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I will post a response very soon that will explain my prolonged absence. Thank you all for caring... I miss you also.... each of you, and I appreciate your concern. Things here have been intense to say the least. My time at the moment has been totally monopolized by obligations to entities more powerful than many expect.
As I adjust I will explain all.
I will explain it all in perfectly open and frank terms that will be as honest as I have ever been in my life.
Today is Friday.
I arrived home on Thursday, and am waiting for my best friend Dusty to fill a dangerously wide gap in my life. That will be a few days in the future.
I can assure all of my forum friends, that my story will have a great impact on anyone... friend or stranger that cares to learn about an ordeal beyond normal expectation.
I am grateful for this family!


Old & In the Way
My time at the moment has been totally monopolized by obligations to entities more powerful than many expect.
Vito, thanks for ringing in, from your post it sounds like you are physically okay(now?) and we are grateful for that.

The part I'm quoting is worrisome, especially given that you are in Arizona.

Good health and peace to you as you move forward. Fill us in as you can, we are so happy to hear from you!


Enough stalling......... What really happened---->
I was released on July 7th from Federal Prison.
Yeah... you read right.
A recipient of 3 diagnosis of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)... I have not accessed these memory banks prior to the last four months of imprisonment.
During this period of time, I was reminded... and educated on an entire slice of history and my life that was buried in my subsconscious.
Even following a stay in an amnesia center, and work with 3 memory loss groups, things remained buried, until the school of hard knocks beat the shit out of me, and I was told of my past life in glorious (and spine chilling) detail..... forced to relive traumas and face demons already slaughtered.
What happened to Uncle Vito 4 months ago
On March 8th, I finished an online Therapy session with my Psychologist. Sessions that help me face the buried details of 2 comas.... one a very prolonged sleep that left me disabled physically and mentally. A previous coma lasted only 4 days and only affected my mind, leaving me with amnesia, and attending a memory loss group for years.
A second accident in 2003 left me in a coma for 5.5 weeks.... with every bone in my body broken except skull, right arm and right leg. OPh yeah... and a new TBI diagnosis and another battle with amnesia and memory loss.
I healed, and used Second Life, the virtual world to learn to communicate, and I became Vitolo the Vaporist.
I paid my huge debt to the Universe by doing what you all know me for..... helping Terminally Ill, Low Income, MMJ Patients to feel as well as I do.
Back to the original premise:
I left the therapy session,and went to see the Doctor..... March 8th.... whew... what a fucking day that was.
I left the Doctor's office, and Dusty and I went to the Post Office to collect the mail.
DUSTY: a true hero, that deserves all of the respect that my Forum Family will feel for him shortly.
Car left running as I went in to check the mail... (nobody would willingly open the car door with a 110 pound Dusty on duty!)
I walked out of the Post Office in my typical way... eyes to the ground to secure proper placement of my cane's tip and to avoid obstacles that my double vision might compromise.
A car screeched to a stop within an inch of my shins.
Mortified, I lifted my eyes to evaluate the danger.
As my eyes lifted, I saw bright red dots of light, moving about in tight circles on my chest and mid-section... never a good sign, I looked around to see 2 dozen U.S. Marshals dressed in Camouflage, Bullet-Proof armor, Floppy Desert Storm hats and Balaclavas (ski masks)... all pointing Assault Rifles at me. The driver of the car held a pistol trained on my chest, shouting for me to drop "the weapon" (they had been studying my online profile, and had learned of my "cane defense lessons" for disabled seniors of low income status).
Within seconds, I was battered by a number of Marshals... chained... and thrown on the hood of my running vehicle (car runs all day, to keep Dusty comfortable).
Dusty went into attack mode, as his Daddy was beaten by a dozen men.
they had me eventually on the ground... hands chained behind my back with ankles in leg chains, as I looked up at them trying unsuccessfully to enter the car.
They tried one Marshall at each of the 4 doors to trick Dusty... but Dusty was too fast.... he was everywhere that a U.S. Marshall's hand was at the same time.
Feds are allowed to kill an animal that hampers the "take-down" of a suspect..... but a technicality saved Dusty's life.
A Fed cannot shoot into a car with the motor running with civilians standing around nearby.
I offered to talk to Dusty, promising that I had the voice and words to calm him... but I was not trusted to do so.
They never got to look at my cell phone or wallet, which was guarded by a 110 pound German Shepherd.
I told them my best buddy's phone number, and they called him to drive my car and dog to the dog pound.
Bitten 4 times, Juan had the balls to save Dusty and drive him while escorted by a half dozen Federal cars, where Dusty was scheduled for termination... as a dangerous beast. ( He had just watched a dozen men beat up his Daddy.... not dangerous... loyal!)
Later on Dusty was rescued from Euthanasia by a kind soul.. and he will be with me in a week.
