds.
I intend to stay without any help 100%... so I can be released from the restriction before the 3 years is over.
I don't want to be without this guy's kisses again!
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2 birdies!
I am waiting for the Sun Conure and Lovebird to come home.
The lady that cared for Dusty and birds lives in Douglas Arizona, a 2 hour drive from here.
She could not fit all 3 bird cages and 2 birds in the car when she brought Dusty home.
(There is a third cage, because the tiny Lovebird is very active, and needs space to play)
Hopefully she will be able to bring them next week.
This 2 week separation, gave Dusty and I a chance to get him comfortable again with less distraction.
He has recently started going to the spot where their cages stand, looking for them.
I tell him "Don't worry, big boy... your brothers will be home soon!".
He smiles and wags his tail showing that he gets the idea.
Funds that were shared with me were sent to her twice through my friend Juan, to help her with her expenses.
When she delivered Dusty I gave her another $100... and I intend to do the same on the day the birds arrive.
She deserves it greatly!
She has had my family for almost 5 months... and she is transporting them right in the middle of 2 knee replacement surgeries.
One surgery is completed, and the next one to be initiated next week.
This is when she will bring the birds.
Bless her heart. $100 dollars is nothing compared to the magnitude of her thinking about this... and actually fulfilling this deed on the way into a second surgery.
My appreciation of her is great, beyond words!


Thanks to everyone who sent positive vibes and love when I returned to society.
Thanks for such strong support from all.
Thanks @ChooChooCharlie for all you've done to help get me oriented to normal life.
The birds have been a blessing and a joy to me.
I have been giving each an hour of direct play and attention every day.
Dusty has been integral in my adjustment.
I woke with nightmares almost every day once home.
Before long, my good Dusty was waking me with a cuddle of his face against mine, and I would snap into reality, with knowledge of exactly where I was.
My good boy decided to take it further.
He started watching me from about 4:00 a.m. to be sure I was good.
For the past 3 mornings, he has quietly crept onto the bed, and I have woken up with his paw square in the center of my chest.
I have not woken with a "start" in those 3 days... just a big K9 hug!
I look forward to participating in helping my community, and testing out vapes again!
I'm enjoying reading posts, and in sharing in threads like the Picture Thread, and Pets and Animals
Most valuable of all is waking feeling safe every day!
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