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  1. Kronos

    Lotus cap question: black and... teal?

    Hi! For the Lotus vaporizer, I mistakenly bought a black cap designed for high temperature, it seems designed for concentrates which I don't use. Can you use the black cap for dry herb anyway? I also ordered another cap of teal color, for which I find zero information on this forum, nor on...
  2. JamesM420

    Lookah Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer.

    The Ice Cream weed vaporizer is the first dry herb vaporizer from Lookah. It features a nano black ceramic heating element. The Ice Cream dry herb vaporizer pen has four preset temperatures ranging from 392F to 446F and has a preheat setting. The incremental temperature settings are denoted by...
  3. VegNVape

    Hopper io

    Well let's kick things off then shall we . . . ? Release date is currently set to April 2020 and it appears that preorder reservations are still available for $99 here: https://www.grasshoppervape.com/store/product/electric-blue-grasshopper/ I know I'm definitely looking forward to this . ...
  4. V_for_Vaping

    Linx Eden

    Just saw a news release about this new convection flower/concentrate pen from Linx. Linx Eden I love Linx products and hope this turns out to be as good as the Hypnos but for flower. I never liked the form factor of the Gaia. Anyone planning on trying this out?
  5. Lucius_Lux

    Airvape Upgrade

    Hi guys! I don't know how many people out there know about this but Airvape has this awesome upgrade program which means you get any of their new models 50% off if you are already the owner of an older airvape model. I just Upgraded to an Airvape X and I'm loving it. Can't wait to see what...
  6. C

    Nebula X

    Anyone know whether the Nebula X being sold on amazon uk is any good or maybe know of a comparison to XVAPE Fog? Trying to choose for purchase, Fog doesn't cost that much more, but Nebula looks pretty rugged.
  7. G

    hearing is muffled after vaporizing herb and also CHS opinions?

    Hello i am relatively new to this forum and cannabis itself. I have been experimenting with different methods of consumption like vaporizing oils and prefilled cartridges, and just recently dry herb vaporizing in a Vap Cap! just recently i started noticing this ear poping feeling about 5 to 10...
  8. K

    aspire cf mod and trek dry herb vaporiser

    hi! i want to know if the aspire cf mod can take the trek dry herb ceramis base at 0.5 ohm.. i don't know how much watt the aspire cf mod can deliver..
  9. O

    Recommendations for a Portable Convection/Hybrid Dry Herb Vaporizer?

    Any recommendations for a portable Convection or Hybrid Vaporizer? The features I personally would love the most for a vaporizer would be: Good Vapor Quality Good Battery Life Good Efficiency (could also satisfy up to 3-4 users but not required) Able to Use While Charging (able to charge by a...
  10. papertripping

    Versatile, Portable and Discreet- the 'Uzi' By Papertripping

    Hey everybody! I've been a lurker here on the FC forums ever since I came across the concept of vaporizing a year ago. For what it's worth- I've learnt a lot from these forums (and reddit too). Thank you so much!! Where I live Vaporizing is an unknown concept- and so no one uses vaporizer...
  11. Lookatmeglow

    Twax flowerpot versus Sublimator

    If you have used both of thsee units, how do they compare? I am leaning towards the twax right now if only for the aesthetics. Are there any other desktops that are designed to be used as an "enail" and herbal vaporizer? Sorry if this has been asked before, I hadn't seen a thred about it yet, or...
  12. E

    Need help and guidance in a new vaporizer

    Hello everyone, this is my first thread so sorry if I make any mistakes. A little background story in order to narrow the possibilities. I will try to keep it as simple as possible. I have smoked tobacco for 4 years now and I've stopped for a month now without a problem, always got my mind...
  13. MrNaturalAZ

    DragonKey DK Haze Premium Vaporizer

    Brand new compact portable dry-herb vaporizer, similar form-factor to the PAX (and no relation to the other Haze), is the DK Haze. It features quick 30-40 second warmup, ceramic oven with 500mg capacity, and simple one-button, one multicolor LED user interface. Three temperature settings: 320ºF...
  14. kbrown5523

    Looking for a disposable vape for dry herbs

    I'm going to be traveling from Seattle to Disneyland. I am looking for a dry herb vaporizer that I can take down there for 5 days and then throw it away. That means I'm looking for the cheapest vaporizer that will work. I like to get as much in the way of clouds as I can, and I need an easy...
  15. SunnyHours

    Yocan iShred

    I was looking at Yocan's concentrates oriented products after I read a couple of great comments/reviews on their products on here. That's actually how I stumbled on their take on a Dry Herb vaporizer. They have a couple of features that I find really neat about it. The integrated cannabis...
  16. vapeguy69

    Phoenix the new healthiest Dry herb vaporizer

    Hello guys I just want to let you know there's another great product on the horizon called Phoenix it's the toughest, classiest dry herb vaporizer on the market right now you should check it out by yourself the Rose Gold edition is pretty sweet even if there's black and silver versions too...
  17. Just Justin

    Discontinued Elo Vaporizer by Illimite Concept

    Greetings, Introducing the Elo Vaporizer by Illimite Concepts. Elo is a portable, convection vaporizer that is compatible with Dry Herb and Concentrates. Elo is still in the Beta / Pre-Production stages, so some of this information may change slightly. For more information, check out the...
  18. Vapolution Vaporizers

    Discontinued Vapolution 3.0

    Hey everyone. Its true, we are working on the Vapolution 3.0 and we did merge with Mcig. We hope to see the 3.0 come to fruition in the next handful of months. As for the website listed above, we have no affiliation with. Now on to rekrab... Give us a shout and let us know your address, we...
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