temperature control

  1. M

    Vaporiser temperature and heart rate variability

    Hi all! I have a prescription for pain and anxiety. I also wear an Apple Watch that tracks my heart rate variability (HRV), a measure of stress, which is interesting because I can see how my medical usage affects my symptoms and HRV. I find that lower temperatures (around 165°C or 329°F in a...
  2. Black_Prrl

    Boiling point myths and the science of flower vaporization

    Okay, I just read another article (from a cannabis science site, no less) that completely missed how flower vaporization actually works. So, I wrote an article for Medium, and wanted to post it on FC for your comments and insights. This was written at a high level for a less knowledgeable...
  3. funkyjunky


    STRAW features: full melt concentrate 510 threaded attachment on demand, instant heat-up time temperature controlled coil based and rebuildable different shapes and sizes of coils possible (default: tri-fused clapton) TUBO firmware supported (cruise control, self cleaning mode) simple...
  4. supershredderdan

    Divine Castle Oil Cartridge- High Capacity Wax Tank & Herb Vaporizer Atty for Box Mods

    Hey everyone, over the last week or so a few redditors and I conducted a bunch of experiments with mesh concentrate pads (mostly S&B crafty pads) in ceramic donut concentrate atomizers for loading a larger amount and getting multiple hits between reloads. After many tests I found that the best...
  5. Hippie Dickie

    The Bud Toaster - (currently: Model 14, version 3)

    Circuit Diagram for PWM controlled heater. Jan 10, 2010 Software for PIC 12F683 and current Bud Toaster photos posted on my Windows Live/SkyDrive: Bud Toaster project folder Schematics PDFs of assembly language program for 12F683 - 6 files photos of Lady Bud Toaster - Model 13 Version 5...
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