all glass airpath

  1. C

    All Glass Path without herb in your mouth

    Hello, I have been researching portable vapes with an all glass path that are easy to clean. Arizer Solo ll and Firefly 2+ seem to come up as 2 that fit the bill. However both seem to have an issue with allowing little bits of weed into your mouth. I feel like if you're sucking weed into your...
  2. nsfnotthrowingaway

    Any vapes in 2019 with all glass isolated air and vape path

    Hello everyone. I'm new here, hope I posted this in the right place. I tried the search function, but I couldn't find anything recent on the topic. I was hoping to find a vaporizer that has no compromises as far as materials go, and isolating the vapor path from electronics. Convection is...
  3. Vapolution Vaporizers

    Discontinued Vapolution 2.0

    Dear FC members, Vapolution has been making vaporizers out of Chico, Ca for the past eight years. Last year we released the Vapolution 2.0 and we are hoping to generate discussion about how our simple, yet effective, vaporizer has a place for medical users and recreational vaporizer...
  4. Hippie Dickie

    The Bud Toaster - (currently: Model 14, version 3)

    Circuit Diagram for PWM controlled heater. Jan 10, 2010 Software for PIC 12F683 and current Bud Toaster photos posted on my Windows Live/SkyDrive: Bud Toaster project folder Schematics PDFs of assembly language program for 12F683 - 6 files photos of Lady Bud Toaster - Model 13 Version 5...
  5. stonemonkey55

    Discontinued VRIPtech Heating Wand

    I just got back from lunch and got my VRIPtech heating tool in the mail. I believe he has a limited quantity of the first production units and If you purchase one from him and he makes changes to the full production units, I believe he said he will upgrade yours for free (you can email him to...
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