firefly 2

  1. John Redcorn

    Experience with the Lynx Hypnos or other portable vapes(pax 3... firefly3)

    Iam looking for someone who has experience with the Lynx Hypnos, Pax 3, or Firefly 2. This someone should also be able to write about there experience(s) and provide a lengthy review. Willing to pay someone who knows there stuff and can write.
  2. wrightstuff18

    Taking apart the firefly 2

    The littel tiny holes in the screen gets clogged and are imopssible to clean!!! anyone here ever take it appart and give it a good clena?? WHo has the balls!! I started and chickened out!!
  3. sunliight

    Am I wasting my material?

    The pile on the left is what I use. I trash the small leaves and other parts which I'm afraid to use in my FF2 vaporizer. Should I use something of it? seems like the image isn't showing up. link
  4. dgmulf

    Is the Firefly 2 right for me?

    I'm in the market for a flower vape, and I'm hoping for a little help, since I'm pretty new to this. I started researching portables because (to my limited knowledge) they seem a little less pricey than desktops, and of course portability in itself is a bonus. But I would be perfectly fine with...
  5. 16jps

    Help me finalize my decision? :)

    Hey FC, I'm a looooong time lurker here (4 years). I've come to really value the advise and opinions of this community and hope you guys can help me out :) Initially switched to vaping to conserve material but overtime have come to really prefer the more "medicinal effects" of vaping. So two...
  6. S

    Another Comparison/recommendation thread FF2 VS AirVape XS VS Summit

    Hi FC. What would you all say are the vapes I should be looking at if I want something that's able to extract from my flowers consistently, evenly and won't leave them half-cooked, has at least decent battery life, is pocketable and discrete, and won't break the bank? I have a Crafty, but we all...
  7. S

    Uprgrade from Iolite /worth waiting for Firefly2 EU?

    Hi everyone, I have the original Iolite vaporizer for nearly 3 years. I kinda like it, but there's a few things I dislike. I like: Portability. Performance, strong vapor. It gets me baked AF every time. I don't like: The vapor is harsh and too hot sometimes. Fixed temp, but the pre-set one...
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