I was without ever being told my charge, delivered to a U.S. Marshal Detention Center in Florence, Arizona , where I was placed into Covid Quarantine for 2 weeks.
Later I was moved to Federal Prison in Tucson, still without a charge.
What I did to enrage the Authorities
I finally was told why I was in this spot.
This was all buried in unseen memories buried after two comatose experiences... and was foreign to me.
In 1979, I lived in a duplex, and would get Marijuana from my neighbor.
One day, Federal Agents approached me, asking questions about this neighbor.
When I told them I did not know what they were asking about, they told me their story.... and offered me compensation to corroborate and acknowledge/authenticate their wild tale of how this neighbor drove Marijuana across State lines.
Enraged at the dishonesty and approach of the Govt.'s representatives, I went straight to my neighbor and told him all that had been said.
I did not know that his wife was a Federal Informant.... married to him for 5 years to gather info for the Feds.
She went straight to the Feds, to tell them that Uncle Vito had "tipped off" her husband.... who in turn told his employers what was going on.
I was later indicted, and arrested for violation of the Federal Racketeering Laws under the R.I.C.O. Statute, for Obstruction of Justice..... by tipping off a criminal that he and his "group" were under investigation.
Sentenced to 9 years in Federal Prison, I did not see freedom again for a time, although a couple of comas had allowed me the forgetfulness to erase the trauma, at least for 35 years! I served some time, and was released to serve 3 years of Parole.
2 years and 8 months into a successful "supervision" experience, I was placed into a brief coma that did not disable my body, but left me in a Memory Loss center for Amnesiacs for a few months. A second Coma years later left me physically and mentally disabled, and I forgot the omitted 4 months entirely... in fact I never remembered the entire ordeal until recently.
Long Story Short:
The Feds wanted their 4 months.
I fell due to the year etc, under what was called "Old Law".
The Parole system no longer exists, and the Parole Commission has been disbanded.
Federal Offenders are now placed on Probation and Supervised Release.
There is "Old Law".... 1997 Law.... and New Law.
All treated separately.
I was not the property of U.S District Court.... and not even Property of the B.O.P. (Bureau of Prisons).
I was the property of the U.S. Parole Commission, which no longer exists.
I was asked to sign "agree" or "Deny" to 3 charges.
1-Failure to report a change of address
2- Failure to report for Supervision for 4 months
3-Failure to sign a monthly Supervision Report 4 times
The Attorney I was assigned said that if I denied, I could stay locked up for 3 years.
If I agreed with these 3 charges I would be given 8 months or less, which was what they advised as the course of least resistance.
I signed.
They assigned a Parole Person, who investigated my story and circumstance... and upon finding me truthful, they said that I would only have to serve the 4 months that I missed... in Federal Prison.
I was released on July 7th (the day of San Fermin- thje Saint associated with the city in Spain called Pamplona... the day of the "Corrida" ... the running of the Bulls.
I also am forced to start the Parole from 35 years ago over again. Since Parole no longer exists in the Federal System, I am on "Supervised Release" for 3 years.
New Law allows that Federal Supervised Release can let me go in 18 months if I have no violations during that year and a half.
I will do what is required of me, without violation of any nature. The time away from Dusty, and mixed with young prisoners was way too intense.
Due to my age, and the Racketeering label, I was treated with great respect inside.
I was called "Tio".... Uncle Vito.... "O.G." (Old Gangster) and "Old School".... and I was deferred to in all situations.
This respect, and deference did not sooth my heart with no Patient to heal, and with no Dog to hug.


"It's Not My Cross to Bear": ...or Is It?
I fear it is.
The Special Condition of my supervised Release says that I may not use or possess or use Marijuana in any form, even if prescribed by my Physician, and even with Medical Certification (not recognized by Federal Authorities).
I will continue my work, and will provide Vaporizers to patients... and will keep my units at home.
I have however removed every chamber/wand/bowl/crucible/Valve that has ever touched meds... and have cleaned every grinder with Iso.
I have disposed of every jar that has held ABV or flower.
I have gathered every vial that held tincture or body tincture and gotten rid of them.
All bowls and chambers have been boxed and given to a friend to store. These will be given back when my term of supervision is over.
I will not be in a room with meds, until I am told I am free.
There will be no videos during this period... not even using peppermint or other herbs.
No risks.
The time was too devastating emotionally, and financially.... and I can not face the absence of a canine partner again.
The Bright Side
I will still evaluate Vaporizers for functionality using spearmint leaves... and will provide insight to the forums and patients.
I will still get these units into needy hands, but simply will not go into any room or space where Meds are present.
I will still be here to talk about Vapes, and "things" with my friends/family.
The time will move fast enough, and is temporary.
A Broad, and General Thanks to Everyone
I am overwhelmed with the unraveling of my life in 4 months.

