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:peace: :leaf:
It should come with a straw! For some ... :D

And oc the obligate picture.
One of my cock this time, just to stay on the subject...



Jumpstarting Spring
xylospongium wad
the ancients used before bidets became fad
The Norm

Calls from Immortality

It is lore that Mary Baker Eddy has a dedicated land line in her tomb (she was claustrophobic) to her house; one day lightning struck the line, the phone rang, and the house maid was never the same since.
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Jumpstarting Spring
Aliens R Us

The Solar System may have been formed from the intergalactic medium, massive loss of galactic gas and dust, stripped from a dwarf galaxy’s (Sagittarius Dwarf) as it plunged through the plane of the Milky Way—it is making its fourth plunge presently, eventually to become part of a growing Milky Way. Before the MW itself begins its duet with a larger, hungrier Andromeda.....

Spectacular hyper intergalactic bridge as two distant spirals interact, eventually for the two (equal) masses to merge and settle into a single large elliptical

Note the background galaxies where the smaller (much like the Sagittarius Dwarf) galaxy is being
assimilated / cannibalized by its host galaxy

Meanwhile, back on earth

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