1. R

    The Extreme-Q Vaporizer

    Hey all, just thought I'd make a quick mention that Arizer has released a new vaporizer called the Extreme-Q. It will be widely available soon. I also want to rant and rave about how excellent this new vape is, but I'll let you all be the judges. Check it out, then let me know what you think...
  2. Mr. DoubtFire

    Vaporizer type that won´t make me cough so much?

    Hello there, I quit smoking because I need my voice for a lot of things and it was being affected by smoke, I used to own a Crafty, awesome vaporizer, but it made me caugh a lot.. as much as my bubbler maybe.. Now I want to buy a desktop vaporizer for around $ 200, I read Da Buddha and SSV...
  3. Volcano South


    I bought mine a few months ago after an extensive usage session at a VW festival. For the record I've got the latest "revision" Volcano (classic) with the Lazy Valve (easy valve). I notice a lot of people complain about it's price, but I know people who smoke as much as the cost of the Volcano...
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