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can anyone tell me the differences between a brand new TM and a 2-year-old one?

What is this calibration I have heard about?
Calibration is to make it reach hotter (or colder) temperatures if you don't like it as it is.
Old gen second hand TMs probably don't have an update/mod that prevents it losing power along the way (and people used to recalibrate it to patch the thing). I say probably because mine has the update because I sent it back to Finland when I experienced it was getting weaker. You can see if it has the update by getting a picture of the inside, with the metal tube removed. Metal parts to make a better connection should be visible, otherwise you'd see only wood behind the glass tube.
Other than that (AFAIK) new TMs have updated circuits and a serial number, preventing from buying a second hand Chinamight from now on.
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My original Tinymight order number was 133.

I just ordered some accessories and the order # was over 12,900!! WOW!!
Mine was #171, which was @VapeKnight ’s accidental second TM which I bought from him new (what are friends for?), and it’s been blissful vaping with it for 27 months. My TM rocks every single time. The difference between a new and 2-year old TM is exactly that, mostly: 2 years :). And a great experience each time. What else can I say? It’s a simple, easy to use and most enjoyable vape for flower. Very portable too as I continue to use it natively with the short stock stem and (hollow) CU as I’ve removed the nuts and washers and no longer use them. It’s that simple. Sublime! Happy Humpday. :peace:
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