The Tasty Tube by Glass Charlie


So I'm officially the first TT owner to have a breakage 😂 also I predicted it in conversation with Charlie before I received it, at least I know myself I guess 🤷🏽‍♂️. Getting a replacement mouthpiece for a very reasonable price, so that's all good.

In the meantime I've realised that either I hate this thing on a rig, or a rig with a tyre perc is completely the wrong match for the TT. I really don't get the satisfying hits that I get using it natively.

I've ended up using the WPA as a mouthpiece until I get my replacement sent through. It's a bit hotter but not a big difference.

Video I'd uploaded to insta using the WPA as a mouthpiece.


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Hats off Charlie this thing is awesome! I never knew about it until last week but again, same as a few others, the Vapefeind video auto played on my YouTube feed after watching the TinyMight accessories video. I was well impressed so ordered one that morning 😂

It’s not disappointed one bit, I love it. I was getting a hot spot the first few try’s and I noticed the inner part is sitting off a bit, so closer to the edge at one point, I need to concentrate the flame more on the opposite side and now im getting perfectly even extraction. Still playing around with different loading, heating and pulling techniques to see what works best. Im finding you can go pretty aggressive using the Blaser big shot gt 8000 ive combusted once, even that was quite cool seeing the spark and combustion in the bowl right in front of my face. Got a kitchen torch and a dremel torch to try but I think the GT8000 finally has a purpose in my collection, although I think initial heat up with the GT8000 followed with top ups from the kitchen torch could work well.

I was surprised at how easy it is too handle and it cools down a lot quicker than I was expecting, I keep mine sitting on the bong after ive used it so just sit it down and forget about it anyway.

Uploading pics after a morning of bowls on the tasty tube is hard 😂 Wanted to post this ive been trying and actually quite like it…

The Tasty Wood or Sticky Tube or Tasty Runt (My tube is definitely sticky after this mornings sesh lol)

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