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dual mode

  1. Chief Infusion Officer

    Duo - Infusion Vaporizer by VUE - Formerly Metaväp

    My name's Haiden and I recently received $3,000 from my institution (Wentworth Institute of Tech.) to design & develop a premium, portable and dual-use / dual-chamber (concentrate & flower) vaporizer for medical cannabis patients. I am in the final stretch of my senior year to receive a...
  2. Quetzalcoatl

    herbalAire Elite

    Quick search on here showed nothing... Integrated pump control with adjustable pump timer (yes, with shutoff!) Attaches to any piece of glass with a newly designed mouthpiece Seemingly new bag system Simpler crucible loading with a new snap-on crucible/mouthpiece design 3 and 5 bag mouthpieces...
  3. VaporNation

    Discontinued Vapir Rise Vaporizer

    VaporNation is proud to be the exclusive distributor for the brand new Vapir Rise Vaporizer. Developed by Vapir, this Rise is an innovative forced-air vaporizer that offers the user dual functionality – whip or balloon bag inhalation. The Vapir Rise is also fully functional with both dry blends...
  4. The Oracle

    Discontinued The Oracle Infrared Vaporizer

    BMInnovators Proudly Presents The ORACLE Meet The Oracle A 21st century take on Vaporizer technology, The Oracle is the first and only commercially available Infrared Vaporizer...
  5. Bruce@Zephyr

    Zephyr Ion

    Hello There has been some discussion about the Zephyr Ion, but I thought it best to start a new thread. Questions I feel have yet to be answered. Air Path: The air channel is ceramic the heating element is encased in ceramic the other materials used are Teflon 304 surgical stainless steel...
  6. R

    The Extreme-Q Vaporizer

    Hey all, just thought I'd make a quick mention that Arizer has released a new vaporizer called the Extreme-Q. It will be widely available soon. I also want to rant and rave about how excellent this new vape is, but I'll let you all be the judges. Check it out, then let me know what you think...
  7. H


    just wondering if there are any herbal aire 2.1 owners in here? If so have you modded your set up. Or do you just use the factory pump and bags. Personally I'm patient enough to wait for the slow but more efficient vapor bags that I've made myself. Factory bags are kinda lousy. Anyways there...
  8. vtac

    Discontinued The Extreme Vaporizer Thread Part II

    Ok, the last thread hit 10 pages, time for a new one! For those who don't know, the Extreme Vaporizer is a fairly new unit made by Canadian company Arizer, who you might remember as maker of the original V-Tower. It's quickly gaining popularity due to its wealth of features, build quality and...