Discontinued The Okin by D.M. Pipes


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Also a beta...

Damn nice, you get some damn good clouds out of it.
That case is awesome! Personally, I wouldn't dare take my box and sleeve out with me....not sure if and when I will ever stop being extremely cautious with the Okin.

I still use mine but admittedly the usage has dropped off for two reasons...for me this was a great vape to sash in a small group (2-3 people max) and with the pandemic thats just not happening as much at all. Also, I'm running low on charcoal so I'm rationing at this point.

Thanks for pumping life back into this thread...with only 100 or so of these in the wild, it isn't easy. Also, nice pics!
I've never used mine in a session actually, the only other person who has used it is my fiance actually. Mostly cuz I feel like people wouldn't hit it fast enough and I'd have to keep re-lighting. Hopefully I find someone who would appreciate it as much as me and I'll use it with them for sure.

Luckily I'm not near running out of charcoal yet but I was thinking to myself if I should see if Dan still will make some and load up on 500 or so just to be covered for a few years.

Anyone have that instructional handy on how to make the charcoal?
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