The Bud Toaster - (currently: Model 14, version 3)

Hippie Dickie

The Herbal Cube
nothing new to share yet. i plan to take all my work into some maker space. i think i have some useful information to share.

couple of days ago i was vaping on the balcony and thought of a new way to fabricate the cube body. i realized that my cnc router makes it possible to revisit the lessons learned on the cylinder model, with a channel milled for a metal midbody. it eliminates some boring steps and buying new woodworking equipment ... or working with a woodworker. and needs fewer milling steps. 2 or 3 times faster to fabricate.

so, i have to do some drawings, generate some GCODE and make some samples.

i have been consumed by studying biology for the last 5 years - as it turns out, a life or death pursuit. and i MUST wrap up some computer projects.

current cube is still going strong. use it 5 to 6 times per day, every day. but this new idea for the cube is burning a hole in my mind. soon, he says, soon.
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