1. papertripping

    Versatile, Portable and Discreet- the 'Uzi' By Papertripping

    Hey everybody! I've been a lurker here on the FC forums ever since I came across the concept of vaporizing a year ago. For what it's worth- I've learnt a lot from these forums (and reddit too). Thank you so much!! Where I live Vaporizing is an unknown concept- and so no one uses vaporizer...
  2. Dreamwood

    Dreamwood Dobby Vaporizer

    Hello Fuck Combustion members, readers and vaporizer-nerds! I am Steffen one of two brothers who founded "Dreamwood Vaporizer". I would like to show you our main product the "Dobby Vaporizer". A portable, on demand, instant heat, butane-jet lighter powered wood-vaporizer. Our work is...
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