My rent increased by $200, and my income remains the same.
My plate has been filled in the 4 months with so many changes and obstacles that I am in a panic daily.
I slept for 4 months on a metal rack with a yoga mat as my mattress, and every bone hurts.
While sleeping in my own home in my own bed, I wake up at 5 a.m..... and I look at my door to see if they are unlocking it to
serve me corn grits on a plastic tray.
Dusty will be home next week....
Now the Thanks---->
The overwhelmed emotion I discuss is preventing me from giving a personal thanks, and recognition to each of you that wrote to me, and sent financial aid.
Please trust me... I know who you are.
The Paypal help sent by a few saved my ass!
The letters saved my soul.
It just is too heavy and complex a time to thank everyone by name, or directly now.
I've just got too much explaining to do to too many people!

Doctors, Counselors, Friends, Family, Patients, Landlord, Pharmacy, Physical Therapists, Bank, Mechanic, and more.
Will you accept my wide thanks to all of you?
Will you trust that I know who you all are?
I love you each and every one.
I did respond to every text... but the U.SA. mail, and writing letters was harder!
I have some healing to do... and will do my best to get there.
I hope that you will all still find me concerned, educationally impactful, and meaningful without my meds.
Thanks for reading!


Daydreams are OK
Whoa. It sounds like you lived through a nightmare only possible
In Putin’s Russia. Wrong.

The federalis going after, and persecuting a hapless, and well
Meaning soul, takes a lot of balls. Like they dont have more important
Problems to solve. Real criminals, and killers to pursue.

While many states recognize that marijuana should not be criminalized, that it is helpful
Not harmful to those who need its centuries old medicinal benefits (and the monies thay can
Make), the federal system lags in its outdated, draconian laws. And their enforcements.

The enforcers of the system take to their jobs seriously, with a mindset
That has long guns pointed in the face of a frail, well meaning person, trying
To help fellow humans, and friends, who are in dire pain.

No one should be subjected to such a horror. Shame on them.

Perhaps appealing to someone in power, high in the food chain
Can help to expunge the wrong that has been inflicted upon you,
Not that it will ever be erased from your memory, your emotional
Well being.

You are heroic in your plight, and your struggles. Glad you have Dusty
Back, he too is a hero, covering your six. Always nice to have a true, four footed friend.

My sincere apologies, the upholders of the outdated laws, and their minions,
can be cruel. With a mission.

On the plus side, you are able to see blue skies, and take a breath of fresh air.
Glad you are a free soaring eagle again! :tup:

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Crosseyed & Painless
This is just wrong on every level. To go after a man, who more than paid his dues, after that long has passed, is just...there is no word to describe it. Hello, Innocence Project...wake the fuck up and help our Uncle Vito. Hello, fucking Senator and Reps of where Vito lives, really?!?! do something other than argue with one another (that goes for all those fucks) and help. What a fucking waste of tax dollars...that many marshals, really?!
Vito, I cannot and do not have the words to express the feeling I have about this....about you and what was done to you....and what has happened to you in the past.
I am imploring everyone here, if you know someone, some business, whatever, lawyer, I dunno...anything that can help Vito's situation please....if just so he can have MMJ medicine again, for the Love of God, please help. I'm in the IT field so I'm not too swift on entities/businesses/people that can help in this area.
Hang in there Vito, my friend, and I hope and prey that you can at least get MMJ back to help you.


Fucking Combustion (mostly) Since February 2017
Yeah, 35 fucking years ago. That's just fucking ridiculous.
I had no words to reply after reading that yesterday.

I feel like there must be established activist groups that could help, maybe by providing legal help, or even trying to turn it into a media thing to get something done. There has to be something to try.

Maybe we start a letter writing campaign to groups that might want to help with the situation (including letters/calls to political representatives as well). A group of us could organize something like that, no?

