1. C

    Tinymight2 Bad Smell

    I know this has been discussed before, but I’m just looking for some opinions/insight- Got my new TM2 yesterday, did 2 burn-offs at high temps in session mode (about 15 min total). Went right for the WPA thru my rig, because this is the only way I plan on using it…I’m not interested in toying...
  2. M

    Tinymight2 Stainless Steel Custom Body

    Hi guys, I'm making this thread here as I am tired of Reddit/Discord for posting my stuff and I was pointed here as a better alternative for both. I'm not super active but will check back frequently to answer any questions. So here it is : An intrusive thought came into my head a couple of...
  3. TheDankness


    I got a TinyMight 2 recently and it truly is a next level device. I love it, but I don't love the standard equipment that comes with it as much. The little glass stem is too short. The longer titanium stem, while nice is metal and gets warm during a session, hotter if you go long with it. The...
  4. FrostyGeode

    Question for all TinyMight 2 owners!

    Hello, I'll try and keep this short... I got a new TinyMight 2 (not used yet) and wondering if this stuff is normal. Firstly the titanium stem is rough inside, when cleaned with iso blackish gunk/dust comes out on swab. My first thought was putting the cooling unit inside it will mess it up...
  5. Xenkishøtz

    Joined the Tinymight crew!

    Hey what's up FC, just ordered my Tinymight 2 on next day delivery and I'm excited as shit. It'll arrive tomorrow (if the couriers don't fuck up like last time that is) and I'm wondering if people here who've owned their TM2s for a while have any tips and tricks that might not be apparent with...
  6. Xenkishøtz

    A mighty old dilemma!

    Hey FC, I'm enjoying the forum so far, very informative and entertaining, GG on being the leading hub in online cannabis vape discussion! My dilemma (of sorts, not a true dilemma as there's more than two outcomes) is this, I'm seeking a portable vape, and through some semi-light research I've...
  7. kuzko

    TinyMight / TM 2

    Www.tinymightvape.com Anyone try out one of these yet? Haven’t seen much info but the website says it’s convection heat, on demand or session, with fast heat up and replaceable battery.
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