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  1. nopartofme

    First Impressions The Grasshopper Vaporizer – Early Impressions

    I've been getting to know the Grasshopper for two weeks now. I'm feeling it's about time I share some early impressions. It's been a busy two weeks, so my experience thus far is limited to a smallish number of uses made up of my more common use-cases, as I'll describe below. … I'll start with...
  2. pakalolo

    The Arizer Air

    Guess what popped up on my radar today: The Arizer Air - Portable Diffuser $259 $199 Limited time special Features: Ceramic heating element Glass aroma tube Replaceable Li-ion battery (exclusive 18650 battery) Use while charging 1-2 minute warmup 10 minute automatic shutoff 122 mm (4.8...
  3. natural farmer


    Hey guys... I was talking to Randy from PIU yesterday and he told me about a new vape they have been testing hard :ko: these days... So I did a small google searching just now and I found the facebook page and the official site.
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