Maybe start a GoFundMe or something like that, spam it around sympathetic communities online (here, reddit, etc...), and try to raise legal funds to put toward this?

Also, @Vitolo , I am so happy to hear that your dog is okay. That was always my fear with my last dog, that a cop would shoot her for no good reason...because unfortunately they are known for doing that. Your friend that came to her aid, even getting bitten to help her, is a saint.
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I feel like there must be established activist groups that could help,
No group or team of attorneys can help.
Federal Govt is "The Great and Powerful Oz"!
I have Attorneys that worked on this, and they explained why there is lack of recourse in great detail.
My friend Juan was left with a 12 page form to fill out to get reimbursed for the Professional $150 Working Dog car dog hammock seat that the US Marshals destroyed.
It's on legal sized sheets and in very fine print.
I worked on it for 4 days now, and still am not done with page one.
I gave up on it, and will simply have to buy another Seat Cover... at the rate I am going, it would take over 2 months to complete, and there is a great deal on my plate with Car service issues, Medical Doctor, Pain clinic, Physical Therapy, Counselor, Parole Officer....
AND 900+ unread emails and 47 unread phone texts- plus dozens of missed calls. Also 3 boxes of un-looked at US mail items.
One step at a time and the path of least resistance is how I must deal with this!
The Parole Officer has explained things VERY clearly.
I am not for the next 3 years (18 months if they find no screw-ups) permitted to help patients.
I must remove all tinctures, and body rubs made with MJ.
I can not use, own or purchase any CBD product- even if sold at Supermarket.
Removing wands, crucibles, valves and chambers was not enough!
I must remove All vaporizers of any type, even if new and sealed in a box with plastic wrap.
He has given me until Friday to accomplish this... and any infraction, even an accidental "forget" will cause confiscation, an incident report, and points against my successful probation termination. A few "accidents/slip-ups" will cause revocation of Supervised release and a return to prison with no further chance for a supervised release.
I am not permitted Aromatherapy tools, if they have a heat souce that could also be used for vaping.... No SSV with aroma top etc.
Is there any positive side to all of this?
I am being let off the hook for a couple of responsibilities, due to age, pain, financial limitations (parking there is $8!) and medical conditions.
I do not ever have to go downtown to do my monthly Supervision Report, except in special cases.
If I do go downtown, I will not be asked for urine sample due to prostate issues and catheter.
I must instead call him between the 1st and third of each month.
Each month he will surprise me at home at random intervals to give me a pee test, and to either do a visual scan of what is in plain view... with an occasional search of everything.
Removing my Vaporizers.
I had no idea of the scope of my possessions as far as MMJ equipment!
EVERYTHING that I own if MMJ related.
I have 4 piles, that will each require a huge box about half the size of a washing machine box!
There will also be 5 smaller boxes for glass, portables, Jars coated with residues etc..
I will be having to make about 3 trips due to owning a small car, in order to get this stuff somewhere.
Obviously I can't afford a storage unit for 18 months to 3 years, so I am talking to a couple of friends.
Juan of course offered to let me use his garage, but it does not lock and has a flimsy wooden door.
My friend @Dreamerr lives in the next town and has offered to lock it all in a room in her house. Disabled herself, she won't be able to assist, and it is a long ride to get to her place.
All must be done in 72 hours from now, using hands that are in pain from incarceration... no meds..... and from removing my property from bookshelves.
Everything I own is Vapor related.
My closet is becoming empty except for some clothing.... not a fancy guy, I have 6 pairs of pants one pair of shoes, and 11 shirts.
The place is beginning to appear vacant except for the refrigerator and food cupboard.... and a framed picture of a friend... a forum member and his family.
On the bright side, there is more room to move around, and I will be able to dust spaces and shelves that have never been dusted.
My Forum Involvement for the next couple of years
I will be staying here and posting, as well as sharing insights.
There will be more pictures, and videos that I did not create... pet pictures and stuff.
There will be no new Vaporizer videos during this supervision.
I'll evaluate Vapes and their applications with the disabled population, strictly my viewing videos, seeing images and reading online descriptions and "specs".
Thanks for letting me vent, and explain my next 1.5 to 3 years.
I see no reason that I should have to do more than the 1.5 years.
They told me to cancel any arrangements with vape sellers, manufacturers and donations of equipment from friends and community.
I'll be around often, just living an altered lifestyle.
Doctors want to put me back on Spasticity medications and Narcotics.

Life will go on!
Now you all know everything!
I will log on here daily... so I'll be seeing you all soon.
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