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@davesmith thanks for the heads up. I’ll take your advice and go with wet sanding then. I have some dremel bits which I’ll use to sand it by hand. I clean my glass in alcohol often enough to not have to stress about bacteria growth in scratches anyway. Torching glass until it ’melts’ would’ve been fun though.

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I felt the same about mistvapes vaponic heater but later realised that the vaponic probably is my portable end game vape until something better suited for resin comes along, as resin usually is my choice due to local flower being contaminated with synthetic cannabinoids. I also don’t trust the nutrients and pesticides used and it’s occasionally moldy as well. So usually, resin it is. But I can’t afford a mistvape heater at the moment so I’m stuck with a torch which I’m am not too happy about but it does it’s job.

I don’t get why solwe does’nt reach out to a chinese manufacturer to make a portable 50€ heater. It should’nt be a problem and would elevate both the vaponic and their sales. Europe is the worlds biggest market, where the vaponic is already established, and resin is commonly used which the vaponic excels in handling. It should be a no-brainer imo.


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Thanks @davesmith what are male joints called?

Theyre called cones.

And as for a heater for the vaponic. Personally I don't see the need unless it's temperature controlled. I assume the above suggestions aren't.
Personally I use my vaponic with my blazer big shot. I can heat up and kill a bowl in about 2x 5s heat bursts.

@conchave you tried a vapman? Personally I used to vape a lot of traditional hash (Moroccan, Indian etc) and found that the vapman performed very well

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Thanks @davesmith I’ve recently diversified my arsenal of torches with a couple of different sized ones that I have yet to experiment with. The largest one, a creme brulee torch, is similar to the blazer.
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Damn, right when I was about to post this, the deal went out of stock…

Hopefully they restock on another day… sending to the EU without additional customs fees as they have a warehouse in the NL. Would be around 106,29 € shipped! Keep your eyes peeled.


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The offer is back now for pre-order at a slightly higher price - making it around 113€ shipped. Still the best deal I could find. If you love your vaponic (and VC) and would prefer torchless, go for it!

happy Easter 🐣


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Thanks @Unklmark68 for sharing his cool discovery!

Get an Ispire Wand everyone, smash one of the buckets and put that ring round your beloved most tasty one. Just a firm finger pinch to one end and it will embrace your Vaponic nicely and will be giving back the love big time.
10 blinks Heatup or some more - a few terpy tokes - rinse, repeat and enjoy!

Really, get that thing! Great alternative to the Mistvape Vaponic heater if you didn’t have a chance to get one.

EDIT: If you happen to own a MAD heaters magnet (for the DV), it is a perfect fit and holds the whole unit nice and secure - even upside down! Also, it helps to define a “default” ring position (a bit like the Epic tool does for the enano )- to start science from or just so it wouldn’t expose the glass dome and protect it.
This one is not gonna win a beauty contest (attached magnet with blutack to the wand body) - but it’s really everything you would need in a super capable setup.


Would anyone be concerned about putting a (pretty strong) magnet there? I couldn’t feel anything magnetic underneath so I thought I would give it a try - but certainly I don’t wanna risk things… Any opinions? :)
I did the same but with a circular stainless steel pasta cutter that I could trim simply with scissors, (similar to these:
I put it double that is to say I made two rings that go from the tip of the vaponic to the red stripe and with the wand ispire (I do not want to sacrifice any of my bowls) this is another game changer, spectacular.
Temperature wand breathe 380 degrees Celsius, 25 pulsations and three puffs of terpenes that leave that flavor in the gums and climbs to the nose, let cool in the dynamag, 30 pulsations and three puffs with good steam, and without cooling 15 pulsations and another three puffs with good steam.

Many thanks to @Unklmark68 for its discovery and to @vapen00b for refueling it.

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How does flavor and harshness compare to the Dynavap? I guess someone tried both :)
Dynavap flavour feels like combustion to me ,compared to the vaponic,lol. Also much better with concentrates , there is square mesh supplied and you just roll the resin into it. Much better and cheaper than the dynacoil :). I recommend trying vaponic at home with an alcohol lamp,it is my favorite method of heating.
Biggest downside ,is that it is breakable,glass is really thin, so dont drop it :)).


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the flavor between the two is incomparable!!!
the Vaponic is my best flavored vaporizer... and I own or have owned $300 vaporizers...
I use it several times a week!!!
(and given the tiny amount of material used...the effects are amazing!)

everyone should have a Vaponic!!!


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Like it's been said flavor with vaponic is on top, what i like too is that you can take 3 pokes with one heat.
And efficiency is nice for the amount of weed you put in it.
It's my daily driver for one year
I've just broken the inner tube two time, for me it's a part you need to have in stock if used daily and don't have other vape


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Which is the best in taste between Vaponic and Vapman? What about efficiency and vapor quality between them?
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