Versatile, Portable and Discreet- the 'Uzi' By Papertripping


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Hey everybody!

I've been a lurker here on the FC forums ever since I came across the concept of vaporizing a year ago.
For what it's worth- I've learnt a lot from these forums (and reddit too). Thank you so much!!

Where I live Vaporizing is an unknown concept- and so no one uses vaporizer devices. Also where I live ordering and shipping vaporizers from overseas tends to be a tedious and expensive affair.

As a result I've never had the opportunity/pleasure of using a legit Dry herb or concentrate Vaporizer.
But I desperately wanted to vape instead of combust, and so I began building my own vaporizer devices.
Starting with a DIY HeatGun vaporizer, one thing lead to another and I finally arrived at something I now use on a daily basis. It is my primary and only Vaping device. And it truly has helped me quit smoking cigarettes and combusting herb altogether for the past 6 months!

With great pleasure I introduce to you the
Uzi dry herb and concentrate portable vaporizer.

This device is my tribute to all vaporizing devices and their inventors that came before, and I hope it will be an inspiration to all those who come after :)

I want the Uzi to be an extremely versatile and easy to use Vaporizer. So far I have what you see in the picture album. I have a long way to go to achieve what i have in mind and I was hoping all you FC members here could let me know what you think.

I'll be putting up a Demo video of the Uzi in action soon. Just so you know, this device is capable of some massive clouds!! :D and great flavor too!

I look forward to hearing from you guys!


Keep vaping!


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Btw- how do I include an image in my post. I tried inserting a URL for an Image in my previous post- but the image doesn't seem to appear

Abysmal Vapor

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Btw- how do I include an image in my post. I tried inserting a URL for an Image in my previous post- but the image doesn't seem to appear
Have you tried copying the url directly ? I dont see that problem here is an example :) . This is your URL copied directly via left button and copy url ,then when posting select image and paste it. Please check if your url end of .jpg, i think this is essential for it to work :).
Abysmal Vapor,
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Hard to see on the pictures but did you use solder between the electrodes and the mesh? If that's the case you should add it to the list of the materials in your vapor path.

Will this become a commercial product?

Good job and welcome to FC!
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@Abysmal Vapor I'm thrilled to know you think the Uzi is cooler than the MFLB.
(Although that was never the intended outcome :)- also thanks a bunch for the info on pasting images in a post- unfortunately I can't edit my first post.

@KeroZen Yes the heating element consists of Copper and a Stainless steel mesh soldered together with lead free silver solder. Thanks for the input- I Will add it to the descriptions in the picture album.
As for the UZI becoming a commercial product- well I'd love to make the Uzi for fellow vapor enthusiasts. The idea of building something that people will use on a daily basis and maybe even have an intimate bond with, really excites me. I'm passionate about making the Uzi a commercial product-
However I'm clueless how to approach making the Uzi a commercial product. I was hoping to get some inputs here and also via this thread I am hoping to find out how many people would actually be interested in getting an Uzi for themselves or their vaporizer collection.

Any info or guidance will be much appreciated :)
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