Discontinued The Okin by D.M. Pipes


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Fired up the Okin just now while anticipating the Nomad. The artistry in this vape is just incredible. I hope I never have to re-wrap the thread holding the screen on because there's no way I'd be able to match Dan's perfection.

I admit, I haven't used this enough to get a good technique on it. I'm wondering if I'm packing too loose, too tight? Too little or much? I seem to get a good amount of hot air without the taste of vapor for about half of the charcoal, then I only get a couple of good hits before the ember starts touching the prongs.

Any tips on use would be appreciated.
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left the scene for a while only to come back and to realise, the Okin is not being produced anymore. Sad news to me. Such a beatiful and functional piece of art as result of amazing craftmanship.


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I've been wanting to get something like these for quite a while now but finally took the time to find some.

Little glass vials that fit perfectly into the leftover room in the box. They hold .08 but I bet if I really packed them I could get .1 in them. A load in the Okin for me is usually around .05.

I like them. And of course the Okin. I've never cleaned my screen yet and now am going to take the thread holding it on off for the first time, I don't know why I'm nervous.


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I love the look of this vaporizer and it's one I'd have in my immediate collection if it used a torch as it's heat source, would love for this to be produced again may be with a metal plate at the top ( lotus, dynavap for example ) that you can use as it's heat source, kinda high right now but I can only hope :lol::love:


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Sorry @namasteIII won't ever sell mine but I hope you find one. I think there is less than 100 on the world.
@cgod Yeah, it would be interesting to see what a version 2 of the Okin could be.

Anybody else still using theirs?

Stopped using mine for a little while but recently got back into it and it's all of the sudden extracting just as well as my vapcap. For a while there I was wishing that the charcoal pieces were double in length but now I can get my herb dark coffee brown with just one charcoal, don't even have to stir.

Had some random assortments of leather and had an idea so just did this today as well. Never stitched leather before so came out pretty decent for all I care!


I had followed this since shortly after the thread started... it is one of the only vapes I regret not getting my hands on. Glad to see there are still a few getting use.


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Goddamn I love this thing. Hits so goddamn nice and on the edge of combustion just how I like. At least with my technique. I find it best to hit it with your mouth open as well, not closed completely around the stem.

I was thinking, a hypothetical version 2 where the cap had heat fins on it somehow might look sick. But how it is now it's too thin so idk if it'd even work, just saying.



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Wowwww lmao, that thing is nutty. Absolutely looks like something in a museum from several hundred years ago.

That's your Okin beta? I didn't even know those existed.

I have been wondering how long the prongs will last or if they'll get brittle and break off?

I run my charcoal basically all the way down. Sometimes, if the center doesn't burn completely out first, it'll even get so low that it badically just breaks itself into a few tiny pieces and falls out.

But I'm always getting perfectly extracted avb. I don't even stir. After the first light, it usually goes out once it gets to the tips of the prongs. Then I relight and go till it's burnt out. Sometimes the front section of the avb is black as if it combusted slightly but that doesn't bother me at all. I like having avb as dark as possible and I toss it.

I really hope this thread does get revived. I love holding this thing in my fingers. I always want to take another picture of it.


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Hitting this bitch in Glacier National Park

View attachment 2519

This just cuz it's more flattering than the top down view

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That case is awesome! Personally, I wouldn't dare take my box and sleeve out with me....not sure if and when I will ever stop being extremely cautious with the Okin.

I still use mine but admittedly the usage has dropped off for two reasons...for me this was a great vape to sash in a small group (2-3 people max) and with the pandemic thats just not happening as much at all. Also, I'm running low on charcoal so I'm rationing at this point.

Thanks for pumping life back into this thread...with only 100 or so of these in the wild, it isn't easy. Also, nice pics!
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