1. Xenkishøtz

    Joined the Tinymight crew!

    Hey what's up FC, just ordered my Tinymight 2 on next day delivery and I'm excited as shit. It'll arrive tomorrow (if the couriers don't fuck up like last time that is) and I'm wondering if people here who've owned their TM2s for a while have any tips and tricks that might not be apparent with...
  2. D

    How does the Anvil compare to the Tetra P80, TinyMight or other Heavy Hitters?

    I know this thread is a little premature because the Anvil is still pretty rare atm. But I am very interested in the Anvilfor a heavy hitter but i already have a P80. I was wondering if anyone can compare the two or compare the Anvil to some other vapes. I know this is blasphemy but i would...
  3. aliexpressvaper

    MiniVAP vs Herborizer Ti vs Tinymight

    TL:DR I live in EU and I'm looking for the heaviest hitter. I don't care if it's desktop or portable since I have my Dynavap 2020M already. I started this thread on Reddit because I'm looking for a upgrade. After some discussion I've narrowed my options down to these three choices (not final...
  4. V

    Best portable vape for microdosing: TinyMight or HR Rogue?

    I want to buy my first vape which I will use for microdosing. Things I am looking for: - must be portable and on demand - able to load the bowl once and take a puff or two daily for a week or so or when I feel the need for a small bump... without having to reload each day/session - be able to...
  5. P

    Looking at power hitters

    Any other portable heavy hitters vapes besides tinymight, fw 7, and p80 out there that I haven't mentioned? I'm in the market for a heavy hitter vape and I keep coming across those 3 only. I understand they also got problems. From all the reading I've done, I see that the tinymight has problems...
  6. S

    Small Drags, Pure Taste, not to long for effects and to clear

    Hi. I’m trying to get a vaporizer for a friend. They like to do a few small hits from a joint, even though their tolerance is going to grow soon, as I know them, and get high. They don’t like very long inhales. All of the vaporizers I’ve come to understand seem to require a lot of dedication...
  7. N

    What’s the “healthiest” vaporizer?

    Hello! New here and somewhat new to vaping and the world of cannabis in general (started only last year and I’m 40). I use it mostly for depression and anxiety. But I have sensitive lungs (developed chronic coughing when pregnant, easily get bronchitis, easily irritated from smoking or vaping)...
  8. bornfree13

    Tinymight or GrassHopper IO

    High If you had to choose. Which one would it be: 1) Barely used Tinymight? He bought it around the New Year. It comes with some extras, long stem, CU. A Big BUT is: no warranty. I asked them if warranties were transferable I didn't get an answer yet. I heard he was a nice Guy over at...
  9. kuzko

    TinyMight / TM 2

    Www.tinymightvape.com Anyone try out one of these yet? Haven’t seen much info but the website says it’s convection heat, on demand or session, with fast heat up and replaceable battery.
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