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  1. Finessseee

    List of vapes that take 18650 removable batteries?

    So far my list consists of: TinyMight, Firewood Vapes, Boundless Tera, Inspire Wand, 510 box mod, Arizer Air… any other notable vaporizers that I’m missing here? Figured I’d add to this list out of curiosity. Any other 18650 removable battery vapes come to mind?
  2. nopartofme

    First Impressions The Grasshopper Vaporizer – Early Impressions

    I've been getting to know the Grasshopper for two weeks now. I'm feeling it's about time I share some early impressions. It's been a busy two weeks, so my experience thus far is limited to a smallish number of uses made up of my more common use-cases, as I'll describe below. … I'll start with...
  3. pakalolo

    The Arizer Air

    Guess what popped up on my radar today: The Arizer Air - Portable Diffuser $259 $199 Limited time special Features: Ceramic heating element Glass aroma tube Replaceable Li-ion battery (exclusive 18650 battery) Use while charging 1-2 minute warmup 10 minute automatic shutoff 122 mm (4.8...
  4. natural farmer


    Hey guys... I was talking to Randy from PIU yesterday and he told me about a new vape they have been testing hard :ko: these days... So I did a small google searching just now and I found the facebook page and the official site.
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