The Extreme-Q Vaporizer

I've been using my EQ for about 4 months and I have to say I don't see the point of elbow packing.

This is because the elbow seems to pack itself automatically once you start taking draws. When I take it off at the end of a session it's always packed pretty tight just like if I had done it by hand. Lately I've even gotten in the habit of blowing into the whip to unpack it which has an effect similar to stirring the bowl. It's still packed again at the end of a session however.

I did upgrade with the new Connisseur bowl from the EQ2 but the old Cyclone bowl also behaved the same.


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My new Q just arrived yesterday! This is when I hate being a microdoser because all I want to do is play with it.

I’ve read through a fraction of these pages but based on my two times using it, I’m not understanding why everyone feels it is necessary to get mods for this or why so many of you say it’s not for microdosing small amounts. Is it just about chasing clouds?

I was planning to order a mod but since I got exactly what I needed/expected (actually it hit me harder than expected) from my 0.04 g load each time, I doubt I will.
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Im also a microdoser and V-tower user.
In stock form, the V-tower hits kind of weak, and has that huge bowl that needs to be filled in order for the convection to work properly.

To keep with smaller loads, you have to "elbow pack" it. You can fit 0.1 in the elbow, and get strong rips. Remember to keep the temps close to the max 260c(The arizer reads temps on the low-end)

However, to truly use this machine as a microdoser, you should look into D-daves "one hitter mod", it consists of the daves shorter bowl, a whip, mouthpiece and stem. This setup now places the flower as close to the arizer's heater as you can possibly get, and gets one massive rip per bowl. The bowl size is 0.035-0.05g max.

With this mod, you can return the temperature back to normal, i run it at 200c-230c. Works natively in a small water piece as well.

I can vouch for this one hitter, as its all i use at home. I also have a Crafty+ which is what i use outdoors, but as a daily driver, the bowl is too large and in-efficient with smaller loads.

Some other tips would be to give the vape a good 20 minutes to warmup from cold, Best if you just leave the unit on from morning, until night.
And also, give a good 30 seconds to let your flower warmup on the rig before taking that hit.

Props to 3l3tric, he seems to know whats up with the extreme Q.

I purchased EQ last week,waiting for it at this writing.
also bought ddave one-hitter mod.todose Medication.
Will follow up with my experience of the EQ. cheers !
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