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Jumpstarting Spring
a Mondrian-lake view of a Scottish loch

The “loch“ is actually south of the border, in the Lake District in the pixels taken by Arlene Lovatt in Cumbria. Close to the Scots, but no ciggar.

On an April sidenote, Willie’s legendary sidekick, “Trigger” sum finger lickin pickin


April 29th, 90th birthday of Willie Hugh Nelson


Jumpstarting Spring
Plus one.
Falco the Eurasian eagle owl flew the coop of his NY City zoo enclosure, flew the coop, and found his roost:

NYC’s Central Park ( outside ) has been home for the past two weeks, with authorities astounded by his hunting skills,
Of the many small and scurrying rodents in the Park below.

Lookin Back atcha!

—And the bands played on— on the Bandshell.

He is well fed, and acclimating to his newfound freedom ( for now ).
Wild thing! In the City that never sleeps.
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